14 October 2016

Complete Series of Postcrossing Stamps!

When the second series of Postcrossing stamps were issued by Dutch Post last March, I expected to be lucky enough to get one or two of them. But not the whole series! Heleen (the Netherlands) has been sending them on different postcards and letters throughout the latest months. Now the series is complete and looks really, really gorgeous. I guess that many postcrossers would be envious.

I really love the design of these stamps, and the Dutch highlights chosen to illustrate them. The only think I find odd is... I didn't spot any cow on them! It seems impossible. Maybe it is just me...


  1. wow - that's impressive. I wonder if Royal Mail will ever get around to doing a postcrossing stamp.

    1. Some countries have issued Postcrossing stamps: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Guernsey... So maybe the UK will consider doing so. I don't think Spain is going to issue that, but, who knows? Maybe that would drive me back to Postcrossing!


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