10 January 2018

Houses in the Mail

2018 will be a year of changes for me. At least, of country and house. I will move back to Spain next summer, but that is all I know. I still don't have idea where I am going to live. I wonder how my next house will be. So I decided to give the mystery the form of a postal project: Houses in the Mail.

The outside or the inside of one or more houses. It can be your house, your ideal house, a typical house of your country/town, a famous house you have visited, a fantasy or literary house, etc.

Write as much as you want to answer one of more of these questions:
  • What makes your house special?
  • How is the house you would like to live in?
  • How are the typical houses in your country?
  • Why do you like/dislike about the house you live in?
  • Which one is the most wonderful house you have been to?
  • ...
Free (drawing, picture, collage...). Commercial or altered postcards are also very welcome. Sent by snail mail, naked or in an envelope.

Postcard: 10x15 cm / 4x6 in
(Please, don't send anything much bigger)

You have the whole 2018 to send as many contributions as you wish. (But keep in mind that my address will change at the beginning of the summer.)

This is a personal project, not to take part in any public exhibition. All contributions will appear in this blog (unless you don't want to, of course). 

You will receive a piece of mail back. (Don't forget to let me know your address!!)

In case you don't have it... ask for my address (or more information).

See the contributions to the project so far. And some houses I have sent. The project is still alive in 2019.


  1. Nice to see this one arrived in time. And a fascinating idea for a project.

  2. Such a nice project!
    I once wanted to start a mail art project themed 'home' (which is slightly different from 'house') but didn't find time yet to do so :-)

    1. So can I expect your postcard? :)

      I thought about the concepts of home and house. But home, for me, is easier to achieve: it's just where I live; where I "hang my hat" or, in a more modern saying: "where wi-fi connects automatically" :D
      And what I am struggling right now is with the issues of a house, you know...

    2. I found a postcard showing an interesting, matching house for you (or in fact: two houses :-) )
      I put it in the mail today, hope you'll like it :-)

    3. I bet that will be the first one! :D

  3. Très beau et vaste projet ! La maison peut être aussi la métaphore symbolique de notre vie !

    1. Je ne veux pas y poser trop de limites. À chacun son idée!

    2. oui tu as raison et c'est en cela que j'aime ce thème !


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