30 November 2015

Would You Like to See Your Letter in a Film?

Have you ever received mail for someone you don't know?We are making a short dark comedy film inspired by the wrong mail.
Eduardo Munez tells the story of a man on the edge.... And a LOT of letters!

The original crowdfunding campaign was funded by 104% on December 6, 2015 (But you can still contribute!). 

Along with the funds we need to collect lots of amazing letters from around the world for use in the film as props. What we don't want is for all the mail in our film to be boring junk mail! We are looking for mail artists and snail mail lovers to get involved in our project by sending us letters which we can feature in our film! We need a LOT of them!

We are looking for letters, particularly drawn envelopes, mail art and plain envelopes - not postcards. Most importantly the letters must be addressed to Mr Eduardo Munez.
We will have to change the real addresses on the front to the 'fake' address of the character in the film so please leave the address section fairly clear of decoration.

In our film the letters to Mr Eduardo Munez do not get opened - so inside you can write whatever you like. You can use your imagination - who do you think Eduardo Munez is? What kind of mail would he receive?

Once shooting on the film is completed we will video the team opening all the letters we have received and having a look at their mysterious contents...! We'll provide everyone who contributes with a password protected video link to watch them all being opened. All letter writers will also receive special thanks in the credits too...

With each letter writer's permission - we will also publish them on our Facebook page and the blog of the project.

The address to send your mysterious mail to is:

Mr Eduardo Munez
272 Waterloo Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Deadline: 1 March, 2016 30 April, 2016
Please, be sure to write your sender details on the back of the envelope as the letters will not be opened until after the film is completed!

If you'd like to ask any questions about the project please email: ruthtapp@hotmail.co.uk

Feel free to spread the word!

29 November 2015

Letters and Numbers on Stamps

Today's theme for Sunday Stamps - II is Words and/or Numbers (no pictures). I was waiting it for show this stamp!:

It was issued by Correos on January 3, 2014, on the occasion of the 3rd Centenary of the Real Academia Española (='Royal Spanish Academy'), the official institution responsible for overseeing the Spanish language. I know the rule was no pictures, and you can see three dictionaries on the stamp. But, if you look carefully at the stamp, you can see they are used to mean the "III". And there is a dictionary definition on the background (lengua = 'language').

Not that I am very fond of this institution. But, in an ideal world, they should be more stamps dedicated to dictionaries...

And what about numbers? There are not so many stamps depicting just numbers, apart from basic series like these (from the Netherlands):

28 November 2015

Some Envelopes Made of Posters

Sent to Catherine (France), Laura (the UK) and Heleen (the Netherlands). The last one, also published here.

27 November 2015

Garden Gnomes

I received this (garden?) gnome from Laura (the UK) some time ago. I remember this one because, two weeks ago, another gnome landed in my mailbox...

The spring one was sent by Bryon (the USA).The postcard is from The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Don't you think I need two more gnomes postcards, autumn and summer?

The Sower

This postcard sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) makes me think of Autumn. It is De Zaaier (='The Sower', 1888), by Vincent Van Gogh, belonging to the Wheat Fields series.

The sender chose this postcard for me because, among the 60 Van Gogh stamps that PostNL has issued this year, it was the only one that matched her booklet of postcards. Yes: Van Gogh painted a lot! Anyway, it was the perfect choice, because I really love the colours on this postcard/stamp.

Update 24 Sep 2016: I added this post to Maria's link party Postcards for the weekend. The theme this week is Autumn colours.

26 November 2015

Two Alices

"But who is to give the prizes?",
quite a chorus of voices asked.

Two more postcards of Alice for my growing collection

The first, sent by Laura (the UK). The second, sent by Bryon (the USA), shows one of my favourite chapters in the Disney version, from the film of 1951.

25 November 2015

24 November 2015

You Got Any Mail for Me?

«Old ladies standing in halls, up and down the streets, asking the same question as if they were one person with one voice:
'Mailman, you got any mail for me?
And you felt like screaming, 'Lady, how the hell do I know who you are or I am or anybody is?»

Charles Bukowski, Post Office

23 November 2015

22 November 2015

Boy Posting Mail

An absolutely lovely Japanese stamp: Boy posting mail, by Nakamura Senseki. Issued on April 20, 2001,on the occasion of the 2001 Philatelic Week and the 100th Anniversary of Red Cylindrical Letter Boxes.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps - II. Today's themes: Children's Stories.

21 November 2015

From the Black & White (& Some Green) Collection

Black and white handmade envelope and old postcard (purchased in 1997!), sent to Phillip (the USA). The envelope was made of a poster. He posted here about this sending.

And here about the following one:

20 November 2015

Cows Are Pretty

Big envelope made by Phillip (the USA), of a calendar. This is a famous work by Andy Warhol: Cow (1966). Also published here.

The kaleidoscope stamps match very well!

19 November 2015

Happy Autumn - 2

I could not resist to make a second version of the Happy Autumn postcard. This one was sent to Gina (the UK).

I made the back of the postcard (or is it the front?) of Belgian chocolate wrappings in Autumn colours.

And I was delighted to learn that making chocolates it is not so different from making mail art collages...

18 November 2015

Happy Autumn - 1

Postcard sent to Sheryl (the USA), as my contribution to the Challenge #33 of the Mail a Smile project. The theme was Autumn Memories.

This month's theme is Rainy Days.

17 November 2015

What Is Better Than a Pink Little Letter?

Two, of course!

Sent by Laura (the UK).

Received from Japan.

16 November 2015

15 November 2015

If I Had Only a Brain, I'd Collect Stamps

Envelope with special postmark sent for the Oz Postcard Project, sent by Phillip (the USA).

If you are interested in how Pictorial Postmarks work in the USA, you can read it here. Similar services exist in other countries, but I have never used them. If they are like this illustration... Maybe I should consider it!

14 November 2015

Orcas from British Columbia

Postcards sent by Bryon (Canada).

On the back of the extra long first postcard: Travellers to the West Coast of British Columbia are often treated to a glimpse at a pod of Orcas, or Killer Whales.

On the back of the second one: Breaching orca, Clayoquot Sound, near Tofino, B. C.

12 November 2015

Mail Art Bocksbeutel

This is my translucent version of the Bocksbeutel, created for this mail art call (so, sent to Germany). I put another bottle on the envelope. I like the pictures that the recipient published here.

Deadline is 31th December 2015, so you can still send yours. On the postmark it says Always on time!

10 November 2015

Longing for the Sea

Envelope made of a poster announcing an art exhibition, sent to Ania (Poland). I added a postcard with a picture taken from the same place. I like to think that maybe both picture were taken the same day...

09 November 2015


This postcard was sent by Claudia (Germany) on behalf of Laura.

I read often Laura's blog. One day I saw that she has received this cool stamp of Obelix, and I just commented that I love it. Now I recall that I also said it here... I really didn't expect to receive it, but sometimes snail mail brings big surprises. This beautiful postcard and stamps arrived as a RAS. I immediately found out that RAS stands for 'Random Act of Smileness'. That is a nice idea I had never heard before.

Actually, not random, but all the snail mail is an act of smileness, isn't it?

The postcard had a tough trip...

07 November 2015

05 November 2015

E Collage

Postcard-collage sent by Jon (USA). 

03 November 2015

Thanks, Royal Mail...

 ... sometimes you really make my day :(

01 November 2015

Talking in Superheroes

Batman is not the only superhero appearing on stamps, of course. I received these stamps of long time ago, and the ones below two weeks ago. They belong to the same set, issued on September 10, 2013 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Superman.