My name is Eva and I live in Morocco. I have been sending and getting snail mail more or less since I learned to write. As I am currently 41 years old, that means a long time writing letters. And I realised that snail mail makes most of people extremely happy. Me, for instance. 

You can read a bit more about me and my postal story here and here. If you feel curious, you can see my handwriting and my profiles in Postcrossing, IUOMA and Twitter.

I started this blog as a way to show to some friends the amazing mail I get, and also the mail I send. But it grew and now you can also find some other mail-related contents. I hope you enjoy it. If you are reading this probably you do. Thank you. You and your comments, and of course your snail mail, are welcome any time.

I am not exactly looking for new penpals right now. But sometimes that just happens. I have met awesome people trough mail so far, even some of my best friends.

As I travel frequently to Spain, sometimes I send my mail from there because it is quicker and safer. 


Things I Like TFind IMMailbox:
I love letters. And who does not like beautiful stationery? However, your words are more important for me than the writing paper, the cover or the stamps. Let's say that snail mail and letter writing are not the same, and I am more letter writer than snail mail sender.

And I also love postcards about my favourite themes (see below and here) or postcards showing the place you live in or places you have visited. I learn a lot through postcards; some received postcards have inspired my trips.

I am able to enjoy any kind of creative mail (for instance). Drawings and paintingscollagesaltered postcards and postcards made of packaging or press cuttings or anything you craft. They make me smile, and I guess they make the post office workers smile. 

I do not collect stamps, but I am always amazed of how nice could be the stamps of different countries.

More Things I Like TFind IMMailbox* (and in my life):
lighthousesSmurfs • street life • tea and coffeepaper dolls • the Arabic world • post offices and mailboxes • something hanging in the clotheslinemarionettes • writers, bookstores, libraries, literature • trains and railway stationsplanes and airportsLa vache qui rit • colour pencils • your town/city • beer and wine • oranges and orange colourbridges • Pippi Långstrump • breakfasts • theatre and cinema • stamps • children’s books and cartoons • mermaids • your own pictures, especially from your window • typewriters • Don Quijote • local newspapers • Muumi • vintage advertisements • the circussnails • collages • kites • Edward Hopper • bread • Illustrators like Fiep Westendorp, Dick BrunaMartin WiscombeQuint Buchholz, Charley Harper, Inge Löök, etc. • teddy bearsThe Wizard of Oz marketsShakespearemapstulipsalphabets and languages • post(wo)menwindmills and turbines • keep calm • garden gnomesRoald Dahl and Quentin Blakeuniversities and schools • M. C. Escher • knitting • Alice in Wonderland • Jane Austen • Charles Dickens • mazes and labyrinths • Little Red Riding Hood • stained-glass windows...

*Not exactly in this order.

Things I DNot Like:
There are a few things I dislike, or I prefer do not see/find, or leave me indifferent. But I am a lucky woman, and they hardly appear in my mailbox. So, honestly, I prefer not to waste my time writing about what I do not like.


  1. Hi Hawwa! I read in your postcrossing profile that you're not interested with direct swaps...but I'm taking my chance.

    I wish I can swap a postcard with you. I don't have any postcard yet from Morocco.

    Please message me at avi underscore resha at yahoo dot com.

    Thank you so much in advance!

  2. Hello Hawwa~Beautiful Blog, and so lucky to exchange with Heleen! Such a talented mail artist. And I love your work, too!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I'm happy that you visit the blog!

  3. Hi Eva, I've just been reading your story and enjoying your lovely blog! I'm amazed at how dedicated you are to letter-writing. I look forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. You're welcome any time! As I told you, I also love your blog; especially the posts related to mail, of course :-)

  4. met your blog today and I hope that this is a beginning of a good relationship.
    I love art I love art, handmade card, bookbinder, paper snowflakes, scrapbook, ATC, postcard, mail art, collage, kirigami
    finally I love paper

  5. Hello Eva, I am glad I found your blog jumping from site to site, thank you for sharing your postal experiences with us!
    I have 2-3 of postcards which I think you'd like, including two "postcards" featuring Alice, illustrated by Rébecca Dautremer (they have a postcard size but the back hasn't the lines for writing the address...)
    I'd like to send them to you, if you wish could you please contact me at lemminghini at yahoo dot it?
    Happy writing

    1. Oops, to be precise said postcards do not represent Alice herself, rather scenes from Alice in wonderland

  6. Season's Greedtings and Bleassed Be¡

  7. Alan in Adanaland26.1.16

    Greetings, Eva!
    How can it be that we have been exchanging mail for two years yet I have only just discovered this wonderful blog?

    1. Really? I honestly thought I had told you about the blog. So I'm glad that you arrive here anyway, and like it :)

      I just received your letter. I will answer soon!

    2. Alan in Adanaland26.1.16

      Eduardo Munez told me about it ;-)

  8. Hi Eva! I've just discovered there are so many people out there celebrating the art of snail mail. I'm about to write a post on Naomi's 1000 postcard project and kind of stumbled on your blog. I love all of this :-)

    1. Thank you for visiting the blog, and for your nice words, Ellie! I hope you visit it more times... :D

      Do you have a blog, too? (Your name lead me to a Facebook page, but I'm afraid I don't have any Facebook account).


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