13 June 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Enjoying the Summer

Today's theme of Thursday Postcard Hunt is Time: Seasonal. I have recently got several postcards about different ways of enjoying the nice weather, like...

Going out with friends

Casa de trencadís, Benimaclet, València. Illustration by Abraham Mondría. I used to live close to this street!

Reading in the garden

The Novel, by Frank Dicey (1880-1888). Although this woman is overdressed for our hot summer...

Taking time for your hobbies

Postcard from a Postcrossing meeting held in Banyoles on 20 April 2024. Illustration by Roser MatasRoser Matas.

Going to festivals

Sweeps is a symbol of the beginning of the British summer, which was welcomed by chimney sweeps and Morris dancers. The event was designed to recreate the joy enjoyed by chimney sweeps on their traditional holiday and was even mentioned in a Charles Dickens article in 1836.

Summer nights outside

To end a perfect summer day, nothing better than a well conducted frogs concert on a summer night!

Postcards sent by Bruno and Imma (PC), Laura (the UK) and Bryon (Canada).


Thursday Postcard Hunt
June theme: TIME
  • Week 1 - Sunrise/Sunset
  • Week 2 - Seasonal
  • Week 3 - Ancient (geology, buildings, artefacts)
  • Week 4 - Clocks or daily rituals (eating, working, arrivals/departures...)
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

12 June 2024

Refreshing Letter

Letter sent by Fabienne (France), with summery stamps.

Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue, Normandie

Les 4 coins du ciel, Jean Messagier

Navigation de plaisance, Fête du timbre

11 June 2024

Dearest Friend

A couple of things I love on this card sent by Laura (the UK)...

10 June 2024

Never Give Up

From time to time, someone uses the Contact form on this blog to leave a message (Feel free to do so!). On 6 June, Christl wrote:
«On the 11th of May I put 35 Postcards for Austria in the letterbox just opposite the cathedral. Until today none of my cards has arrived.»
I don't know how to reply to that. Thirty-five postcards mean a lot of effort (not to mention the money spent on the stamps). And twenty-five days might seem a lot for postcard travelling within the country. However, from my experience, it is not enough to be desperate. The postcards can still reach its recipients. Actually, they can always arrive, even after a year (for instance).

Maybe, while I am writing this, some of them have landed in the due mail boxes. If that happens... I'd like to know!

09 June 2024

Sunday Stamps | Derwentwater

Appealing colours on this 1981 stamp belonging The National Trusts series, featuring the lake of Derwentwater.

For today's Sunday Sunday Stamps, dedicated to The countryside.

07 June 2024

Calendars | Alice

Front and back of some envelopes made out reused calendars with illustrations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Sent to the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

06 June 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Schiphol

These views of  Schiphol airport sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) years ago cover almost all the topics of this month's Thursday Postcard Hunt: sunset, seasonal, departures...


Thursday Postcard Hunt

June theme: TIME
  • Week 1 - Sunrise/Sunset
  • Week 2 - Seasonal
  • Week 3 - Ancient (geology, buildings, artefacts)
  • Week 4 - Clocks or daily rituals (eating, working, arrivals/departures...)
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

05 June 2024

Please Use Your Correct Address

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK).

04 June 2024

More Fun to Send Than to Receive?

«I think postcards are probably more fun to send than to receive.»

James Ward, Adventures in Stationery

03 June 2024

Ink Project

I received this postcard from Bryon (the USA) on 4 April 2023. He wrote about this project: Japanese ballpoint artist Asuka Sato was curious about how much ink was in a Hi-Tec-C ballpoint pen, so she tested it out. In order to measure, she decided to see how many smiley faces she could draw before the ink ran out. It took her just six days to reach the answer: 29,249 smiley faces. 

X / @satowasuka

Inspired by her, I felt curious about how many postcards I would be able to write with a BIC Cristal pen: the first pen that comes to your mind when you think "a pen", probably the most used around here. 

I labelled the pen "only postcards" and made this page in my notebook. Every time I write a postcard with the pen, I fill a square on the page.

I know it would take more than six days. But, a year later... I have written more than 200 postcards, and there is still half of the ink left. Can you believe it?

I will keep you posted.

02 June 2024

Sunday Stamps | Dance

Some dancers for today's theme on Sunday Stamps: Movement.

31 May 2024

Naturaleza Muerta

Naturaleza muerta (='Still Life'), by Frida Kahlo (1951). Postcard sent by Anastasia (Russia), as a thank you for another Postcrossing postcard

30 May 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Palanga & Harry

Fountain in Palanga (Lithuania), sent by Viktoria.

Illustration of Een huis voor Harry ('A House for Harry'), by Leo Timmers


Thursday Postcard Hunt

April theme: WATER
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!