30 June 2024

Sunday Stamps | Waving Flags

I am not the biggest fan of flags on stamps. But I recognise that they look far better when waving:

25th Anniversary of Independence
Georgia, 2016

State flag
Lithuania, 2019

Thailand, 2010

Estonia, 2023

Sunday Stamps theme is today National Holidays, Flags.

29 June 2024

Calendars | Italy (I)

Envelopes made of reused sheets of an Italian calendar. Sent to Laura (the UK), Bryon (the USA) and Fabienne (France):

28 June 2024

Summer Envelope

Sent by Laura (the UK).

27 June 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Departure

The Atlantis lift-off on a postcard from the Kennedy Space Center (the USA), received long ago through the Postcrossing site.


Thursday Postcard Hunt

June theme: TIME
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

25 June 2024

Envelope from Russia

Letter sent by Alexander (Russia), with a curious array of stamps and postmarks. 

He cut my address from the envelope I had previously sent to him. It feel always strange to get an envelope with your own handwriting. Happily, the postal system did not get confused, as Rmt. stands for "remitent" (='sender')!

24 June 2024

Forgotten Letter from India


An envelope from India that offers a lot of entertainment, with all those stamps. 

The letter inside was written in 2022, and it arrived last month. This time, however, there is not the postal system to blame: it was the sender who forgot to send it! The envelope was found in a cupboard after almost two years, and therefore sent. Actually, it travelled quite fast!

23 June 2024

22 June 2024

Colourful Markets

Honk Kong

Goan Market, by Mario de Miranda

Vegetables market in Brno (Czech Republic)

Postcards sent by Yuk (Hong Kong), Amita (India) and Vlasta (Czech Republic).

21 June 2024

20 June 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Fort Ancient

Fort Ancient is a 2,000-year-old ceremonial hilltop enclosure. It has 18,000 ft. of earth walls, ranging from 4 to 23 ft. in height. The Hopewell indians used crude digging tools to place up to 40 pounds of soil into woven baskets. Abandoned by 50 AD, the site was later reoccupied around AD1000 by the Fort Ancient Indians.
These postcards were sent by Phillip (the USA), 6 years apart (2016 & 2024).


Thursday Postcard Hunt

June theme: TIME
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

19 June 2024

Cross Writing

This postcard sent by Laura (the UK), features a letter sent from Anne Brontë to her friend Ellen Nussey on 5 April 2849.

If you look closely, you will appreciate that it is a crossed letter: a letter which contains two separate sets of writing, one written over the other at right angles. This kind of writing was used in the 19th century to save on expensive postage charges, as well as to save paper. 

18 June 2024

Impressive Railways

Inside of the Cincinnati Union Terminal (nowadays a museum centre). Sent by Phillip (the USA), it arrived a bit battered.  You can see the building on another postcard and stamp also sent by him.

Estação da Luz (Luz Station) in São Paulo. Sent by Ivan (Brazil).

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Postcard sent by Amita (India).
A 2 feet (610 mm) toy train on gauge railways that runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in the Indian state of West Bengal with its headquarters at Kurseong. The Train that climbs to 2,200 m (7,218 ft) above sea level at Darjeeling is declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

17 June 2024

Dreaming of Letters

Collage on envelope sent by Laura (the UK).

Postcard sent by Amita (India).

16 June 2024

Sunday Stamps | Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers of the United States were a group of late-18th-century American revolutionary leaders that include those who signed the United States Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the United States Constitution and others. Among them: George Washington, William Jackson and John Hanson.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps. The theme today is Fatherly Men

15 June 2024


These stamp were issued on 22 March this year. They feature graphic illustrations of brilliantly coloured flowers rendered in ink and gouache paint. Derry Noyes, an art director for USPS, designed the stamp using an existing illustration by artist Kim Parker. The horizontal stamp is called Celebration Blooms, and the vertical one is Wedding Bloom. These are supposed to be used for oversized greeting cards or heavy invitations for birthdays, weddings, aniversaries and other celebrations. 

I got them on regular letters -I mean, no invitations to anything other that keep writing. In my opinion, they look very different according to the background.

(Tomorrow is Bloomsday)

14 June 2024

Calendars | The Fortune Teller

I have been making some envelopes out of calendars this year. Here you can see the front and back of one of them, sent to Fabienne (France). I was not sure that it would arrive writing the address this way, but eventually it reached its recipient in no time.



13 June 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Enjoying the Summer

Today's theme of Thursday Postcard Hunt is Time: Seasonal. I have recently got several postcards about different ways of enjoying the nice weather, like...

Going out with friends

Casa de trencadís, Benimaclet, València. Illustration by Abraham Mondría. I used to live close to this street!

Reading in the garden

The Novel, by Frank Dicey (1880-1888). Although this woman is overdressed for our hot summer...

Taking time for your hobbies

Postcard from a Postcrossing meeting held in Banyoles on 20 April 2024. Illustration by Roser MatasRoser Matas.

Going to festivals

Sweeps is a symbol of the beginning of the British summer, which was welcomed by chimney sweeps and Morris dancers. The event was designed to recreate the joy enjoyed by chimney sweeps on their traditional holiday and was even mentioned in a Charles Dickens article in 1836.

Summer nights outside

To end a perfect summer day, nothing better than a well conducted frogs concert on a summer night!

Postcards sent by Bruno and Imma (PC), Laura (the UK) and Bryon (Canada).


Thursday Postcard Hunt
June theme: TIME
  • Week 1 - Sunrise/Sunset
  • Week 2 - Seasonal
  • Week 3 - Ancient (geology, buildings, artefacts)
  • Week 4 - Clocks or daily rituals (eating, working, arrivals/departures...)
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

12 June 2024

Refreshing Letter

Letter sent by Fabienne (France), with summery stamps.

Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue, Normandie

Les 4 coins du ciel, Jean Messagier

Navigation de plaisance, Fête du timbre