31 August 2013

Alphabet with Animals

Alphabets is one of my favourite themes is postcards. It is a kind of multiples, isn't it? There are very nice designs on this subject!

I learnt/remembered a lot of names of animals thanks to this cute alphabet sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

30 August 2013

L'Envol de la cigogne

L'envol de la cigogne

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands). She is a birds lover and a turbines lover (it is not incompatible). Also published in her blog.

Altered postcard. I cut the storks from an advertisement of a children's book fair, so they are, in fact, bookstorks. Strange idea, but nice.

29 August 2013

From Morocco

Sent by M. Nidham (Morocco).

I arrived here exactly a year ago, and this is the first postcard I have ever received from Morocco (but, in fact, it was sent to my address in Spain...).

28 August 2013

5th Taiwan Postcrossing Meetup

We're Sending You a postcard from Taiwan

Received from the 5th Taiwan Postcrossing Meetup hold in Taipei on June 7 and 8, 2013. On the back I counted the names of 19 postcrossers (Wow!). And, of course, the fantastic cancellation stamp designed by Taiwanese postcrosser Chiu:

(More information on this blog post).

27 August 2013

Tea Revives You

Sent by Laura (the UK). Postcard made with a cardboard packaging of herbal tea.

And another postcard with a BIG truth about tea sent by Heleen (the Netherlands):

25 August 2013

Postcard from South Korea

Sent by Kyunga (South Korea).

The postcard features the main entrance to the Changdeokung Palace in Seoul. It is in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.

One fact about receiving postcards from Postcrossers is that sometimes it arrives a postcard from a very far away place, kike South Korea. By the way: there are only 5 postcrossers in North Korea and it is no easy to visit that country. So I'm afraid I have few chances to get a postcard from there!.

24 August 2013


Now that my summer holidays are almost finished, I want to show you two wonderful summer postcards I have got:

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). Another wonderful Fiep Westendorp's work!

Collage sent by Laura (the UK).

I hope your summer was/is wonderful. I use a Portuguese puzzle magazine to make these postcards for Heleen (the Netherlands):

23 August 2013

No Need to Open

Sent by Mohamed Nidham (Oman).

Did you noticed this ad on the envelope? Because the postworkers did not, and the letter arrived opened!?!

22 August 2013

Henri Lucile

Sent to Raphael'L (the USA).

Collage made of stickers, press cuttings, washi tape, a reused tea label and some silly ideas.

21 August 2013

Pink Security Pattern

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Inside the envelope there were another snail. And the pink security pattern of this envelope is the most amazing I have ever seen (but I do not want to break the envelope to show it, sorry!).

20 August 2013

The Calm Gallery

Sent to Katerina (Greece).

Collage made of press cuttings, stickers and washi tape on a reused notebook cover. The envelope:

19 August 2013

From A to B

Ruben van der Vleuten, as most of us, wondered what happens exactly when you send something by mail. What happens in between you sending it and someone else receiving it.

The idea of mailing himself was already taken, and he was searching for something less nineteenth-century. So... it occurred to him that he might put a small camera in a box, built a timer circuit and shipped it. And it worked! Please, watch the video... It's just amazing!

18 August 2013

Of Course They Can

We're not alone, but they can' be creative.
-What a silly idea...
-Of course we can!

Sent to Eric (France).

Collage made of stickers, rubber stamps, washi tape and two reused notebook covers. For the mail art project We are not alone! / Nous ne sommes pas seuls!
Also published here.

The cover:

Of course you are not alone. Silly humans.

The back:

17 August 2013

Roll Cookie

Sent by Laura (the UK).

Postcard made of exotic food packaging.

16 August 2013

Royal Mail

 Snt by Mary (Jersey).

Sent by Laura (the UK). I love this series of Queen's stamps!

15 August 2013

Cartas en mi buzón

Sent to Emilio (Spain).

He wants to receive letters and postcards from all countries in the world, so he asked me to send a cover from Morocco. He has a nice collection! Maybe you can exchange a letter with him too...

Also published here.

14 August 2013

Whose Is the Postcard?

I have received this postcard from Canada throught Postcrossing on June. I love the postcard and what the sender wrote on the back. But when I registered it in the Postcrossing site and I read his profile, I was surprised to find this:
PLEASE do not upload any postcards to my postcard wall. Please respect my right to not partake of this particular part of Postcrossing.
I saw that some people have not respect the request, and there are some postcards on his wall. I did. But honestly, I do not understand why he ask such a thing. 

The fact is that I like to see all the postcards together on my wall. We share the wall, don't we? So should I respect the sender decision and have a postcard missing? Should he respect my right to have all my postcards uploaded? I mean... if you do not want to see your postcard's wall, just do not look at the wall.

What do you think?

Update: I uploaded the postcard to my Postcrossing wall.

13 August 2013


Sent to Postumuse (the USA). Also published here.

Sent to Kate (the USA).

They are two adopted postcards. Check their blogs: Orphaned Postcard Project and/or deltiolog to know how can you participate, if interested. As Kate says: "No postcard should go unwritten or unloved"!

12 August 2013

Devine qui t'écrit?

Letter sent to Émilie (France).

11 August 2013

There Is a Plane...

Now that I have just arrived from a trip, it is time to show you these postcards I received some time ago:

Sent by Hannah (Germany).
Boeing 767-200 of Japan Airlines.

Sent by Katja (Italy).
Plane of Easy Jet.

Sent by Alexander (Italy).
Air Berlin Boeing 737-800.

I like these postcards of planes and airports because they make me dream. I also like the world connections they suggest. See that: a postcard of a Japanese company sent from Germany, of a German company sent from Italy, of an English company also sent from Italy (but the sender is German!)... It seems that planes really make the world smaller!

I would like to have one of these postcards of every single company, but they are not easy to get. Last summer I found one of these postcards in a plane, and I sent it:

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Air Bus A320-214 of Swiss Air.
And again: a postcard showing a Swiss plane (found in an English plane!) sent from Spain to the Netherlands...

Update: I have sent another airport to Heleen...

10 August 2013

Best Europa Stamp Competition 2013

You are still on time (till August 31st) to vote for the best stamp in yearly competition to choose the best EUROPA stamp of the year, hosted by PostEurop.

The theme for 2013 is Van of the Postman. It is difficult to choose only one!

I have receive these stamps among the amazing designs that take part in the competition:

From France

From Hungary

From Slovakia

From the Netherlands

From Italy

From the UK

09 August 2013

Baby Clothes

To Eva and her newborn girl (Morocco).

Envelope and sheet of paper with some best wishes. In fact, it was not sent through the mail but given in person (so I did not need to make a stamp matching the clothes of the baby!).

08 August 2013

Slovakia & Arabic

Last month I posted this complaining because I do not receive postcards/letters written in Arabic. And just the following day* I received this!

First I thought it was from Postcrossing, but soon I discovered that it had been sent by my friend Aarón, who was doing his trip back. It was written on a back of this postcard showing the main sights in Bratislava. It is my first postcard from this country! So both facts, Slovakia and the Arabic calligraphy, made me really happy!

By the way, he sent me also a postcard from Vienna. Maybe I must update the map...

*Yes: a bit late.