31 March 2023

Happy Veggies

This stamps have low values. I have got them more than once, used to complete the due postage rate. But they always cheer me up!

And what about these cheerful veggies from Belarus?

30 March 2023

Chocolate Packaging

For some reason, I enjoy turning chocolate (or carob bean chocolate) package into postcards. Of course, it has nothing to do with eating the chocolate first...

Sent to Bryon (USA), Laura (the UK) and Heleen (the Netherlands).

29 March 2023

Waiting Not to Get a Letter

«"You know what Ida Farkasz is sitting in her room in the hotel waiting for? Her daughter not to write to her."
"That's what she is sitting doing, you're right" says Sophie Bauer. "The poor thing is waiting not to get a letter. What she needs is to get her amnesia back. »

Lore Segal, Half the Kingdom

28 March 2023

Windows and Balcony

Drawn and collaged envelope sent by Lilli (Canada). I think that, as it often happens, the picture does not do justice to the artwork. And you would never guess who live in this (my?) house...

Big Brothers / Big Sisters

A Queen

A Princess
(The similarity with the Queen is incredible!)

A couple of, err, popsicles
(Love is love)

An evening gosbeak
(on the mailbox)

Apart from a letter, it contained some postcards. Among them, this Balcony, an artwork by M. C. Escher. And, actually, the house of the postcard does remind me of my own house!

27 March 2023

Rabbits and Rabbits


Another bunny arrived, actually, in February (sent by Phillip, the USA). 

I cannot understand why they abuse the stamps this way... :(

I received some days latter another bunny. Happily, without mistreated stamps and a wonderful pictorial postmark:

26 March 2023

Sunday Stamps | Coasts

Go to Sunday Stamps today to see some beautiful Coasts and Beaches on stamps!

Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park, QC
Far and Wide (Series I 2018)

Canada, 2018

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
From Far and Wide (Series III 2020)
Canada, 2020

Herschel Island-Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park, Yukon
From Far and Wide (Series III 2020)

Canada, 2020

Po Pin Chau
Landscapes of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2014

Sea Stacks, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
Marine Sanctuaries of the USA (2022)

USA, 2022

25 March 2023

Postbox Saturday | Nearby Towns

Ares del Maestrat



Morella (post office)

Morella (post office)


Sant Mateu

24 March 2023

Alice in Wonderland

"It it had grown up," she said to herself,
"it would have made a dreadfully ugly child:
but it makes rather a handsome pig, I think."

The Queen turned crimson with fury,
and, after glaring at her for a moment,
like a wild beast, began screaming,
"Off with her head! Off with --"

Illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, coloured by John Macfarlane. Postcards sent by John (the UK) and Bryon (the USA).

23 March 2023


I had already got the Peanuts stamps, but now some of they arrived along with the label featuring their creator, and a neatly applied first day pictorial postmark. 

A great envelope. Thanks, Phillip!

22 March 2023

Moomins Alphabet


This post by Phillip (the USA) made me click on the link about the alphabet stamps and give a try to the free colouring page. 

I printed it on not so a thick paper, so I am glad it made it through the postal machines!


21 March 2023

And Spring on Covers

Letters sent by Laura (the UK) and Imma (PC).

20 March 2023

Spring on Postcards

Send by Phillip (the USA) and Laura (the UK).

19 March 2023

Sunday Stamps | Green Landscapes

For today's theme on Sunday Stamps, Green colour, let's travel to some green landscapes...

Haida Memorial Poles, Sgang Gwaay, British Columbia
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada

Canada, 2016

Paysage du Tarn-et-Garonne, Jacques Villon 
France, 2017
(Joint issue with Philippines)

Mourne Mountains, County Down, Northern Ireland
25th Anniversary of Investiture of the Prince of Wales

United Kingdom, 1994

Slemish, Antrim Mountains, Northern Ireland
A British Journey - Northern Ireland

United Kingdom, 2004

Coed y Brenin (Gwynedd, Wales)

United Kingdom, 2019

The Fruited Plain - San Luis Obispo
O Beautiful

United States, 2018

And still green when you approaches...

Globe Thistle

United Kingdom, 1987

Daisies (Mile End Park, London)
Millennium Project (6th series) 'People and Places'
United Kingdom, 2000

United Kingdom, 2002

18 March 2023


The Falles is a traditional celebration held annually in commemoration of Saint Joseph in the city of Valencia and other Valencian towns, from 15 to 19 March. The term falles refers to both the celebration and the monuments burnt during the celebration. The Falles festival was added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage of humanity list in 2016.

This stamp was issued on 1 March 2022.