29 February 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Russian Monasteries

Valaam Monastery (Valaam, Lake Ladoga)

Ipatiev Monastery (Kostroma)

Postcards sent by Mary and Daria (Russia).

Thursday Postcard Hunt

February theme: BUILDINGS
  • Week 1 - Lighthouses
  • Week 2 - Windmills
  • Week 3 - Public buildings
  • Week 4 - Houses
  • Week 5 - Temples, churches
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

28 February 2024


It had been long time since the last piece of mail from Ukraine. This postcard was sent by Nata through the Postcrossing site, and took not less than 54 days to reach my place.

It features some 2022 stamps: Good evening, we are from Ukraine! (yellow stamp), Ukranian Dream - Children's Art and that famous war stamp. 

According to an online translator, the postcard reads: 'Stamps are cool'.

27 February 2024

Between the Winter and the Spring

The title of this illustration by Jean Bradbury is Spring Fling. But the white animals remind us of winter...

Sent by Phillip (the USA).

26 February 2024

Twelve Times a Day

«By the early 1900s, the post was being delivered in parts of London twelve times a day.»

Deirdre Mask, The Address Book

25 February 2024

Sunday Stamps | UN Trolls

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is IllustratedI am happy to share these characters from the DreamWorks Animation movie, Trolls. The stamps were issued on 22 February 2022 by the United Nations, as part of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, as part of a global digital campaign to encourage a healthy diet and sustainable lifestyle.

The whole sheet, taken from here:

24 February 2024

Postbox Saturday | Valderrobres

I like the urban style of this picture of a mailbox in the town of Valderrobres (Teruel, Spain).

23 February 2024

More Peace Stamps

Some more stamps for the Peace Stamp project, received mint (from the Netherlands):






22 February 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Dome Houses

Şanlıurfa, is a city in south-eastern Turkey. Şanlıurfa’s fertile Harran Plain is home to funnel-shaped dome houses. Constructed with mortar made by mixing terracotta with rose oil (or rose leaves), straw and egg whites, these dome houses are cool in summer and warm in winter, thanks to their architecture and materials.

Postcard sent by Nedine (Turkey).


Thursday Postcard Hunt

February theme: BUILDINGS
  • Week 1 - Lighthouses
  • Week 2 - Windmills
  • Week 3 - Public buildings
  • Week 4 - Houses
  • Week 5 - Temples, churches
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

21 February 2024

Women Love Coffee

By Janet Hill

Two very different styles of women enjoying a cup of coffee, received the same day.

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) and Fabienne (France).

La Femme à la cafetière (c. 1895)
By Paul Cézanne

A third style on a collage I sent:

And a collage on an envelope I have just got from Laura (the UK):

a cup of coffee
a good book and
the calming glow
of the moonlight

And women also like chocolate and tea!
Sent by Catherine (France).

20 February 2024

Bowling Postcrossing Meeting

I am amazed at how many activities people can combine with Postcrossing meetings! 

This postcard was sent by Helen (the Netherlands). It arrived inside an envelope, but she gently included a matching stamp on the back.

And another postcard from a Postcrossing meeting, also sent by Heleen:

19 February 2024

Skies Are Gorgeous on Postcards!

Pittsburgh (the USA)

Canterbury (the UK)

Krkonoše (Czech Republic)
Sender's own pictures

Postcards sent by Phillip (the USA), Laura (the UK) and Vladěna (Czech Republic).

18 February 2024

Sunday Stamps | Shades of Blue

Some very Blue stamps for Sunday Stamps!

Centenaire du Club Alpin Français
France, 1974

Jeune Chambre Économique Française
France, 1977

Association Internationale des
Relations Publiques

France, 1980

Hungarian Interchurch Aid
Hungary, 2016

Typically Dutch
The Netherlands, 2024

Washington 2006 - World Philatelic Exhibition
The United Kingdom, 2006

Forget-me-not - Help find missing children
The Unite States, 2015

17 February 2024

Postbox Saturday | Cretas

The only post box in the village of Cretas (Teruel, Spain). Stick on it, one of those impossible post office timetables: Monday to Friday, from 10:30 to 10:45.

16 February 2024

Year of the Dragon

Front and back of an envelope sent to Heleen (the Netherlands). She got it.

15 February 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Historic Castles

Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
An aerial view of the MacNab State on Burlington Heights. Dundurn Castle overlooking Burlington Bay, is a detailed restoration of early Victorian Life and Taste in 19th Century Upper Canada. Dundurn Castle was the home of Sir Allan Napier MacNab, Bart., Prime Minister of the Province of Canada 185-1856. Sir Allan first won fame as the "Boy Hero" of the war of 1812. As Colonel of the Gore Regiment, he took a prominent part in defeating the 1837 rebellion ans was rewarded for this by a Knighthood from Queen Victoria.

Walmer Castle & Gardens
The castle was built in 1539-40 as part of Henry VIII's great chain of coastal defences. Since 1708 it has been the official residence of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. 
Dundur Castle is It is currently owned by the City of Hamilton, which purchased it in 1899 or 1900 for $50,000. 

Regarding Walmer Castle, from 1904 the government transferred responsibility for the castle to the Office of Works (a predecessor of English Heritage), following its listing as an ancient monument. In the summer of 1905, a new regime began, with the castle and grounds open to the public when the Lord Warden was not in residence, making Walmer one of the first buildings in state care to be accessible as a historic attraction. 

Sent by Violet (Canada) and Laura (the UK).


Thursday Postcard Hunt

February theme: BUILDINGS
  • Week 1 - Lighthouses
  • Week 2 - Windmills
  • Week 3 - Public buildings
  • Week 4 - Houses
  • Week 5 - Temples, churches
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

14 February 2024

Count the Hearts!

This piece of mail was drawn, written and posted on 14 February last year. I hope Heleen (the Netherlands) does not mind it had not appeared on the blog until today.

I love there are so many hearts on it --and clovers, with four hearts on each! But, of course, what I love the most is the hand-drawn selfie:

And the matching stamps are a big plus that make it perfect!

(Yes, I know I am supposed to scratch these to discover the message...).

13 February 2024

Love on Postcards

I love... books

Columbus LOVE Mural

Liebe auf den ersten Schluck
'Love at first sip'

Carlisle Wall (The Lovers), 1853
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division, 1980

Mail sent by Heleen (the Netherlands),  Phillip (the USA), Richard (Germany), Laura (the UK) and Liz (the UK).