Women on Stamps

Since I wrote this and this, complaining about the general lack of women on stamps (around the world and, especially, in my country), a lot of stamps depicting women (or women's achievements) have landed in my mailbox.

So, for the second edition of Sunday Stamps-II A to Z, I decided to keep to this topic, and show some of those women stamps I have got on letters and postcards. 

Update (February 2019): I resumed the task for the fourth round!

All American Women || Geneviève Asse
Bechdel-Wallace Test || Charlotte Brönte
Couples || Thérèse Casgrain
Marlene Dietrich & Annette von Droste-Hülshoff || Françoise Dolto
Engineer || Early Education for Girls
First || Recha Freier
Gender Inequality || Gender Equality
Half || Hella Haasse
Illness || Imaginary Women
Jebb (and Josephine|| Marie Juchacz
Doutzen Kroes || Keil & Keller
Literary Works || Louise Labé
Music Icons || Macphail & MacGill
Nunavut || Suzanne Noël
Flannery O'Connor || Luise Henriette von Oranien
Édith Piaf || ZaSu Pitts
Queens || Mary Quant
Suffrage || Scouts
Klári Tolnay (and Other Hungarian Artists) || Harriet Tubman
Unknown Woman With Umbrella || University Women
Vilains || Rose Valland
Wonder Woman || Edith Wharton
Red X || Incógnito
Youthful Heroines || Young Women Playing
Babe Zaharias || Zus


Beauvoir, Simone de (1, 2, 3)
Curie, Marie (1, 2)
Larsen, Nella (1, 2)
Le Fay, Morgan
Mallo, Maruja (1, 2)
Marianne (1, 2, 3, 4)
Martel, Renée
Marvel (Captain)
Mercure, Monique (1, 2)
Mistral, Gabriela (1, 2)
Monroe, Marilyn (1, 2)

Roldán, Luisa ("La Roldana") (1, 2)
Roosevelt, Eleanor


Schmidt, Annie M. G. (1,2)
Silva, Hermínia
Triolet, Elsa (12)

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