23 September 2018

Sunday Stamps | F for Fairy Tales

Some fairy tales and legends from around the world, for the letter F of Sunday Stamps!

Brasil, 2012

Víla Amálka (Fairy Amálka)
Czech Republic, 2016

Pixies and Giants
United Kingdom, 2009

Latvian Fairy Tales
Latvia, 2008

Snow White
USA, 2005

USA, 2018

From different senders, all the dragons arrived almost the same day. Some of them on this perfect cover made by Phillip (Better pictures of the stamps on his D-post!):

22 September 2018

Most of the Afternoon to Write the Postcard

«It took him most of the afternoon to write the postcard. Except for signing his name on chip tabs, it was the first thing he'd written in almost 20 years. Gabriel's letter was also the first he'd received in the same period of time, or at least the first personal letter - there were occasionally envelopes from the government, but he didn't want anything from them and couldn't think of anything they might want from him, so those he chucked in the fireplace.»

Jim Dodge, Fup: A Modern Fable

21 September 2018

Where Did My Friends Spend Their Holidays?

Bergamo (Italy).
Upper Town

The cliffs at the Gobbins
on the Islandmagee Peninsula,
County Antrim
(Northern Ireland)

S. Pedro Cardeña, Burgos, Spain

Cala Rajada (Mallorca)

Chester, the UK

Tübingen, Germany

Burgh Island, South Devon, Wales

Kew Gardens, London, the UK


20 September 2018

Dear Tia

Phillip has a mail art project called poems found in morrow. He sent out postcards reproducing pages of HM Hoover's post-apocalyptic young adult novel Treasures of Morrow, and ask to delete text in any way, to create a found poem.

Last time I did. But on this page, what I found was a letter instead...


Work harder. Perhaps another thing surprise you. Simon have a good house. Rabbit's lucky. Max always had that. You can study. You are smarter than any one else.
(As it seemed a reply, I decided to imagine the letter that Tia had previously sent to his mum, and write part of it on the postcard.)

19 September 2018

HitM | Sand House

Heleen made a new contribution to the Houses in the Mail project! I hadn't thought of a DIY sand house...

A more solid one arrived on one of the stamps!

17 September 2018

I Value My Mail More Than Most Things in Life

Another do-not-disturb postcard sent by Bryon. It was difficult to write on, but happily it arrived safe and sound!

16 September 2018

Sunday Stamps | E for Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Egypt, 2002-2005
Egyptian Art

Sorry for the bad quality of the image. I received these stamps from Egypt long time ago, and I thought that Egyptian hieroglyphs could be a good theme for letter E of Sunday Stamps.

Have you noticed how often the Ancient Egypt (and the hieroglyphs!) appear on stamps from countries other that Egypt?

United Kingdom, 1982
Information Technology

Hungary, 2013
The 200th Anniversary of the Birth of
Giuseppe Verdi
(This is an audible stamp!)

Brazil, 2010
Diplomatic Relations Brazil-Egypt,
Temple of Abu Simbel

The Netherlands, 2010
25th Anniversary of the company Djoser
(More information, in Dutch)

15 September 2018

Book Lovers Postcards Swap

I have participated in the Summer Edition of Book Lovers Postcard Swap, hosted by Jessica (The Paper Trail Diary) and Barb (ritewhilucan). This is the postcard I received from Antonia (the USA). 

14 September 2018

Russian Lighthouses

This hand-painted lighthouse, sent by 7-years old Sofia (Russia), was one of the latest pieces of mail I received in my former mailbox, in Morocco. It took more than two months to arrive, so I think I was very lucky to get them before moving. 

As you can see on the back (and on the front!), the postcard suffered a sort of battle with the postal machines... And it won!

Eleven cancellations I counted, that almost hide those interesting stamps!

Stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of Icebreaker Krassin, now a museum ship. The stamp was issued on 31 March 2017.

Khersones lighthouse, on the outskirts of the Crimean port city of Sevastopol. Stamp issued by Russia on 29 September 2016.

13 September 2018

12 September 2018

Reflections on Water

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). Maidstone, in Kent. On the picture: the Old Mill, the All' Saints Church, the Archbishop's Palace and the Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum of Carriages.

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). Houten, in the province of Utrecht.

Postcard sent by Baukje (the Netherlands).

Postcard sent by Imma (PC). Estany de Banyoles, in northeastern Catalonia.

11 September 2018

The Best Is Yet to Come

Who doesn't like to get this message by snail mail? It anticipates future snail mail (or life) pleasures...

These two postcards arrived together the same day: one from the UK (left), one from Barcelona (right).The later features some tiles in the Parc Güell.

10 September 2018

Wonderful Letters

Alan's letters are always wonderful. I wonder why it takes me so long to show you a bit of them... (And, lately, to reply!).

09 September 2018

Sunday Stamps | D for Dance

Three different dance styles for the letter D of Sunday Stamps:

France, 2017
L'Étoile, by E. Degas

Cambodia, 2014
Traditional Khmer Dance

Sri Lanka, 2017
Kandyan Dancer

08 September 2018

10th Postcrossinganniversary

Hello Eva!
You joined Postcrossing 10 years ago today... so today is your "Postcrossingversary"! Hurray!
Happy anniversary! Thank you for sticking around and making the world a better place, one postcard at a time.

Postally yours,


Message received yesterday. I celebrated it by requesting 10 addresses and sending 10 postcards to postcrossers around the world. A bit too much for a day!