30 June 2019

Women on Stamps | S for Scouts

Scouting or the Scout Movement is a worldwide educational movement that works for the integral development of the young people, that they may play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills. It was founded in 1907 in England, and spread later to a large number of countries.

The stamp above was issued in 1962 to honour the 50th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America. And, the following one, in 1987:

Scouting seems to be a very popular subject for stamps. In 2007, because of the 100th anniversary of scouting, this was the theme of the EUROPA stamps. If you feel curious, you can see here the great variety of stamps issued.

I have received more stamps, featuring girls and boys:

Czech Republic, 2007

Sri Lanka, 2016

Guernsey, 1985

USA, 1998

New Zealand, 1953


For the current round of Sunday Stamps A-Z I am showing stamps dedicated to women. You can see here all the Women on Stamps featured on this blog.

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28 June 2019

Souvenir of St. Agustine - 2

More postcards from St. Augustine (Florida), also sent by Bryon, allowed me to discover a part of Spanish history I am not very familiar with.

Castillo de San Marcos and the bridge of Lions at night
(pictures by Dawna Moore & Noel Hurlburt)

Fountain of Youth
Statue of Juan Ponce de León, discoverer of Florida and its first Spanihs governor from 1513 to 1521, was dedicated on April 3, 1950, the 437th anniversary of his landing in 1513.

The Legend of Spanish Moss
Spanish moss, also called Florida moss, long moss or gray beard, is not true moss. It is a flowering plant that grows upon larger trees, commonly the Southern Live Oak or Bald Cypress in the southeastern United States.

27 June 2019

Souvenir of St. Agustine

This is one of the strangest (and funniest!) souvenirs that I have received from someone visiting a city. When I received the first, I think I was not fully aware that I was going to get two more...

I send you herewith the head of a Gator,
Watch for the mail - it will bring more later
(Received on 16 May 2019)

On the back of the postcards there is some information about the place:
This city is the oldest continually occupied European settlement in North America. St. Augustine was founded in by 1508 by Don Pedro Menéndez of Avilés, Spain, who was sent to protect the Spanish Treasure fleets sailing along the coast of Florida.

Two-thirds I am here, in body and soul,
The next is the last and the Gator is whole.

(Received on 21 May 2019)
 A stone fortress was buit by the Spanish to protect St. Augustine form English expansion. Construction of the Castillo de San Marcos started in 1672 making it the oldest masonry fortification in the United States. It stands today as a symbol of Spain's early colonization of our country.

This is the last card I send you by mail,
The end of the Gator and the end of the "tale."

(Received on 27 May 2019)
Finally... we know why an alligator is appearing on the postcards!
To learn more about this "tale" and others, visit the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park. You can see 23 species of crocodilians, rare white alligators, exotic birds, and mammals. 

Fortunately, it was not the last postcard that Bryon sent to me. Would you send something like this to your friends? It made me laugh, so I would, definitely!

Not easy to take a picture of the three postcards together!

26 June 2019


This was a nice and sad letter to get one month ago. The envelope was illustrated by Marita Albers. It contained the last of Nat Quintos Uhing's beautiful letters (a printed reproduction of a painted and handwritten letter), written just before she passed away. I had not the good fortune to meet her in person.

25 June 2019

Vintage Lighthouses

A fab envelope made by John (twin of this previous one). Inside, among other interesting stuff, some vintage postcards of lighthouses.

Leasowe Lighthouse, England, UK

Flamborough Lighthouse, England, UK

The Needles Lighthouse, Isle of Wight, UK

These arrived inside a diferent envelope, also sent by John. They are, at least, one hundred years old. And finally they have found the recipient!
Eddystone lighthouses, old & new (at that time!), England

Cromer Lighthouse, England

24 June 2019

-- --- .-. ... .

Watercolour envelope sent to Alan (the UK). And yes: there is a message in Morse code on the green post box!

23 June 2019

Women on Stamps | R for Rand

Ayn Rand (1905 – 1982) was a Russian-American writer and philosopher.She is known for her two best-selling novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and for developing a philosophical system she named Objectivism.

This stamp appeared in 1999, and was illustrated by artist Nick Gaetano.

For the current round of Sunday Stamps A-Z I am showing stamps dedicated to women. You can see here all the Women on Stamps featured on this blog.

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22 June 2019

Roman Matters

Not only I have been sending Rome-related postcards. I have also got some beautiful ones!

Julius Caesar and Roman Britain
Ladybird Book, 1959.

The Colosseum
(Hand-coloured postcard)

The Pyramid of Cestius (c. 12 BC) & the grave of John Keats
Rome, Italy

Fourth century AD marine pavement depicting
fabulous sea beasts

Roman Baths, Bath, UK

Sent by Laura (the UK)

21 June 2019


The calendar and these postcards say that the summer is here!

'Summer Greetings'

Fort catalogus (1965)

Cosiendo la vela ('Sewing the Sail'), 1896
Joaquín Sorolla, 1863-1923

Sent by Laura (the UK) and Terhi (Finland)

20 June 2019

To 'My' Mail Monster

Usually, I am the only one at home who receive all sort of creative mail. Thus, I was really amazed when I find a letter addressed "To the Mail Monster in Eva's House at...".

I thought I have discovered that a Mail Monster was living at Heleen's place... And the fact is that I have another one (with a big moustache!) living at home.

As you can see, there is no doubt that the letter was posted by a Mail Monster...

I'm happy it seems a friendly one. At least, with other mail monsters, according with the letter it wrote (with its monstrous handwriting)...

dear Eva's house Mail Monster! 
I'm happy to meet you! I hope and guess that you like mail as much as I do :D
Many greetings from Amstelland region
signed [a four-fingers hand]
[teeth print]

Now I'm afraid that, if my mail monster finds the letter, it will steal my stamps to reply...

19 June 2019

Fine Envelopes

From Laura (the UK), front and back. Nice envelope but ugly cancellation!

From Rosemary (Canada). Same comment.

From Dave (the USA). Happily, with a decent cancellation on the carefully chosen stamps!