28 April 2022

Yellow & Black & Red Postcards Apparently Unconnected

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Jennifer Bachelder Design

Donald's Lucky Day

Joan Fuster in front of his house:
10, Sant Josep Street, Sueca
december 1963

By Samin Nosrat & Wendy MacNoughton

Sent by Phillip (the USA), Bryon (the USA) and Bruno (PC).

27 April 2022


Royal envelope sent to Heleen (the Netherlands). I know it should be orange...

26 April 2022

We Are Coffee

Envelope & postcard sent to Heleen (the Nehterlands).

24 April 2022

Sunday Stamps | Gysbert Japicx

This 1966 stamp commemorates Gysbert Japicx (1603–1666), a Frisian writer, poet, schoolmaster and cantor. He was an ardent supporter of the memmentael (='mother tongue') that managed to elevate Frisian to the rank of literary language.

I think it can illustrate taday's theme of Sunday Stamps: More Words than Pictures.

23 April 2022

Books & Roses Day

23 April is Sant Jordi ('Saint George’s Day'), and also the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day, when love and literature are celebrated massively throughout the Catalan countries and, more and more, in many other places around the world. The exchange of books and roses (#BooksAndRoses) is turning into a worldwide phenomenon.

It is also one of my favourite days of the year.

A book and a rose on my name :)
(And book-related stamps!)

Mail sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) and Pina (Belgium).

21 April 2022

Grey Villages

Envelopes made of a repurposed paper bag, and sent to Imma (PC) and Fabienne (France).

19 April 2022

Postcard or Love Letter?

«Mas para dizer certas coisas bastam frases simples, às vezes um cartão-postal com uma fórmula de cortesia pesa mais que uma carta de amor.»

Diego Marani, Nova gramática finlandesa

17 April 2022

Sunday Stamps | Spring & Easter

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Easter or Spring.

I found a spring stamp, belonging to the series of British Flowers issued in 1979;


And an Easter stamp:
Rabbit out of Hat Trick
"Slowly bring the stamp to your nose"

Actually, not. It belongs to the 2005 series Centenary of the Magic Circle. But it has a rabbit!

Both stamps, among others, arrived on this envelope sent by John (the UK):

PS While preparing this post I got another "Easter" stamp...

16 April 2022

Easter Postcards

A postcard from an online Easter meetup last year, sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

And not only bunnies on this big postcard sent by John (the UK), but some hares on the back...

15 April 2022

Titanic Letters

«Previously, the overseas mail had travelled on great ships such as the British Titanic, which sank in 1912, losing some seventeen million pieces of mail. (About a dozen letters postmarked aboard had survived, because the Titanic didn't head right to New York City from Southampton but stopped first at Cherbourg, in France, then at Queenstown, in Ireland; letters written early in the voyage were sent from those ports.)»

Winifred Gallagher, How the Post Office Created America

14 April 2022

Like Spring

These pieces of mail look a lot like spring...

Sent by Laura (the UK), Phillip (the USA) and Pina (Belgium).

13 April 2022

Say Cheese

Letter sent by Fabienne (France), cheese-themed.

12 April 2022

Tão bonito

«Era a primerira vez que via meu nome num envelope. A primeira vez que recevia uma carta. Era bonito o men nome escrito com tinta preta. Tão bonito que eu quase não queria abrir o envelope.»

Diego Marani, Nova gramática finlandesa

11 April 2022

Some Days You Would Not Leave the Bed...

By Martyn Ford

 Postcard sent by Laura (the UK).

10 April 2022

Sunday Stamps | Birds & People

Stamp issued in 2013, featuring the paintwork El viejo y el pájaro (='The old man and the bird') by painter and writer Luís Seoane (1910-1975).

Heinz Sielmann (1917 – 2006) was a German wildlife photographer, biologist, zoologist and documentary filmmaker. The stamp honouring him was issued in 2017.

As a curiosity, I got it in two different fromats/sizes, as it happens (or happened) with German stamps.

The following stamp features Maya Angelou (1928-2014), a well-known American writer and civil rights activist. The stamp was issued in 2015 and much celebrated, even if... the quote on the stamp was not hers.
"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer,
it sings because it has a song."

This is a post for Sunday Stamps. Today's topic is Birds.

08 April 2022

From Three Pines

And this is another reply to the fan mail I sent earlier this year. Honestly, I did not expect such a nice reply, or even any reply. It made my day.

If I say it was sent form Three Pines (Quebec, Canada), I guess some of you know who wrote it... :)

06 April 2022

From His Royal P (Vogue)

And this letter got a wonderful reply. Typewritten, of course.

I love the mix of new and vintage stamps:

05 April 2022

Henry Box Brown

«Henry 'Box' Brown, born enslaved in Virginia, even succesfully mailed himself to freedom, inside a wodden crate that, with help from a white storekeeper and unwitting private express company, delivered him to Philadelphia.»

Winifred Gallagher, How the Post Office Created America

04 April 2022

Cherish Beautiful Moments


Some days you really need a cup of tea... And it arrives by mail.

"Paper tea" sent by Laura (the UK) and Amita (India).