31 August 2020


This summer I didn't get a lot of holidays postcards from my friends. Nor I sent any, except for imaginary trips postcards. 

But, still... some beautiful views (and staycation ideas) have landed.

"A winding lane, a gate and a church on the hill
make a typical English scene

Tossa de Mar (Girona, Catalonia)

Canterbury cathedral (Kent, UK)

Berchtesgadener Land (Germany)

30 August 2020

Sunday Stamps | Flags

For Sunday Stamps, some Flags I have got from countries I don't receive a lot of mail:

16 December 2014
National Day

Brazil (Azerbaijan flag)
27 May 2015
Diplomatic Relations Brazil-Azerbaijan (Joint issue)

South Korea
6 March 2003
National Flag

And a lot of flags on this!

The Netherlands
14 March 1989
The 40th Anniversary of NATO

29 August 2020

Romain Britain

Again, and again thanks to John, I have got the stamp (and postcard!) I like the most from a wonderful set: Romain Britain. It features the ancient Roman lighthouse in Dover, which is the tallest surviving Roman building in Britain. 

So, two of my passions in this piece of mail: ancient Rome and lighthouses. Plus, I was actually there in 2004. Nice memories!

As a curiosity, there is a mistake on the stamp. Can you spot it?

While preparing this post, more stamps from this set arrived. Along from a 2003 stamp featuring Alexander the Great (belonging to this set):

Update 23/07/2021: I got another postcard from John, yay!

Update 24/10/2021

Update 29/01/2022

Update 8 June 2022

Update 24/08/2022

Update 22/04/2023

28 August 2020

Other (Cheaper) Ways of Getting Lost...

Daunt Books
Marylebone,London, UK

Postcards sent by Laura (the UK). The postcard below was another response to this.

Ατλαντίδα / Atlantis Books
Oia, Santorini, Greece

27 August 2020

Getting Really Lost

 But, if you really, really wish to get lost, I can offer you more appropriate choices:

Sent by Jongleur (China)

Sent by Phillip (the USA)

Illustration by Rita Zeniuk
Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

26 August 2020

Postcards to Get Lost in

Spirit Island
Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Sent by James (postcrosser with a succint profile)

Yosemite National Park (the USA)

Sent by Bryon

Cana Island, Door County, Wisconsin (the USA)

Sent by Rick (the USA)

25 August 2020

Familiar Urban Landscapes

Chellah, Rabat

I like to get stamps from beloved places. Although these didn't arrive on an envelope, but inside one. 


I have never been in Algeria. But the stylised image of the stamps seem anyway very familiar to me...

24 August 2020

The Group of Seven | Carmichael & Lismer

These two postcards from The Group of Seven (a Bryon's postal experiment!) arrived together.

Two 1928 works by Franklin Carmichael (1809-1945): Lake Wabagishik (on the postcard) and In the Nickel Belt (on the stamp below).

And two works from Arthur Lismer 1885-1969): Bright Land, 1938 (on the postcard) and Quebec Village, 1926 (on the stamp).

The Group of Seven:

23 August 2020

Sunday Stamps | Bears & Wolverine

Today's Sunday Stamps is dedicated to Big animals. I hope bears (and a wolverine - thanks, Alan!) are big enough!

22 August 2020

Black Beauty

This postcard sent by John (the UK) shows the cover of a 1954 book, Black Beauty, illustrated by Charlotte Hough. 

But, probably, most philatelists would find the black beauty on the back!

20 August 2020

Un cabinet de curiosités

Cabinets of curiosities were collections of notable objects. The term cabinet originally described a room rather than a piece of furniture. Modern terminology would categorise the objects included as belonging to natural history (sometimes faked), geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art (including cabinet paintings), and antiquities. The classic cabinet of curiosities emerged in the 16th century, although more rudimentary collections had existed earlier.

Letters from Fabienne and Catehrine (France), John (the UK), Rebecca and Mim (the USA), Micu (Hungary) and Lena (the Netherlands).