20 February 2018

HitM | Amalgamated Colourful

Tall, small and colourful houses in Manarola, the oldest town of the famous Cinque Terre towns, all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The sender lives in an small but sunny apartment. But her dream house is a semi-detached one with a garden, 2 bathrooms and 2 or 3 bedrooms, a room to read and do craft projects, and a big bay-window.

I think it is the tiny house she drew on the back... :)

Postcard sent by Eva (Italy).

19 February 2018

La Grande Poste

I made this envelope of a baker's bag for Eric's mail call about mail art made with reused paper bags. You can translate La Grande Poste or البريد الكبير as 'The Main Post Office'. I have bought bread from that baker's (close to the post office, that is) before, but I had never realised what was written on their bags.

18 February 2018

Women on Stamps | All American

Issued on 2 June 1960, it pays tribute to the American Women and to their accomplishments in different areas: Education, Civic Affairs, and Arts & Industry.

Now I wonder if is there any stamp dedicated to "the American man"...

Since I wrote this and this, complaining about the general lack of women on stamps (around the world and, especially, in my country), a lot of stamps depicting women have landed in my mailbox. So, for the new edition of Sunday Stamps-II A to Z, I have decided to keep to this topic, and show some of the stamps I have got on letters and postcards. This is the post for Sunday Stamps II - A.

More women on stamps.

17 February 2018

Delicious Postcards

This weekend's theme in Maria's link is Happiness/Joy. It is easy to associate joy with your beloved ones around a table, don't you think so?

This postcard arrived from India through the Postcrossing site (another source of joy!). The sender didn't write a lot, but there is a very nice explanation on the back about the dishes on the picture. It starts with: Every region in India has a wonderful tale to tell... So much to learn here!

Borsch recipe sent by Elena (Russia). It seems really tasty!

Another Postcrossing postcard, sent by Barbara (France). An Eiffel Tower made of macarons... That would be the dream of some people!

And something more frugal, just in case you are not a sweet-toothed. Postcard sent by Bettina (Germany).

16 February 2018

Postal Pics from the North of France

Mailbox in Amiens, near the cathedral
(Some of my postcards were posted here!)

Postal bike spotted in Boulogne-sur-mer

On a particular house, in Dunkerque

Le Tri postal was built in the 50s,
as a postal classification equipment.
In 2004, it became an art exhibitions centre

15 February 2018

HitM | Captain Upton's

Captain Upton's House (1927) is an oil painting by one of my favourite painters: Edward Hopper (1882-1967). And a sort of dream house. The sender of the postcard grew in a similar one. Alas, without the lighthouse. He wonders what looks it like today. I wonder who Captain Upton's was. (See Bryon's comment!)

On the back of the postcard, very nice stamps with homes of all types:

Postcard sent by Bryon (the USA).

12 February 2018

Outgoing Sailboats

I had a great time painting these boats with watercolour pencils, and sending them out to the USA, France and Germany...

Experimenting with different colours, too.

Oops! I am afraid I forgot the seagulls on the grey-orange one!

11 February 2018

Happy (Chinese) New Year

Postcard sent by Eric (France), at the beginning of 2018. A good  moment to show it, now that the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Dog) is about to start.

It arrived with a matching interesting stamp (or label):

With stamps received on others envelopes, I send you my best wishes:

I added this entry to Sunday Stamps-II, for the topic New Year.

10 February 2018

I Love Postcards

Postcards sent (ages ago) by Laura (the UK), Heleen (the Netherlands) and Chi (the USA).

I added this post to Maria's Postcards for the Weekend. This weekend the topic suggested is Love/Lovely.

09 February 2018

Bear in Love

I love so much those postcards that I draw my version of the bear in love and sent it to Keith (the USA)... 

08 February 2018


Heleen (the Netherlands) sent this letter with stamps from one of my favourite series ever. I like the clever-clever-clever design of the stamps, and the message they convey: 
There are things you don’t learn from a book which may in fact be more important than learning your tables. This insight by Christian Borstlap was the inspiration for a design series of stamps in collaboration with “TNT’s Children’s Stamp”; a Dutch charity promoting the education of vulnerable children. Alongside the playfully illustrated tips, his lessons on life were listed along the margins of the sheets of stamps. The concept was brought to life in a book of postcards and an internationally awarded short animation. Result: a € 9.5 million benefit.
You have here more information about this issue (with an interesting short video).

Inside, three postcards from the same series of kinderpostzegels:

Beer is op Vlinder ('Bear is in love with Butterfly')
Annemarie van Haeringen

Kleine ezel ('Little Donkey')
Annemarie van Haeringen

Helden op sokken ('Heroes on socks')
Marit Törnqvist

06 February 2018

HitM | First from Germany

The first houses for the project Houses in the Mail have already arrived. They are pretty nice and full of red flowers...

This is a traditional house in Bavaria. I think it is a museum nowadays.
Postcard sent by Simone (Germany).

A half-timbered house near Ratingen. It was renovated few years ago and they found a scallop that showed that it has been a hostel for pilgrims. Now a family with three kids live there.
Postcard sent by Tanjia (Germany).

05 February 2018

It Is Cold Outside...

A view of the skyline of Chicago from a frozen Lake Michigan, sent by Bryon (the USA).

Peter, from the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats (1916-1983) on these USPS stamps, is not afraid of cold and snow...
Sent by Phillip (the USA).