28 February 2020

As You Like It

Postcard made by Laura (the UK) out of the brochure of the play. It had be long time since the last Shakesperean mail I got!

26 February 2020

Ancient Greece

Athenian stamnos showing Odysseus
sailing past the Sirens, c. 480-470 BC

Roman bust of Homer (2nd century AD,
copy of an original of the 2nd century BC).

The mail brings always things you are interested in... like postcards (and more) about the Iliad (and Ancient Greece in general) when I am reading the book!

"Helen of Troy" and "Cassandra"
1898, Evelyn De Morgan

Hypatia (350-370 CE - 415 CE [?])
By Rachel Ignotofsky
From Laura (the UK) and Phillip (the USA).

A Russian postcrosser stuck this wonderful mini-sheet on the back of the postcard she sent. It shows a World Cultural Heritage site: the Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese and its chora, the remains of a city founded by Dorian Greeks in the 5th century BC on the northern shores of the Black Sea, nowadays Ukraine.

25 February 2020

Books & Mail, Mail & Books

Illustration by Kimberly Glyder
Do you need more?

From Rosemary (Canada).

24 February 2020

A Hint of Spring

Cow in Flowers, by Olga Fadeeva

I almost could smell the spring on last week mail...

Postcard sent by Yulia (Russia) and envelope drawn by John (the UK).

23 February 2020

Sunday Stamps | Go Green

Today's theme is Sunday Stamps is... Green!

China, 2002. Environmental Protection.

Netherlands, 2011. Green Initiatives.

Netherlands, 2008. Environmental Protection

Netherlands 2016.Think Green

United States, 2011. Go Green Campaign

Vietnam, 2015. Climate Change

22 February 2020

Carnival & New Year

Sent by Ela (Poland) through the Postcrossing site, this postcard features a poster by Ryszard Kaja, Ryszard Kaja, one of Poland's best selling and prolific contemporary poster designers.

This is what the sender wrote in the back:
“The poster presents a folk custom. During the carnival young people dress up and wander from house to house giving New Year wishes. They get various gifts for this, usually sweets or money.”
I am a bit confused abut the "New Year wishes" part.

And more New Year wishes, from Phillip (the USA):

This sending took a bit longer that usual to arrive. It was written on 18 January, postmarked on 23 January, and landed on 11 February.