30 June 2013

We Are Not Alone

Sent to Eric (France), as my contribution to his We are not alone! mail art call. You can see the works displayed in this blog.

29 June 2013

Lighthouses of Croatia

In the last years I have been the chance of travelling a lot (I am even living abroad!). Since I am a postcrosser, the postcards I got inspire me when it comes to choose the destination. It happened with the first postcard: it arrived trough Postcrossing and gave us the idea of visiting this country. The second card arrived few days before the trip, when we have all the tickets booked. What a coincidence!

It was some years ago, but I had not uploaded this amazing lighthouses yet. I keep very good memories of this trip! And of course I took a lot of pictures and bought a lot of postcards of lighthouses...

Sent by Roberto and Borivoj (Croatia).

28 June 2013


Letter sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Did you realise that Mondrian is on one stamp? And a reading girl on the right one?

27 June 2013

Autoportrait 555A

Received from E (France).

Painted envelope.

26 June 2013

Eierland Lighthouse

Sent by Nicole (Germany).

The first time I received this lighthouse in a postcard without any name, I though it is located in Germany. Now I know Eierland lighthouse is on the northernmost tip of the Dutch island of Texel. Because I received more versions.

From Paula (the Netherlands):

And Heleen (the Netherlands):

Update (28/06/2013): As Heleen noticed (see comments of this post) the lighthouse below is not Eierland but Vuurduin. Sorry for confusing you, I was confused myself!

I have never been to Eierland (nor to the Netherlands, by the way). But somehow this one is still one of my favourites. Maybe due to its colour? 

I do not mind to get more postcards of this elegant red lighthouse!

25 June 2013

I Wanna Make You Happy...

I wanna make you happy
I wanna make you feel alive...

And now this song for our friend...

Sent to Micu (Hungary).

Postcard and envelope made of press cuttings (magazine for children) and reused cardboard. I was glad to find more or less matched stamps. I made this collage for Micu as a thank you for her project (Mail a Smile). And I chose the monkey because she had told me she likes his twin.

24 June 2013

Telephone Box Exhibition

I have sent this postcard for the Telephone Box International Mail Art Exhibition (what a long name!). I'm glad it arrived on time. It is nice to see it in situ:

(More pictures of the exhibition here).

23 June 2013

Castles on Stamps

Today the theme for Sunday Stamps is Churches, castles and fortifications. I have seen and got some stamps with castles, but this is one of my favourite:

It is a French stamp which represents the Palais des Papes in the city of Avignon (southern France). It is one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe. Fortress and palace, it was the papal residence, so the seat of Western Christianity, during the XIV century. I visited the castle/palace some years ago, and I was really impressed!

I wanted also show some wonderful Russian stamps. I cannot read Russian, so I do not know the name of the castles and buildings on the stamps. But I love them!

And now I realise that some of these stamps fit in the previous Sunday Stamps theme: Stamps with unusual shape. or unusual size!

22 June 2013

More Labels

Long time has passed since I posted about labels. So I am going to show you the new ones I have received:







The Netherlands

The Netherlands

New Zealand 






You can see the post labels I have got so far here and here.

21 June 2013

I Will Run Away and I Will Join the Circus

"when I grow up,
I will run away and join the circus"

Sent to Isabelle (France) for the mail art project Vacances et voyages.

Collage made of press cuttings, stickers, washi tape and dreams. The envelope:

20 June 2013

From Bulgaria

Sent by Christina (Bulgaria).

Postcard showing the city of Burgas or Бургас, on the Bulgarian Black Coast. Have you noticed there is a lighthouse in the extreme of the port? Well, maybe is a beacon, but enough for making smile the sort of lighthouse-hunter I am.

This is the only mail I have got from Bulgaria so far. I have not friends there, and there is really few postcrossers living in that country. So I am lucky!

19 June 2013

DIY Giraffe

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands), for her mail art project Weird Existing Animals.

The envelope is made of press cuttings (children magazine), and the postcard inside from a cereal box. The letter included a DIY-giraffe!

Also published here.

18 June 2013

Oranje-turkooise vuurtorens

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Wonderful drawn, painted, knitted and stitched postcard. I must admit I was wrong when I told Heleen that this lighthouse (I mean with orange and turquoise stripes) did not exist. Well, it did not exist at that time, but due to a transitory lack of imagination. I did not count on people making up original lighthouses, for themselves or for their lucky friends.

The lighthouse hangs on the wall, but it means I will be able to see only one of both sides... What a pity!

Heleen published the work in her blog so you can see she posted the lighthouse in a matched mail box (I have "matched stamps", but I have not "matched mail box" among the tags of the blog...). I am still waiting for the snail; (s)he has not arrived yet.

16 June 2013


Sent by Mohammad (Egypt).
The postcard shows a temple in Luxor.

When I started to be a postcrosser (long, long time ago...) I was also starting to study Arabic. As I explained, I had my hopes pinned on finding a penpal to exchange letters in Arabic. Or, at least, to receive some postcards from Arabic countries, or written in Arabic... Well, all those hopes were dashed! So far, this is the only postcard I have received written in Arabic (and it was in 2010!).

But it does not mean I am disappointed. Trough mailing (and blogging) I have discovered so many unexpected and amazing people and things...!

15 June 2013

Postcard for Bloganniversary

Last month HMA reached two years. And it received this fabulous postcard by Heleen (the Netherlands). Also the envelope was really nice. And with the Postcrossing stamp! I don't know if my blog was happy to receive this, but I really did!

By the way, how do you celebrate the blog-anniversaries? (Well, I have eleven months to think about it...)

13 June 2013

Look Inside

Sent by XX Jones (Austria) and to Chantal (Germany).

Envelopes (for these collages) made of paper shopping bags and rubber stamp/stickers.

12 June 2013

Fly over the City

Fly over the boring, grey, tiring city

Sent by XX Jones (Austria) and to Chantal (Germany).

Collages made of recycled cardboard, washi tape, stickers, rubber stamp and colour pencils.

The second is my contribution to the Challenge #5 of Mail a Smile. The theme of this month was Your favourite city. But this time I took notice of Micu's words and interpreted the theme freely. Don't you want to participate? You have until 30th June!

11 June 2013

Sea Mail

Sent by XX Jones (Austria).

This belongs to a serie of 28 postcards (see here).