30 April 2020

Tiny Greetings

These sweet tiny postcards are a gift of the Leafcutter Designs site. You can get them here, print as many as you want to play with them or include them in your letters.

I think the designs are just great.

(I don't have colour printer at home, so I used colour pencils.)

29 April 2020

The Open Window

The Open Window, c. 1921
Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947)

Altouhg I can enjoy a lot of real ones, I like to get more windows these days at home. The girl and the cat are barely visible among the bright colours.

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK).

28 April 2020

26 April 2020

Sunday Stamps | Mail By Air

'Royal Mail Heritage: Mail by Air' series of Post & Go labels, launched in Autumn 2017, commemorates the history of the UK airmail service.

The series depicts the main stages in the history of the airmail service in the United Kingdom, with six illustrations of the airplanes used for the transport of mail:

The first flight, in 1911, with a Blériot monoplane

The De Havilland DH.10 carrying mail to the troops in 1919

The creation of a regular line of domestic airmail in 1934
with De Havilland DH.84 Dragon II airplanes

The flying boat airmail in 1937

The express mail or Datapost service introduced in the 80s
with an Embraer Bandeirante EMB.110P1 by Air Ecosse

There is another one, the International airmail service by Imperial Airways, in 1933, with the Handley Page HP.42E -Helena, that I have never got on a letter or postcard:

More information about this (and others) Post & Go issues, here.

This is another post for Sunday Stamps. Go there to discover more stamps about Things That Fly.

25 April 2020

Write Any Day

«I wrote a letter to Santa
today so he doesn't think
we only talk to him
when we want something»

Michael Gustafson & Oliver Uberti, Notes from a Public Typewriter

24 April 2020

Maps on Postcards

Maps are among my favourite themes on postcards. So many details to relish on...


(Some) UNESCO WHS in Germany

Sent by Danijel (Portugal) and Tatjiana (Germany).

23 April 2020

Books, Dragons, Roses

Heleen (the Netherlands) drew this envelope for la Diada de Sant Jordi (='Saint George's Day). And it arrived on time!

She drew another envelope last year. I got it a week later but it has been on my desk for a while. Time to show it here!

Needles to say that I love Heleen's drawings, and the new slogan for George and the dragon: "Make friendship, not war.".

And the new ending/beginning of the story she made up:
Sant Jordi and Dragon agreed: read books, cherish roses, write letters. To be short: make friendship, not war. They lived happily ever after. 
The End*
*Which is always the start of a new beginning.

The contents of the letter were also wonderful, as you can see...

And there were books and dragons on the stamps!

22 April 2020


These days, snail mail is a good way to stay offline for a while...

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).

21 April 2020

Happy Birthday, Rome!

These postcards weren't sent from Rome, but they show that beloved city. The only one, as far as I know, which celebrates its birthday.

Altare della Patria ('Altar of the Nation')
Sent by Dajana from Germany

Roma: presente e avvenire ('Rome: present and future')
Sent by Helen from Finland
St. Peter's Square'
Sent by Friedrich from Austria

20 April 2020

Spring Cards

A Bunch of Red Tulips
Michael Clark

Cards sent by Laura (the UK) and Julia (the USA).

19 April 2020

Sunday Stamps | Basic Blue Heads

Today's theme on Sunday Stamps is The Colour Blue.

I have chosen some basic stamps which people usually don't pay attention to. I hope you don't find my choice too dull!





The United Kingdom


The Netherlands


18 April 2020

Reading at Home

Animals reading:

Findus reads, by Sven Nordqvist

By Leo Timmers

By Leo Timmers

And no-animals reading on the back of a postcard:

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) and Phillip (the USA).

17 April 2020

I Like These Stamps

A letter sent to Alan (the UK), with some favourite stamps.

16 April 2020

Roses Are Coming

USA, 2018

USA, 1982

Night and Sleep
 Evelyn de Morgan, 1878

Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade, 1995

And dragons, too!

Slovakia, 2011
Church of St. George in St. Jur

Ethelbert Gate
Winchester Cathedral (the UK)

(Can you distinguish St. Georges and the dragon?)

(One week for Sant Jordi. Although this will be a strange one.)