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Houses in the Mail
(Call / Houses)
It can be your house, your ideal house, a typical house of your country/town, a famous house you have visited, etc. 
I am curious about: What makes your house special? How is the house you would like to live in? How are the typical houses in your country? Why do you like/dislike about the house you live in? Which one is the most wonderful house you have been to? ...

The Mail Monster Project
The Mail Monsters Project started with a letter that I sent to some of my friends. The letter included an envelope drawn by me, to be sent back. And two questions:
Do you believe in Mail Monsters? Why?
Describe, create, draw... a Mail Moster.

Women on Stamps
(Posts / List)

Oz Postcard Project
(Call / Blog)
Postcards or letters related to Oz world (books by L. Frank Baum, films, quotations, Kansas, maps, book covers, characters, etc.), send by snail mail.

Mail Adventures Dictionary
(List of terms)
Ever-growing glossary of words and expressions useful for snail mailers, letter writers, mail artists and curious people in general. Don't take it too seriously.

A to Z April Blogging Challenge
I participated in the challenge in 2017. It consisted in posting every day (except Sundays) during April, and doing it thematically from A to Z. My posts were mainly about received postcards. Some were shorter, some were more elaborated and containing my usual mail adventures.

VQR Postal Project 
(About / Blog / GalleryEnd)
Postcards made of  round boxes of spreadable wedges of cheese and any form of La vache qui rit mail art. This project is now closed.

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