30 August 2022

Ely (UK)

Ely's Cathedral

You can send a whole trip inside an envelope...

Oliver Cromwell's House

The Jubilee Oak Table under the Octagon at Ely Cathedral

28 August 2022

Sunday Stamps | African Daisy

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Flowers. I have so many flowers on stamps to choose from that I just uploaded the last one I have got, on a letter from Phillip (the USA). I love it.

26 August 2022

Endangered Species

«La philatélie n'intéresse plus personne. Les timbres ne sont plus que les restes d'un monde en train de partir, prêt de disparaître le temps qui s'éteignent toutes les espèces de la faune et de la flore qu'ils répertorient.»

Muriel Pic, Affranchissements

24 August 2022

Summer Colours


Card sent by Laura (the UK).

21 August 2022

Sunday Stamps | Scientific Names

I do not know very much about birds, so I am happy when they include the scientific names on the stamps...
Aegolius funereus
Lithuania, 2020

Ardea herodias
Canada, 2010

Branta canadensis
Canada, 2018

Carduelis cannabina
Greece, 2014

Clangula hyenalis
Finland, 2017

Limosa limosa
The Netherlands, 2011

Luscinia calliope
Taiwan, 2007

Numenius arquata
Netherlands, 2020

Podiceps cristatus
Netherlands, 2015

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, this week's theme being Birds.

19 August 2022

I Got a Bottle of Wine by Snail Mail

I mean... a paper one, of course! Sent by Bryon (the USA), with this wonderful stamp on the back:

17 August 2022

Postcrossing Greetings from Australia

Royal Australian Air Force Ensign (maxicard)

The Capital Cities of Australia

Postcards sent by postcrossers Alisa and Dawn (Australia),

14 August 2022

Sunday Stamps | Le Jardin de Balata

This week's theme in Sunday Stamps is Trees. I guess you can find some beautiful trees in the Balata Garden, in Martinique.

I got his letter from Catherine (France).

12 August 2022

Summer Pleasures


Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands), with a lot of names on the back. Although I must say that must summer is more like this one...

Stay home a little longer

10 August 2022


«Très vite, les timbres fascinent, et la timbrologie se développe, puis c'est la philatélie ou l'amour de tout ce qui se rapporte à l'affranchissement. Collectionner des timbres devient un hobby très populaire et, à première vue, inoffensif.»

Muriel Pic, Affranchissements

09 August 2022

Illuminated Summer Letters

Letters sent by Rosemary (Canada), Pina (Belgium) and Laura (the UK).

07 August 2022

Sunday Stamps | Wintertime

I got this envelope from John (the UK) last week: a bit of snow to make me dream in the middle of a heatwave!

06 August 2022

Crossing the Ocean... Thrice

One of the letters I published yesterday as part of the Beer Appreciation Day post, was sent on 15 August 2021

On 3 December 2021 I found it in my mailbox, with the dreaded label:
Return to sender
Not deliverable as addressed
Unable to forward
The address was correctly written, but maybe too much decoration confused the postal machines. 

I resent it few days later, inside a new envelope. It arrived in twenty days.

05 August 2022

Beer Appreciation Day

On the first Friday of August, the Beer Appreciation Day is celebrated around the world. Last year, I made envelopes using beer labels & packaging with lovely designs. Here you can be some of them, sent to the USA and the UK:

"Everyone must believe in something.
I believe I'll have another drink, excuse me..."

02 August 2022

Do You Get Often Post From Mars?

Barchan Sand Dunes
This 2016 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter image provides a view of barchan sand dunes, which is the term for any crescent-shaped dune. The shape of the dunes pictures here suggest two intersecting wind currents blowing from different directions.

Sent by Bryon (the UN).