31 January 2023

Country Definitives

Country definitives, formerly known as Regional Postage Stamps of Great Britain are the postage stamps issued for regions of the United Kingdom, reflecting the regional identity of the various countries and islands of the British isles.

Some of the latest I have got, with different values:


Northern Ireland



So far, only two new barcoded country definitives have arrived. They were issued on 11 August 2022. I guess some people find these stamps boring. Do you?

29 January 2023

Sunday Stamps | Race Cars

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Automobiles. I know nothing about cars. But it seems to me that the following ones can run pretty fast...

Hardie-Ferodo 500, Bathurst, 1972
Australia, 2002

Ferrari 312 B, 1970
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2001

Indianapolis 500
USA, 2001

Hot Rods: Black & Red "Deuce" coupe
USA, 2014

Hot Wheels: Rigor-Motor & HW40
USA, 2018

(Aren't the last two stamps toys?)

27 January 2023

Never Stop Exploring

Letter sent by Laura (the UK).

26 January 2023


Tulips are among my favourite flowers. Some of the following stamps (the older ones) had been already uploaded to the blog. But I like to see a lot of tulips together!

24 January 2023

Beautiful England

Kingsgate Bay


Abbey Green, Bath

Postcards sent by Laura & John (the UK).

23 January 2023

Year of the Rabbit

I wish you a Happy New Year with a small collection of rabbits and hares on stamps!






The Netherlands


The United Kingdom

The United States of America

22 January 2023

Sunday Stamps | Some Trees

Today's theme is Sunday Stamps is Trees

I found a couple of landscapes full of trees:

Coed y Brenin (King's Forest)
From the series Forests
The United Kingdom, 2019

Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm
From Germany's Most Beautiful Panoramas 2018
Germany, 2018

For more urban woods, you can see big trees when visiting Hampton Court Palace in London (the UK):

Hampton Court Palace
The UK, 2018

From the series London Landmarks
The UK, 1980

And I couldn't help uploading this Finnish stamp. I hope all future cities have a lot of trees!

Future City
Finland, 2012

20 January 2023