31 December 2021

Will Future Biographers Comb through Feeds?

«Who would throw away a personal letter? Not one, not unless she was good and angry, and in that case, the letter would be burned, at least in the movies, where it would be tossed into an open fireplace or else lit by hand and held until the recipient's fingers nearly ignited with symbolic fury. Otherwise, letters were tidily folded back into their original envelopes and (if you were an organizer) tucked into files marked "Correspondence" or, at the very least, shoved into a shoebox or the bottom of a desk drawer. Postcards might spend some time affixed to the refrigerator first.
    Instead of letters, will future biographers comb through Facebook feeds, Twitter threads, email chains, and collected texts? Is there any choice?»

Pamela Paul, 100 Things We've Lost to the Internet

29 December 2021

Have You Posted Your Letter to The Magi?

Letter sent by Imma (PC). By the way... Have you written your letter to the Three Wise Men?

Correu Reial = 'Royal Mail'

You can post it in this special postbox...

Buzón Real = 'Royal Postbox'

And don't doubt it will arrive on time! The Three Kings can preform some kind of magic... ;)

28 December 2021


The stamp can go almost unnoticed on this envelope sent by Imma (PC)...

26 December 2021

Sunday Stamps | Christmas Stamps

For the last Sunday Stamps of the year, some Christmas stamps received in 2021:


The Netherlands


The United Kingdom

The United States of America

24 December 2021

O Holy Night


Postcard sent by Bryon (Canada).

23 December 2021

Animals Are Trendy on Christmas Mail

Sent by Phillip (the USA), John (the UK) and Britta (Denmark).

22 December 2021

Red Christmas

Sent by Laura (the UK), Phillip (the USA), Sandrine (France) and Pina (Belgium).

20 December 2021

Blue Christmas

Sent by Bruno (PC) and Bryon (USA).

19 December 2021

Sunday Stamps | Winter Scenes

This letter was sent by Phillip (the USA) on 11 February 2021, and reached me 2 months and 2 days later, on 13 April. The combination of the stamps and the pictorial postmark turned out really nicely.

And a couple more of letters with winter stamps, recently received from Laura (the UK):

This is a post for Sunday Stamps. Today's theme is Winter. Go to the post to see more stamps related to winter or add yours!

17 December 2021

United Nations Stamps

I have never sent stamps from the United Nations (I will try one day!). But I have received some of them. Bryon sent these recently, on the back of two postcards. They were written on 29 October, and arrived on 25 November. Not ad!

I wonder why they were cancelled twice, by hand and mechanically. One of the postcards was cancelled on the front side, which is not strange in the mail from the USA:

15 December 2021

Map of the Netherlands

Sometimes a post on Mail Adventures leads to more mail... Heleen (the Netherlands) saw these postcards featuring maps and decided to send a map from the Netherlands. And with a matching stamp, belonging to a favourite series!

13 December 2021

People Who Live Exciting Lives

"The books transported her into new 
worlds and introduced her to amazing 
people who lived exciting lives.
From Matilda, by Roald Dahl
Illustration by Quentin Blake

L'Édition de Luxe, 1910
Lilian Westcott Hale

Picture on a 1874 newspapers
(One of Queen Victoria's sons?)

From an illustration on
The Illustrated London News, 1874

Leisure, 1910
William Worcester Churchill

Designed by dianegaddis

Postcards sent by Bryon (the USA) and John (the UK).

12 December 2021

Sunday Stamps | National Parks

For the theme Mountains of Sunday Stamps I have chosen the British series of National Parks, issued on 14 January 2021. I have got the complete series on the back of postcards sent by John (the UK).

Dartmoor (1951) & New Forest (2005)

Pembrokeshire Coast (1952) & The Broads (1989)

North York Moors (1951) 
Cenedlaethol Eryri/Snowdonia (1951)

South Downs (2010) & Peak District (1951)

Lake District (1951) 

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs (2002)