31 March 2024

Sunday Stamps | Easter

Among the eggs, a couple of decorated ones from Ukraine. Among the flowers: Passionflower and Pasqueflower will do to wish Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

30 March 2024

Happy Easter

Wesołych Świąt

Easter mail sent in 2023 by Pawel (Poland) and Gerdientje (the Netherlands).

29 March 2024

Cream Envelopes

Letters sent by Catherine (France), Alan and Laura (the UK).

28 March 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Star Wars Headgear

The Last Jedi

A couple of postcards received through Postcrossing years apart, sent by Jax (Singapore) and Daniel (the USA). Have some among you recognise these characters? I should confess I am not a fan, but I like the postcards anyway.

Adi Gallia
By Jennifer Alberin Johnson

I can add even an stamp! 
Boba Fett


Thursday Postcard Hunt

March theme: FASHION
  • Week 1 - Traditional Folk Costumes
  • Week 2 - Streetwear
  • Week 3 - Formal of Fancy Dress
  • Week 4 - Headgear
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

27 March 2024

The Opportunity Gone Forever

«A spore takes flight by wind, and the whole system survives. The assassin blinks, and the bullet merely grazes the head of state. The planet's axis shifts imperceptibly, and Earth is ruled by some other species. It's not even called Earth; there is no language at all. The letter is lost in the mail, the opportunity gone forever.
     All my classes in college essentially taught the same lesson: another world was once possible.»

Hua Hsu, Stay True: A Memoir

26 March 2024

We Ate

This postcard sent from Columbus (Ohio), and attacked during its way by hungry mail monsters.

Luckily, they did not attacked the stamps, nor the address, so it was able to reach me nonetheless.

25 March 2024


In 2017, Slovenská pošta commemorated the memory of holocaust victims with a stamp to mark 75 years since the first deportation of Jews from Slovakia. 

The stamp, which is entitled Honour, includes a yellow star and label with the date 25 March 1942, the day of the first transport of Jewish women from Slovakia. The designer is student Karin Uváčková.

24 March 2024

Sunday Stamps | Canadian Uniforms

Above, a stamp issued in 1984 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) / Marine royale canadienne (MRC). 

A different style in the stamp below, issued last year to mark the 150th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) / Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC).

Sunday Stamps is dedicated today to Uniforms.

23 March 2024

Flowery Snail

This is a card sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). It had been long since a snail arrived by snail mail! 

22 March 2024

Send Spring Letters!

Mail sent by Laura (the UK) and Fabienne (France).

21 March 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Jeanne d'Arc

Postcard sent by Fabienne (France), with an illustration of Joan of Arc. Can you imagine a fanciest or a more formal dress than an armour?

It arrived with a lot of information about:


Thursday Postcard Hunt

March theme: FASHION
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

20 March 2024

Flowers Are for the Spring

Folded card sent by Petra (Croatia)

Envelope with pressed flowers sent by Daria (Russia). First time I get something like that!

19 March 2024

You Can Send Dragons

Envelope made by Fabienne (France) out of an old magazine, that arrived safe and sound despite the paper being thin.

18 March 2024

Doubts, Doubts!

Card sent by Phillip (the USA). The envelope got got a clear Leap's Day postmark.

17 March 2024

Sunday Stamps | Green Reptiles

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Snakes, the colour green, or an Irish stamp. I found none of those, but a couple of green reptiles.

16 March 2024

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Sent by Laura (the UK).

Sent by Brian (Ireland), from a Postcrossing meetup.

15 March 2024

Spring Is Coming

Or, at least, spring letters are coming!

Sent by Laura (UK) and Rosemary (Canada).

14 March 2024

Thursday Postcard Hunt | Laundry Day

Kallio (Helsinki, Finland)
By Simo Rista, 1970

Sent by Tuula (Finland).


Thursday Postcard Hunt

March theme: FASHION
  • Week 1 - Traditional Folk Costumes
  • Week 2 - Streetwear
  • Week 3 - Formal of Fancy Dress
  • Week 4 - Headgear
Everyone is welcome to share their postcards!

13 March 2024

Happy Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa/Мaсленица also known as Butter Lady, Butter Week, Crepe week or Cheesefare Week is an Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday which has retained a number of elements of Slavic mythology in its ritual. It is celebrated during the last week before Great Lent; that is, the eighth week before Eastern Orthodox Pascha (Easter).

Postcard sent by Eduard (Russia).

12 March 2024

Loving Chicago Is...

I got this postcard from a friend visiting Chicago. Now I need someone from Chicago to explain me whether it is true, and how they know.

11 March 2024

Leap Year's Day

I like to post every piece of mail in the due day... But I cannot wait four years to show you the Leap Day postcards sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). With leaping frogs also on the back!

She sent two postcards, hoping that at least one would get a "29 February 2024" postmark. The post office made a great job here, and both of them are beautifully postmarked in the due day.

By the way, this girl is very fond of weird days...

10 March 2024

Sunday Stamps | Opera Singers

Lilly Pons / Richard Tucker

Lawrence Tibbett / Rosa Ponselle

I do not think opera singers had appeared before on this blog! These stamps date from 1997 and belong to the big American Music Series.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps. Today's theme is Music.

09 March 2024

Snail Mail My Email

Snail Mail My Email is a community art project where volunteers transform strangers’ emails into handwritten letters, free of charge.

2,000 volunteers have artistically interpreted and collectively sent 29,249 letters to 80 countries since the project began in 2011.

Want to have your email turned into a beautiful handwritten letter?

Well, you’re in luck. ICYMI, our team is running it back with SNAIL MAIL MY EMAIL and for a very limited time, our network of amazing volunteers will transcribe your email into snail mail and send it to your intended recipient, anywhere in the world, free of charge.

To participate, simply email snailmailmyemail@cashstudios.co with the following info:
1. Recipient’s Full Name and Address 📬
2. Your letter, no longer than 800 characters ✏️
3. Pick ONE custom option to include in the letter:
🌸Flower Petal
👃Spray of Perfume
💋Lipstick Kiss

08 March 2024

Empowered Woman

"The first thing about empowerment is to understand that you
have the right to be involved. The second one is that you have
something important to contribute. And the third piece is that
you have to take the risk to contribute it."

Mae Jemison is an American engineer, physician and former NASA astronaut. She became the first African-American woman to travel into space in 1992.

The OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) is a NASA asteroid-study and sample-return mission, launched in September 2016 and returned in September 2023. The stamp shows a capsule containing a sample of the asteroid Bennu parachuting down to Earth.  

Sent by Phillip (the USA).