29 June 2023

Mail Is a Trip

Collage on a cover sent by Laura (UK).

27 June 2023

To Catch a Wine Thief

Yes: that was the theme of the letter inside!

Sent by Bryon (the USA).

26 June 2023

Time Machine

There is a time, between the dropping and the delivery, that this letter might not exist at all.
Every single postbox is a small but efficient time machine...

Drawn envelope sent to Canada, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

25 June 2023

Sunday Stamps | Traditional Accessories


In 2020 PostAG (Austrian Postal Service) started a series of Traditional Costumes - Accessories that I believe is still ongoing. I got the first two stamp, featuring the Wheel Bonnet  from Bodensee (above) and the Astrachan Cap from Seewinke (below).

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, today's theme being Hats / Helmets / Headgear.

24 June 2023


Midsummer bonfire, sent by Leila (Finland). 

Peter Arenes in Geld und Geist, 1964. Sent by Linda (Switzerland).

Envelope sent by Imma (PC). It is an rare issue of Correos, from 1999, featuring Mingote's illustrations of Don Quixote. I sent a lot of these years ago!

The envelope features a scene from chapters 6 and 7 of the first part of Don Quixote, where his friends examine his library, full with chivalry romances and other books, and decide to burn most of them and seal the room. The comments of the priest allow author Cervantes to praise or condemn the books.

23 June 2023

A Troll from UN-NY

Post from the UN is always carefully stamped. Usually, like on the back of this postcard, more than once. But then, the USPS machines considered that it needed another (duller) postmark in order to reach its recipient...

21 June 2023

These Postcards Say Summer to Me

Sauna (Finland)

Baltic Sea

Thermal swimming pool in Podhájska (Slovakia)

Broadstairs, Kent (the UK)


Postcards sent by Helke (Finland), Amanda (Germany), Ľubica (Slovakia), Laura (the UK) and Mai (Thailand).

20 June 2023

Alphabet 2023 | N Is for New Germany

Another misplaced letter from the Alphabet 2023 project by Bryon, this time sent from New Germany (New Scotia, Canada), with a wonderful pictorial postmark on the back.

I have never tried the Nanaimo bar (but I would like to!). And it took me a while to identify the N on the second stamp: I did not remember the name of Leonar Nimoy!

19 June 2023

Crunchy Letter

Letter sent by Imma (PC). It makes you want to eat carrots when you see it!

18 June 2023

Sunday Stamps | Dole

This is a stamp from 1971, but I have got it on an envelope a month ago. It is dedicated to the commune of Dole, in the Jura (France).

The Place aux Fleurs (='Flowers Square') is located in the heart of Dole. You can find there the Fontaine de l'enfant à l'amphore (='Fountain of the child with the amphora'), created by the sculptor François-Marie Rosset (1743-1824). The sculpture is actually a copy, because it was damaged during the liberation of the city. 

This is a post for Sunday Stamps. Today's theme is Statues

(And let me add  a recent post about sculptures on stamps to Sunday Stamps.)

17 June 2023

The Lichtenstein Adventure

I hope you have enjoyed the series of Roy Lichtenstein's postcards & stamps this week! The stamps were issued on 24 April 2023. You can read a bit about the artist and the stamps on the USPS site. It must have been very difficult to choose only five works by this artist.

The five postcards were written on 7 May, and were postmarked on 8 May. Each postcard bears several postmarks on each, made by hand and by the postal machines.

You would suppose that the postcards arrive together. Well, that is not the case:
  • Postcards #3 and #5 arrived on 16 May;
  • Postcard #1 arrived on 23 May;
  • And postcards #2 and #4 arrived on 30 May.
Why 5 similar postcards posted at the same time in the same place reach the recipient in three rounds, two weeks apart?!?

16 June 2023

Roy Lichtenstein #5

Still Life with Crystal Bowl, 1972
acrylic, oil and graphite pencil on canvas

Fifth (and last) of a serie of postcards sent by Bryon (the USA), with matching stamp.

15 June 2023

Roy Lichtenstein #4

Modern Painting I, 1966
acrylic, oil and graphite pencil on canvas

Fourth  of a serie of postcards sent by Bryon (the USA), with matching stamp.

14 June 2023

Roy Lichtenstein #3

Standing Explosion (Red), 1965
porcelain enamel on steel

Third of a serie of postcards sent by Bryon (the USA), with matching stamp.

13 June 2023

Roy Lichtenstein #2

Portrait of Woman, 1979
acrylic, oil, and graphite pencil on canvas

Second of a serie of postcards sent by Bryon (the USA), with matching stamp.

12 June 2023

Roy Lichtenstein #1

Still Life with Goldfish, 1972
acrylic, oil and graphite pencil on canvas

First of a serie of postcards sent by Bryon (the USA), with matching stamp.

11 June 2023

Sunday Stamps | Martín Ramírez

I have never seen in person Martín Ramírez's works. But the same person who sent this envelope to me back in 2016, mentioned the artist in his latest letter. I thought it would fit in today's theme of Sunday Stamps: Fine Arts.

You can read more about these stamps and the artist on this post.

10 June 2023

09 June 2023

Some More Tulips

After this post in January, I have received some more tulips from Laura (the UK), Bryon & Phillip (the USA) and Fabienne (France). 

Updated: 15 June 2023