16 September 2019

Chinese Postcrossing Postcards

Postcard sent by Rouris, featuring the beautiful city of Wuyuan.

This postcard was actually sent from Penang, in Malaysia. It is a creation of the sender, Kang Wei, and shows a Chinese tradition, explained in the back:
On the ninth day of Chinese New Year is the Birthday of the Jade Emperor, so we usually set up offering table for him the night before, using  a pair of sugar cane to tie on the sides of the table.

15 September 2019

Sunday Stamps | Postworld Landmarks

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Commemorative. It is difficult to choose among the many stamps that commemorate all kind of people and events!

I went for post-related important milestones commemorated by different countries:

For instance, the 500th anniversary of Royal Mail. I think I had already uploaded other stamps from this serie. More information here.

A stamp commemorating the 50 years of the establishment of postal codes in Belgium was issued on 18 March 2019:

On 1 August 2016, Correos de Mexico commemorated the 160th Anniversary of the First Mexican Postage Stamps. They came in five colours (according to the rate), and featured the image of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a leader of the War of Independence:

13 September 2019

Let's Move...

Foto: João Paglione

I received this postcard from a friend spending a week in Berlin. I think it a good idea, if you are a Berliner who cannot travel... :)

12 September 2019

Secret Canterbury

Some monuments in Canterbury (Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Abbey, and St Martin's Church) are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides that, it is a very beautiful city, and I am always happy to get more postcards from there!

Spring and Autumn
(Pictures by the sender)

Cathedral Cloisters
Watercolour by John C. Burrows

St Martin's Church made from Roman bricks was the Queen Bertha's chapel before the arrival of St Augustine in AD 597. It was here that Augustine's mission developed with the founding of the cathedral and abbey. St Martin's is the cathedral mother church and the oldest parish church in the English speaking world.

Greyfriars Guest House

11 September 2019

HitM | Carlyle's House

Carlyle and his dog, Nero, in the garden
at Cheyne Row in 1857
Another special house for the Houses in the Mail project: Carlyle's House, in Chelsea (London, the UK). 

The house was open to public as a tourist attraction in 1895, and has been open since.

A Chelsea Interior by Robert Tait, 1857
Thomas and Jane Carlyle

Postcards sent by Laura (the UK).

10 September 2019

Moles, Badgers, Hares... Can Read

Hare loved to read about himself in pictures
Illustration: Jackie Morris
Sent by John (the UK)

'Mole' (in the Czech original, Krtek)
Zdeněk Miler
I discovered Krtek some years ago, thanks to postcards. It is nice to meet him again, reading with his friends on this postcard. I thought that the moles were poor eyesight!

More moles on the stamps. However, these are not reading!

And it seems that also the badgers like reading with friends!
By Anita Jeram
Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

09 September 2019

School Is Not Bad

School's not bad
but the bits between playtime are a bit annoying

Today the school year begins...

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). 

08 September 2019

Sunday Stamps | Red Flowers

Today's theme is Sunday Stamps is The Colour Red. I went for red flowers from different continents:

24 March 2014
Floral Emblems: Waratah

16 August 2017
Flowers from the Garden:
Red Camellias and Yellow Forsythia

South Africa
Erythrina lysistemon

07 September 2019

He Delivered More Than Just Letters

«After decades as a mail carrier he knew he delivered more than just letters. In his years, he knew, he'd dropped bombs along his route. Great good news: children born, lotteries won, distant, wealthy aunts dead. But he was a good and sensitive man, and he knew he was also the bearer of bad news. It broke his heart to think of the pain he sometimes caused, especially in this village.»

Louise Penny, A Rule Against Murder

06 September 2019


Two envelopes which arrived together: brown, collaged... and featuring ducks! (?!).

Made and sent by Imma (PC) and Rosemary (Canada).

05 September 2019

HitM | Kensington & Kew

When I started the Houses in the Mail project I was not thinking exactly of palaces. But I guess a palace can be a home too. At least, Kensington Palace (London, the UK) was the childhood home of Queen Victoria and home to young royals for over 300 years.

The king's grand staircase
Kensington Palace

And Kew Palace (Richmond, the UK) was the home of George III and Queen Charlotte.

Postcards sent by Laura and Keita (the UK).

04 September 2019

Half a Dragon

It is always a good day to draw, send, post... a dragon. Or half a dragon.

Letter sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).

03 September 2019

Vintage Postcards

I like to guess when the pictures of the postcards I get were taken. Sometimes it is a bit frustrating (and sometimes I just don't spend enough time, for one reason or another).

I received this postcard from Belarus, but it shows the Palace Square in Saint Petersbourg (Russia). On the back of the postcard is written Leningrad. So, the postcard is, at least, 28 years old, isn't it?

Postcard sent by John (the UK). It shows the Dungeness lighthouses (England, the UK). There have been seven lighthouses at Dungeness. This pictures dates, probably, from 1960, shortly after the current one was opened.

This postcard sent by Scianna (the USA) shows the National Mall, in Washington. It is not exactly vintage, but somehow the image relates to this post.

02 September 2019

Going Bananas

Postcard issued by USPS in 2002, with printed postage featuring Carlsbad Caverns National Park. On the back, Bryon (the USA) added some banana labels...