31 December 2023

Sunday Stamps | Good Night

The last Sunday Stamps of 2023 is dedicated to Night Scenes. So... Good Night, and Good Luck!

200 years Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW)
Netherlands, 20 May 2008

Haute Provence Observatory
France, 4 July 1970

The Man in the Moon (Smiles)
UK, 6 February 1990

Participating in all the Sunday Stamps themes during 2023 has been also a good mail project. 53 weeks of joy sharing some incoming stamps and learning from other's posts. Thanks for reading and keeping it alive!

30 December 2023

Alphabet 2023

One of the mail delights of 2023 has been the Alphabet 2023 project created by Bryon. Thanks to the collaboration of the chaotic postal services, it started with letter C (so I didn't understood at first). After a while, everything ran smoothly. Except when I decided to disappear into the postal system and Bryon re-sent it; or when five letters showed up together.

Every postcard arrived with matching stamps. Not easy to find them. Especially for letters like X! You can see here all the postcards. Every one has been sent from an American or Canadian city whose name starts with the due letter: Atka, Barrière, Coloma... and so on. Including an E postcard sent form Eva and an U postcard sent from the United Nations in New York. In most cases, even the name of the state matches the postcard: Dagsboro (Delaware), Good Hope (Georgia), Flagler Beach (Florida), Independence (Iowa), Kuttawa (Kentucky), etc.
Just let me know if you are aware of a cooler postal project!

29 December 2023

Peace Stamp Project

One of my 2023 mail projects has been trying to get the EUROPA stamp from different countries. I like the idea of so many countries issuing the same and, at the same time, slightly different stamps around the same design. This latest one (so far) has been send by Heleen (the Netherlands).

Anything but a bad result: I have got the stamp from 19 different countries (plus the Spanish, that I have mint). 

Just in case... These are the missing countries:
Åland | Andorra (French Post) | Andorra (Spanish Post) | Armenian Post Of Nagorno-Karabakh | Azerbaijan | Azores | Belgium | Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serb Post) | Bosnia And Herzegovina | Bosnia And Herzegovina (Croat Post) | Bulgaria | Cyprus (Turkish Post) | Denmark | Estonia | Faroe Islands | Gibraltar | Greece | Greenland | Guernsey | Hungary | Isle of Man | Jersey | Kazakhstan | Kosovo | Liechtenstein | Luxembourg | Madeira | Malta | Moldova | Monaco | Montenegro | North-Macedonia | Norway | Portugal | San Marino | Serbia | Slovakia | Sweden | Vatican

28 December 2023

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Snowy Mail

Les Pionniers de l'Alpinisme / Mountaineering Pioneers
Gérard Mathieu

The gardener's hut in Winter
University of Cambridge Botanic Garden

Postcards sent by Fabienne (France) and Laura (the UK).


Thursday Postcard Hunt

December theme: CHRISTMAS
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

27 December 2023

Let's Relax

By Karolina Piętoń

Boy with a red book (1957-1960),
Алексе́й Петро́вич Ткачёв

This postcard arrived with a delightful stamp on the back, dedicated to Taijiquan (often spelled Tai chi in the West). Everyone has their own methods of relaxing...

Postcards sent by Eduard (Russia), Bryon (the United Nations) and Fabienne (France).

26 December 2023

Old Father Christmas

In comes I, old Father Christmas
welcome or welcome not.
I hope old Father Christmas
will never be forgot.

I don't think old Father Christmas has been forgotten. But no doubt his image has changed thorough the years.

Mail sent by Alan (UK) and Bruno (PC).

24 December 2023

Sunday Stamps | Christmas

Let me show you (almost) all the wonderful Christmas stamps I have got throughout 2023:



The Netherlands


The United Kingdom

The United States of America

Go to Sunday Stamps if you feel like discovering more Christmas stamps!

23 December 2023

Postbox Saturday | Christmas Postboxes

By Molly Brett

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) and a festive post box I spotted last week in Segorbe.

22 December 2023

(Non)Christmas Stamps

This is an envelope made and sent by Fabienne (France). If you look at the stamps, they are not particularly related to Christmas (except, maybe, the snow flake). However, the whole strikes as incredibly Christmassy!

Update: I forgot to upload the collage on the back!

21 December 2023

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Christmas Bear & Cat (And Tea/Coffee!)

By Daphne Populiers
On previous years, I have got a lot of Christmas cards depicting animals (reindeers, otters, penguins, etc.). This year (so far) only two animals have arrived: a very Christmassy bear cub and a Christmas tea-cat!

Black Cat
By Julien Key

Thanks to the mail I have got during the last week, I have learn that there are cats who like tea, and while other cats prefer coffee. Curious!

Cat Café Master
By Pepe Shimada

Postcards sent by Imma (PC), Heleen (the Netherlands) and Phillip (the USA).


Thursday Postcard Hunt

December theme: CHRISTMAS
  • Week 1 - Santas (or equivalent)
  • Week 2 - Trees / ornaments
  • Week 3 - Animals
  • Week 4 - Snowy scenes / manger scenes
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!