30 November 2022


Postcard sent by Bryon (the USA).

(By the way... I love typewriters!)

29 November 2022

Fabulously Retro

«'There - fabulous.' Liz replaced the lid on the pen with a flourish. 'That's the first postcard I've written in about ten years.'
'Who's the lucky winner - Ivan?'
'No. Mum. She'll love it - she's always complaining you can't stick text messages on the fridge. Though perhaps I should send one to Ivan too. He'll think it's fabulously retro… '»

C. J. Cooper, The Book Club

(Thanks, John!)

28 November 2022

Traditional European Clothing


Czech Republic


Postcards sent by David (Poland), Lli (Czech Republic) and Gabriel (Switzerland) through the Postcrossing site.

27 November 2022

Sunday Stamps | D is for Dare

Virginia Dare was the first English child born in a New World English colony, on 18th August 1587 in Roanoke Colony (nowadays, North Carolina). This stamps was issued in 1937, the 350th anniversary of Virginia Dare's birth

Virginia Dare has become a prominent figure in American myth and folklore in the more than four hundred years since her birth, representing different things to different people (Read more here).

Go to Sunday Stamps to see more D-stamps!

26 November 2022

Greetings from Bath (UK)

From an original painting by
Martin & Jenny Wiscombe

Aerial view of Bath, with Bath Abbey at bottom

Postcards sent by Laura (the UK).

25 November 2022

My Fault

I sent this envelope to Catherine France a year ago: on 25 November 2021. It contained a letter and a Christmas card, but never reached its destination. 

Ten months latter, on 23 September 2022, it landed in my mailbox. Only then I realised that I had made a big mistake: I had written the name of the street and the country... But not the town neither the post code! 

(I cannot show you the evidence, because I do not want to display the recipient's address on the blog.)

24 November 2022

Lotus & Letters

I got this stamp several times before realising the lotus flower is made of letters and pencils...

Update - I got another one from the same series:

23 November 2022

Four Continents

This postcard was sent by a couple of friends I met when living in Africa. However, one of them is from Asia, the other one from America. And it was posted in Europe (Spain). 

22 November 2022

Big Stamps

I have been getting some Postcrossing postcards wth really big stamps on the back...

La Choucroute / Sürkrüt

(Another one from this series)

Fribourg (Switzerland)

21 November 2022

People Having Fun: Postcrossing Meetups

Postcards sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) and Menni (Finland).

20 November 2022

Sunday Stamps | Nadar

Gaspard-Félix Tournachon (1820 – 1910), known by the pseudonym Nadar, was a French photographer. According to the Wikipedia, in 1858, he became the first person to take aerial photographs.

The stamps were issued in 2020, to commemorate the 100th birthday of this multifaceted artists. I got three of the stamps, but I am fascinated by the whole sheet featuring his self-posrtrait Revolving (c. 1885)

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, today's topic being Photography.

19 November 2022

Yellow Carrousel

I got this letter from Rosemary (Canada). I had got this stamp printed, and now it arrived in a new form!

18 November 2022

How Many Postcrossers Are on These?

Sent by Helen (the Netherlands & Belgium), Bryon (the USA) and Menni (Finland).

This one sent by Bryon was decorated by another postcrosser on a meet-up:

17 November 2022

Second Chance

I got this stamp back in September. I was sad because the postal machines had partially destroyed it.

But then, the following month, it arrive again on the back of a postcard... in (almost) perfect shape!

15 November 2022

From Turkey

I got this fantastic piece of mail from Turkey, through the Postcrossing site. Not only a beautiful postcard, but a lot of stamps on the front of the envelope, on the back, and even stuck on the postcard inside.

13 November 2022

Sunday Stamps | End of War

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is a serious one: End of war commemorative, Remembrance Day, or military. Not my favourite, but I found some stamps that can fit in:

Canada, 2020
Trenches on the Somme
Mary Riter Hamilton (1867-1954)

Canada, 2021
Centenary of the Remembrance Poppy

France, 1978
Armistice, Carrefour de Rethondes

Poland, 1970
25th Anniversary of the End of World War II

China, 2015
70th Anniversary of the End of World War II

11 November 2022

St. Martin's Day

Very happy to know about St. Martin's traditions thanks to this Postcrossing postcard sent by Janine (Germany).

10 November 2022

German Postcrossing Stamp

I have got it... twice!

Actually, since I scheduled this post, I have got it twice more. But I am still not tired of this design.