31 August 2015

Cheerful Fish

Yesterday, my first thought was to publish also this stamp received from Spain. Then I realised that a Basque whale does not fit exactly in the theme fishes.

It belongs to a 2013 sheet devoted to marine species in danger of extinction. Four stamps featuring the Basque whale, the bluefin tuna, the Mediterranean monk seal and the sea lamprey. I have received only the whale, but I have sent the whole set to Heleen (the Netherlands).

I took the pictures without stamps, so better to show  it as posted in Heleen's blog (and the stamps here). But... without any postmark!


Someone told me that a lot of my postcards from Spain arrive without postmarks. Shortage of ink? Laziness? ...?


Update: I added this to Sunday Stamps-II, for Mammals of the Sea

30 August 2015

Fishes on Stamps

This is a post for Sunday Stamps - II. The theme today is Fish in the sea (or lake or ocean).

I have received more fishes than I thought. I guess they could not live together outside this blog post...

From Greece
Dasyatis pastinaca

From Malaysia

From Monaco
Anthias anthias

From Poland

From Singapore
Oreochromis mossambicus

From China
Epinephelus ...

29 August 2015

April in August

Stilton Postcard - Mail Adventures

Even if you do not read Geronimo Stilton Books (maybe because you are an adult)... Do not tell me that you do not like this postcard? It arrived with a delayed gift for Sant Jordi's Day. So I do not feel guilty for this post after some more weeks (months?).

I suddenly remembered that I had received this stamp some time (years?) ago:

Stilton Stamp - Mail Adventures

26 August 2015

More Lighthouses on Stamps (and Covers)

Letter sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Letter sent by Eva (Germany)

I added this post to Sunday Stamps - II.

23 August 2015

Lighthouses on Stamps

Very special packet sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

You can look more closely at the stamps if you wish... I was very surprised to discover that the Netherlands has issued stamps with lighthouses from other European countries!

22 August 2015

VQR 4 Seasons

You can travel trough the four seasons of the year just eating The Laughing Cow cheese...

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands), FinnBadger (the USA) and Keith (idem), in order to thank their contributions to the VQR Postal Project.

Also posted here and here.

21 August 2015

Railways on Postcards

Postcard sent by Eutrapèlia (the USA). She visited the Lowell National Historical Park (in Massachusetts, USA), and enjoyed riding the old Trolley (free!).

Postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). It shows the Groningen Central Station (big picture).

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). This one shows St. Pancras Station (in London) in 1906. On the back of thepostcard you can read: "This magnificent roof, a masterpiece of iron and glass, was designed by William Barlow. It was completed in 1868 as the London Terminus of the Midland Railway. Almost 140 years later in 2007 was skilfully restored by dedicated engineers and craftsmen and serves as the terminus for the Eurostar services to Paris and Brussels."

20 August 2015

Stained Glass Windows

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). Four floral borders, stained glass from Canterbury Cathedral (Methuselah Master, ca. 1178).

Postcard sent by John (the UK). It shows a detail of memorial window in Alls Saints' Church (Daresbury, Cheshire, the UK). Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) was born at Daresbury Parsonage in 1832. (I had already published this one.)

Postcard sent by Catherine (France). Western rose window of Notre Dame de Paris.

Postcard sent by Laura (Spain). Rose window of Burgos Cathedral. Sorry for the blurry picture!

Stamps received from the UK.

17 August 2015

More Multiples on Postcards

Sent by Laura (the UK)

This kind of postcards always attract my attention for a long time...

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Sent by Lee (the UK)

Sent by Hannah (the UK)

Sent by Laura (the UK)
Streets of Canterbury

15 August 2015

Cold & Hot

I received these postcards from Bryon (the USA) almost the same week. The sender wrote that he "the luckiest person in the world" because he can travel so often to so incredible places. I agree. And also I am lucky to receive his postcards!

With more than twenty, Prince William Sound
 is home to Alaska's largest concentration of
calving tidewater glaciers.

Midway Geyser Basin is seen here from the air.
Grand Prismatic Spring, in the center, has the distinction of
being the earliest described Yellowstone thermal feature. I
t is the largest hot spring in the park with a diameter of 370 feet.

13 August 2015

Outgoing Red Letters

Letters sent to Ângela (Portugal). Both envelopes made of posters. Sorry that I took the second picture without the stamps.

12 August 2015

Oh, Look...

... at all these Miffy stamps on a packet! (Sent by Heleen, the Netherlands)

10 August 2015

Repurposed Brochure

Letter send by Micu (Hungary). She made the envelope of a brochure. Nice!

06 August 2015

Red Mail Boxes

Postcard sent by Laura (the UK). Letterboxes around Kent.

Picture taken by Chi (Taiwan), turned into a postcard.

05 August 2015

Mail Me a Big Cow!

Big eraser in the shape of a cow mailed naked by Heleen (the Netherlands).

04 August 2015

Little Flowers

Letter sent to Micu (Hungary).

03 August 2015

Letters from Penelope

«Així la Penèlope escrivia cartes a l'Ulisses i les enviava a adreces desconegudes només perquè les hi tornessin i sentís totes les mans que l'havien estat buscant.»

Joan Barril, 201 contes corrents

02 August 2015

You Know It Is Summer...

... when you receive a letter full of mermaids and sea!

Sent by Laura (the UK).

01 August 2015

Les Navigateurs et le mail art

Collage sent to Servane (Belgium), for her mail art call about sailors:

Format and technique free
Deadline: March 2016
No return
Sent your mail only through the postal system at:
Servane Morel
Avenue Wellington, 4
1180 Bruxelles