22 April 2018

Women on Stamps | Jebb (and Josephine)

Eglantyne Jebb (1876 – 1928) was a British social reformer that, as the stamps says, "campaigned for the rights and welfare of children". She founded the Save the Children organization.

Josephine Butler (1828 – 1906) was an English feminist and social reformer in the Victorian era. She campaigned for women's suffrage, the right of women to better education, the end of coverture in British law, the abolition of child prostitution, and an end to human trafficking of young women and children into European prostitution.

These stamps were issued on 15 March 2016, as part of a set of six stamps to honour some of Britain’s greatest humanitarians and their achievements, entitled British Humanitarians. See all the stamps here.


For the new edition of Sunday Stamps-II A to Z, I have decided to show some of the stamps I have got on letters and postcards, related to one topic: women. This is the post for the letter J.

More women on stamps.

21 April 2018

Retro Men

I have an album of postcards of Retro Women... But it isn't so usual to get retro men by snail mail. I wonder why.

(c) Cath Tate Cards
Postcard sent by Laura (the UK), that I added to Maria's link Postcards for the Weekend. This week's theme is Retro/Vintage.

Alfred Hitchcock
(Bel Air, California, USA, 1974)
By Philippe Halsman
Another (sort of) retro man, sent by John (the UK).

20 April 2018

Shakespearean Mail

Handmade postcard (from a brochure and green tape), made and sent by Laura (the UK).

On this postcard sent also by Laura (the UK)... Can you spot Shakespeare among so many Great Britons? (Artwork by Martyn Ford, from the famous series How to be British).

A line of Twelfth Night that is perfect for any thank you card...

Postcards sent by John (the UK) showing Stratford-upon-Avon. On the picture above: Holy Trinity ChurchRoyal Shakespeare Theatre, Shakespeare's birthplace and Anne Hathaway's cottage. Below, Shakespeare's birthplace again, from a painting by Alfred Robert Quinton.

My album of Shakespeare-related postcards is growing!

19 April 2018

Reuse Everything!

You can reuse almost every bit of paper to write a letter on. Not only the pages of a calendar... also the covers! So did Heleen (the Netherlands).

18 April 2018

HitM | Insta-house

On yesterday's letter, from Valeri, there was also the tinniest contribution so far to the Houses in the Mail project. The apartment on a snowy day, on a 6x4.5 cm picture. The contrast between the white snow and the red bricks turns it very nice, don't you think so?

17 April 2018

No TV Tuesdays

Just create. This has been my motto for the year.
My goal in 2017 was to take advantage of my "No TV Tuesdays" with letter writing. After a few letters, I decided to spice them up a little and expanded them into bundles. The bundles include a 5" x 7" piece of art, a letter and sometimes a recipe card. The first one was just for fun, but then I noticed it spurred my desire to produce more art.

So Valeri decided to continue about her project in 2018, and I have been one of the happy recipients of her letters. Not just a letter, as you can see!

I love the detailed Moroccan illustrations on the envelope and the writing paper: 

And also this cool watercolour and ink artwork. The honey dipper looks so real...!

And, of course... Who doesn't like wax seals? I should try this one day...

 If you want to see more of Valeri's art, you can also browse her Instagram account.

I don't know if she is still taking requests (check on her site). Update:

16 April 2018

Booklet Letter

The most delightful letter received from Rosemary (Canada). The letter itself is written on a handmade booklet:

And the envelope made of an old children book (I think), a sort of vocabulary of games:

15 April 2018

Women on Stamps | Illness

This semipostal stamp was issued by USPS on 30 November 2017 in order to help to raise funds to fight Alzheimer's disease. The artwork is an illustration that first appeared on the 42-cents Alzheimer's Awareness stamp issued on 2008. (See here a better picture, not covered by the postmark ink.)

The 8-cents Prevent Drug Abuse was issued by USPS in 1971. Postmaster General Winton M. Blount said at the  dedication ceremonies: "... is not, in fact, a commemorative stamp at all. It is, rather a warning, a plea for help and a call to the American people to take every step to lift up those who have fallen under the use of drugs, and to strike down those who profit from the misery of others..."

Happily, we can find other women on stamps, fighting against illnesses and bad conditions. For instance:

Mary Edwards Walker (1832 – 1919) was an American abolitionist, prohibitionist, prisoner of war and Civil War surgeon. She was the first and only woman to ever receive the Medal of Honor. After the war, she was a writer and lecturer supporting the women's suffrage movement until her death. The stamp honouring her was issued on 28 January 1998.

Clara Louise Maass (1876 – 1901) was an American nurse who died as a result of volunteering for medical experiments to study yellow fever. This stamp was issued on 18 August 1976.

Virginia Apgar (1909 – 1974) was an American obstetrical anesthesiologist. She was a leader in the fields of anesthesiology and teratology, and introduced obstetrical considerations to the established field of neonatology. To the public she is best known as the inventor of the Apgar score, a way to quickly assess the health of newborn children immediately after birth.

In 1994, she was honoured by the USPS with this 20¢ Great Americans series postage stamp.


For the new edition of Sunday Stamps-II A to Z, I have decided to show some of the stamps I have got on letters and postcards, related to one topic: women. This is the post for the letter I.

More women on stamps.

14 April 2018

I Am Moving

As many of you already know, I am going to leave Morocco soon.

Lately, a lot of letters have been delayed by apparently no reason. So, I would ask you not to send mail to my Moroccan post box any more. I don't want any lost piece of mail!

(This sounds somehow odd... Am I really asking people not to send me letters?!?)

13 April 2018

Castles on Postcards

Postcard sent by Bryon (Canada). Craigdarroch Castle, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, seems a wonderful place to visit. A bit of information on the back of the postcard:
Craigdarroch Castle was built ad home for Robert and Joan Dunsmuir, Scottish immigrants who made their fortune from Vancouver island coal. A National Historic Site, Craigdarroch features an extensive collection of stained and leaded glass windows, magnificent woodwork, Victorian furnishings and decorative arts.

Postcard send by Ulrike (Germany). According to the sender, the most impressing building of Duisburg. Well... a 16,68m sandcastle must be a thing!

Blatná is a castle in the Czech Republic, but this postcard was sent by Imma from Spain. Have you notice this is an altered one? She collaged the women to the picture. I think the result is stunning. I didn't notice at first sight! (Even if, yes: not so normal that a rag doll visit a castle in the company of an elegant woman!).

This is a post for Maria's link party Postcards for the Weekend. You can go there to see more postcards about this week topic's: Monuments.

12 April 2018

Sweet Orange Postcards

Postcard sent by Naomi (Australia). I think these postcards (sold here, in case you are wondering) are an original idea that can save you time: you just need to tick on the right options.

I was thinking of drawing my own designs... But, of course, that wouldn't save me time!

Sometimes mail arrives in couples... and I received also a recipe postcard, an orange cake, from Fabienne (France). I still have to try it!

11 April 2018

HitM | The Willows

This drawing of John's house (I guess, because of the willows...) arrived a bit battered, also by the rain (snow?) and the customs agents. I think they opened the letter and were really surprised to find... two smurfs inside! :D

A different house on one of the stamps: the Felin Cochwillan Mill (Gwynedd). It belongs to the set Windmills and Watermills, issued on 20 June 2017.

09 April 2018

HitM | Apartment Houses

Another postcard sent by Bryon (the USA) for the Houses in the Mail project. Apartment Houses, East River (c. 1930), by  Edward Hopper, shows another very popular home style around the world: the apartment complex. Probably, the sender wrote, these buildings are longer gone...

08 April 2018

Women on Stamps | Half

Besides the stamps dedicates to couples of women, sometimes only half of the stamp is dedicated to a woman. For instance:

The famous Broadway stars Alfred Lunt (1892-1977) and Lynn Fontanne (1887-1983) were They were married for 55 years and were inseparable both on and off the stage. The USPS honoured them on this stamp, issued on 2 March 1999.

Every year the Dutch Post issues a set of stamps under the title of Grenzeloos ('Border Free'), dedicated to celebrate the ties between the Netherlands and other country. In 2012, the set was dedicated to Indonesia. One of the three sets issued (see here all the stamps) included this stamp dedicated to the singer Anneke Grönloh, that appears behind (but in action, as Heleen has noticed)  the rock artist Andy Tielman (1936-2011). 

On 10 October, Cambodia issued a set of four stamps dedicated to the Traditional Khamer Dance. In every stamp, a woman and a man appear.

At first sight, I thought that this stamp was older. But it dates only from 2005. It appeared on 30 June as part of  The Art of Disney: Celebration series. Snow White and Dopey were two of the characters chosen. You can see here the rest of the stamps.


For the new edition of Sunday Stamps-II A to Z, I have decided to show some of the stamps I have got on letters and postcards, related to one topic: women. This is the post for the letter H.

More women on stamps.

07 April 2018

Snails by Snail Mail

One thing that always makes me smile is receiving snails by snail mail. I made an album of them, including some slugs.

The postcard above was sent by Bryon (the USA). 

The postcard below, showing another real snail mail snail (does it live in this mailbox?) was sent by John (the UK). It took me a bit to upload the image to the blog. But, actually, it took even more time to read it. It arrived to my Spanish address in the summer... And I found it in Christmas!

Picture by Pyko

I'm adding this post to Maria's link party Postcards for the Weekend