29 May 2022

Sunday Stamps | Different Shapes

A miscellany of different shapes for today's theme on Sunday Stamps: Shaped.

Maybe it is difficult to perceive this is not a square...

UK, 2013

I have always appreciated the round stamps like these:

African Daisy
USA, 2022

(First Day of Issue Pictorial Postmark)
USA, 2020

Blocking - European Volleyball Championship
Poland 2017

And this is an original shape, isn't it?

National Treasures: Yohen Tenmoku Tea Bowl
Japan, 2021

27 May 2022

Lighthouses on Postcards



Lighthouses on the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea

Portocolom (Mallorca)

Port d'Andratx (Mallorca)

Capdepera (Mallorca)

Postcards sent by Pina (Belgium), Reinhold and Annett (Germany) and R (PC).

25 May 2022


I got these stamps on a Postcrossing postcard from Poland. I was informed that Kazimierz Górski was a coach of Poland national football team.

But what obsesses me is the non-round postmarks...

23 May 2022


University of Warwick. Hand-made postcard sent by Laura (the UK).

University of Tilburg (The Netherlands). Postcrossing postcard sent by Anja.

Lesessal Library, University of Basel (Switzerland). Postcrossing postcard sent by Simone.

Illini Unin Building, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Postcrossing postcard sent by Kai.

22 May 2022

Sunday Stamps | Bluenose

This stamp was issued in 2021 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the building of the Bluenose, the most recognized sailing vessel in Canadian history. This schooner was built in 1921 in Nova Scotia, Canada, and become a provincial icon for Nova Scotia and an important symbol in the 1930s, serving as a working vessel until she was wrecked in 1946. The name Bluenose originated as a nickname for Nova Scotians from as early as the late 18th century. 

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Sails.

20 May 2022

The Year of the Tigers

2022 is filling my letterbox with an unexpected amount of tigers. Apart from these and these, I have got tigers from Phillip (the USA),

From Catherine (France):

From Rosemary (Canada):

From Imma (PC):

18 May 2022

White Envelopes

Letters sent by Alan (the UK), David (the USA) and Amita (India).

16 May 2022

Datamatrix Stamps

The new UK stamps with datamatrix bar-codes have arose all kind of opinions. On this envelope from Alan, you can appreciate, more or less, how they differ from the old ones, also in size.

They say one of the reasons is to prevent forgery and reuse. The latter maybe could be avoided by properly cancelling the stamps...
Back of the envelope, with a clear postmark

15 May 2022

Sunday Stamps | Postal Services

Stamps issued in 1975, commemorating the bicentennial of the United States Postal Service. I got them in 2021, though!

And some of the stamps issued by the Hungarian postal service, from 2017 on (I think it is an ongoing series), to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the postal service:

This is a post for Sunday Stamps. The theme today is Postal.

14 May 2022


Tomorrow is the 11th bloganniversary. The blog is getting almost more birthday cards than myself...! 

Well, not! :D

So... What can I say?