21 January 2020

Museums of the World

Brugge, Belgium

Victoria and Albert Museum*
London, the UK

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
New York, the USA
Interior view of skylight, 1943, by Frank Lloyd Wright

Civic Museum “G. Fattori” Livorno, Italy
Ritratto di Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1882
By Vittorio Corcos

* Do you think they allow you swim in the fountain?!?

Postcards sent by Laura (the UK & Belgium), Phillip (the USA) and Bruno (PC).

19 January 2020

Sunday Stamps | Farming

The chosen theme in today's Sunday Stamps is Rural, Countryside.

This stamps were issued by Australian post on 26 June 2012 with the title Farming.  Actually, there were a forth stamp featuring oranges that you know I wouldn't mind to get...

18 January 2020

Women Alphabet | 3

The Grimké Sisters, Activists

Sarah Moore Grimké, 1792–1873
Angelina Emily Grimké, 1805–1879

Nellie Bly, Journalist, 1864-1922

Carol Burnett, Actor, Born 1933

Lucy Parsons, Activist, 1853-1942
Odetta Holmes, Singer, 1930-2008
The following ones arrived with the Christmas mail; hence the colours:
Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice,  born 1954
Patti Smith, Artist, born 1946

Kate Bornstein, Transgender Activist, born 1948
Isadora Duncan, Dancer, 1877-1927

Postcards sent by Phillip (the USA).


Women Alphabet | 1 (A, E, M, Q, T, U)
Women Alphabet | 2 (B, D, F, J)

17 January 2020


A semi-postal stamp or semipostal stamp, also known as a charity stamp, is a postage stamp issued to raise money for a particular purpose (such as a charitable cause) and sold at a premium over the postal value.

This one was issued by USPS on 2 December 2019, in order to raise funds to help treat those impacted by Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The green plant sprouting from the ground symbolizes the PTSD healing process, growth and hope (More information).

I received last week a postcard with one of those stamps (above), and then another one with two of those:

And, this week... an envelope with three of those semi-postals!

The last one, containing a beautiful New Year card. It is still January!
And now let us welcome the new year
full of things that have never been.
Reiner Maria Rilke

16 January 2020

Sorry, te laat

By Jan Tankink
It is hard to think of a snail that needs a traffic light in order not to walk too fast... :)

Card sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

14 January 2020

Botanical Gardens on Postcards

Cambridge University Botanic Garden
The Main Walk in the early morning

Denver Botanic Gardens
Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center
Monet Pool Water Garden
Welcome Garden & Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory

Royal Horticultural Society
Tulip cultivar:Watercolour on vellum
by an anonymous Italian artist
17th or early 18th century

Postcards sent by Laura (the UK) and Peter (the USA).

13 January 2020

Happy 2020

I have got a couple of works from Philippe (France) to celebrate the final of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Of course... they arrived in the wrong order!

I have been told that you can say Happy New Year whenever you want as long as it is still January... And the postal services know that!

Postcard sent by Bryon (the USA). Postmarked on 24 December 2019, and arrived on 9 January.

12 January 2020

Sunday Stamps | A Lot of Flags

For today's theme in Sunday Stamps, Flags: Stamps with a lot of flags!

United Kingdom, 9 May 1979. The First Direct Election of the European Parliament (See the 4-stamps set.)

Bosnia & Herzegovina, 30 November 2005. The 50th Anniversary of the First EUROPA Stamps.

This was the whole set:

P.R. China, 22 October 2016. The 80th Anniversary of the Red Army Victory.

It was issued as a 3-stamps set:

10 January 2020

08 January 2020

Snowing Bear

Letter sent to Laura (the UK).

05 January 2020

The Magi Are Arriving Tonight!

And they will bring presents... I hope!

This wonderful collaged envelope was sent by John (the UK).

03 January 2020

Evening Light

Evening light on the Lawley near Church Stretton, Shropshire

Although the screen does not do justice to their beauty, pictures taken in the evening light have something special, don't you think so?

Evening view of Minsk
Picture by Евгений Отцецкий

Ses Salines, Eivissa

Postcards sent by Alan (the UK), Julia (Belarus) and Lluïsa (PC).

01 January 2020

Happy 2020!

Die besten Glückwünsche zum neuen Jahre
Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). (It is nº 22 of to this set.)

С новым годом
Stamp on a postcard sent by Eduard (Russia).

Meilleurs Vœux
 Card sent by Sandrine (France).

31 December 2019

Did You Have a...?

... Sweet Christmas?

... Scary Christmas?

Углевик, 2002

... Knitted Christmas?

Helping Hand, by Cordelia Hutchison

By Curly Girl Design

... Hand-made Christmas?

...Slow Christmas?

... Crowded Christmas?

Bruegel, Pieter I (127/28? – 1569)

Dénombrement de Bethléem / Volkstelling the Bethlehem

Christmas mail sent by Bryon (the USA), Eduard (Russia), Heleen (the Netherlands), Rosemary and Lilli (Canada) and Bruno (PC). Thank you very much!