31 May 2023

And Lighthouses from Other Countries

Envelope made by Heleen (the Netherlands), from a page of a magazine. The back features the lighthouse at lake Neusiedlersee in Podersdorf, Austria. As Heleen wrote on the envelope: A lighthouse on a country not located at the sea.

Inside, among other nice things... More lighthouses! From three countrise: 
  • Schiermonnikoog (The Netherlands) illustrated by Maarten Naarding;
  • the Chalk Cliffs of Normandie (France) illustrated by Lydia Lindo-Teding van Berkhout;
  • and the same depicted above, in Austria.

30 May 2023

Lighthouses from Poland


Envelope sent by Pawel (Poland), full of nice things.

29 May 2023

This Van Is Green

Esta furgoneta es verde / Vehículo eléctrico = 'This van is green / Electric vehicle'. Spotted in Barcelona earlier this month.

28 May 2023

Sunday Stamps | Little Yellow Friends

Some little yellow beasts for today's Sunday Stamps dedicated to the colour yellow.

Castiarina klugii
Australia, 2018

Menelaus blue Morpho (Morpho menelaus)
Geometry of Nature: Circles
Belgium, 2021

Pieris brassicae
National Elderly Fund, Janneke Brinkman
Netherlands, 2014

Endangered bees
Netherlands, 2021

Wart-biter Bush-Cricket (Decticus verrucivorus)
United Kigdom, 1985

(It's actually more green than yellow)

Longhorn Beetle (Rutpella maculata)
Brilliant Bugs
United Kingdom, 2020

27 May 2023

Illustrations I Could Easily Live In

Harbour Master
Peter Adderley

Monica Maas

Sent by Laura (the UK) and Heleen (the Netherlands).

26 May 2023

The First Letter

Das schrijft de eerste brief (aan tafel)
'Badger writes the first letter (at the table)'

From: Ik had je nog zoveel willen zeggen
By Martine van Nieuwenhuyzen

Card sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

25 May 2023

La Demoiselle

Un canal à Bruges
(D'après un tableau de Rod. Wytsman)

And this was not the only Frida I have received by mail recently. Fabienne (France) sent this special collage, full of little details. I do not know how to take the picture to show you how gorgeous this booklet it.

Que fait l'hirondelle
La demoiselle
Et le printemps.

Jules Mougin, Le facteur Poète

23 May 2023


Drawn enveloped sent to Phillip (the USA).

22 May 2023

I Opened My Window

«Il n'y avait pour moi qu'une bonne heure dans toutes ces heures, c'était cette où j'entendais de ma chambre les pas, la crécelle et la voix du facteur qui distribuait les lettres aux portes du quartier. Dès que je l'entendais, j'ouvrais ma fenêtre.»

Alphonse de Lamartine, Raphaël (1849)

21 May 2023

Sunday Stamps | Dancing around the World

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is free: Your choice. I have chosen some people dancing in very different styles. Imagine all these people dancing together!

Traditional Khmer Dance
Cambodia, 2014

Fernand Nault - Legends of Canadian Ballet
Canada, 2021

Karen Klein - Legends of Canadian Ballet
Canada 2021

La Salsa
France, 2014

La Valse
France, 2017

August Bournonville
Denmark, 1979

Traditional Ryukyu Dances
Japan, 2009

Margot Fonteyn
Portugal, 2019

Kandyan Dancer
Sri Lanka, 2017

HIghland Gatherng - Na Geamannan
United Kingdom, 1976

Tap Dance
United States of America, 2021

20 May 2023

Postbox Saturday | Vic

C. Sta. Joaquima de Vedruma /  Pl. Sta. Teresa

Spotting post boxes (and taking pictures of them) is a duty when I visit any place. These pictures were took three weeks ago in Vic.

C. Pare Mossèn Josep Godiol

19 May 2023

I Love You, I Love You

It is not unusual for international postcards intended for other people to land in my mailbox. I put them back in the post office as soon as I can, and forget about them.

But this one, arrived last week, stroke me with its passionate message. I really hope it has reached its due recipient!

Tres chere D.
Prends ton vie
avec moi, Restes avec
moi a Paris, New York,
Miami et R. D. Vives
avec moi, je taime
te amo

Avec some misspellings in French, it translates as, more or less: 

'Dearest D., 
Take you life with me, 
Stay with me in Paris, New york, Miami and R. D., 
Live with me, 
I love you [French], 
I love you [Spanish], 

18 May 2023

Typewriters Are the Best

Postcard sent by Jeanne (the USA), through the Postcrossing site. I could easily be taken for that woman, looking at my Olivetti before writing a letter on it (or for any of these people...).

17 May 2023

Post Office in Santander

A friend sent this picture from his holidays. It shows the main post office in Santander (Spain), built between 1918 and 1926, and still in use.

Not sure if you can appreciate it from this picture, but there is one of the beautiful lion post boxes.

16 May 2023

Mail Full of Spring

Hand made envelope and collage with a picture of Frida Kahlo, sent by Fabienne (France), with matching stamps.

Letter sent by Laura (the UK).

Postcard sent by Pawel (Poland).

15 May 2023

Hope Your Birthday Is a Splash

 Two beautiful birthday cards with mermaids, received the same day (months ago). 

Today's the 12th birthday of Mail Adventures so... Thanks for reading!

 And more birthday cards...

On this occasion I will give you good advice...

Don't worry! (Also meaning: Don't hit yourself!)
Happy Birthday!

14 May 2023

Sunday Stamps | Born in Paris

Women on Stamps is a favourite theme. So, difficult to choose stamps with a common thread among the received stamps for today's Sunday Stamps...

Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986)
Philosopher, writer, social theorist, and feminist activist

Sophie Calle (1953)
Writer, photographer, installation artist and conceptual artist

Émilie du Châtelet (1706-1741)
Natural philosopher and mathematician

Françoise Dolto (1908-1988)
Paediatrician and psychoanalyst

Jeanne Moreau (1928-2017)
Actress, singer, screenwriter and director