30 March 2022

The Calendar Project - 1

Enero / January

Febrero / February

Marzo / March

Letters sent to Phillip (the USA).

29 March 2022

Spring Mail

Celebratng he spring... While waiting the rian to sptop one day! Postcard & matching stamps sent by Laura (the UK).

28 March 2022

Sakura Letter

A beatiful letter from Laura (the UK). 

These cacellations have been arriving on the UK envelopes lately:

27 March 2022

Sunday Stamps | Postal Scales

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Se-tenant, selvage. I want to show you a sheet I got on a 2018 envelope, from France. It was issued on 13 novembre 2017, and features important objects for the postal work: the scales. 

You can see a better picture here, and appreciate all the beautiful details.

23 March 2022

Thousands of Books!

St. Gallen Abbey Library (Switzerland)

Boots Library, Church Street, Liverpool, 1938 (UK)

Book Cellar, Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Sent by Debby (Switzerland), John (the UK) and Amita (India).

21 March 2022

Shades of Green

Green envelopes sent by Laura and John (the UK).

20 March 2022

Sunday Stamps | White Willow

In the previous years, I have got some postcards from Ukraine thanks to the Postcrossing site. Among the stamps I have not uploaded to the blog, this is the latest I received. It was issued in 2012, and features a white willow (Salix alba).

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Ukraine.

18 March 2022

Reading Seriously Harms Ignorance and Boredom

Reading seriously harms ignorance

Illustrated by Marcello Dudovich

Designed by MAI Marketplace

Lehnstuhlund, by Rudi Hurzlmeier

Designed by PictureGiftProducts

Mail sent by Fabienne (France), Phillip (the USA), Bryon (the USA) and Heleen (the Netherlands).

16 March 2022

The Typewiter Revolution

Do you ever send fan mail? I have sent two letters this year to authors whose work I admire.

This one was sent to Richard Polt (the USA), the author of The Typewriter Revolution book and blog. I translated The Typewriter Manifesto into Catalan, and it appeared in the blog (You can read here the original manifesto and its translations).

PS I did not blur the address on the envelope because he made it public on his blog. 

15 March 2022

Signs of Spring

A mother black bear gives birth to one to four cubs in the winter, and they will emerge together from den in April or May. Curbs start practicing climbing trees as soon as they are strong enough, which is important because they are not fast enough to outrun predators. Black bears are most active at dawn and dusk, but can sometimes be seen mid-day. Look for them in open spaces within or near forested areas.

Card sent by Bryon (the USA).

Canterbury Cathedral (the UK). Postcard sent by Laura - her own picture.

13 March 2022

Sunday Stamps | Sea Snails

Some sea snails for today's theme in Sunday Stamps, Wild Life (Any Size):

Queen Conch (Lobatus gigas)
USA, 2017

Textile cone (Conus textile)
Sri Lanka, 2007

Murex Shell (Murex sp.)
Philippines, 2011

12 March 2022

Lighthouses on Postcards

High & Low Lighthouses
Harwich, England, UK

Thomas Point Shoal
Maryland, United States

Prong's Reef Lighthouses
Maharashtra, India

New Brighton
England, UK

Sent by Alan & John (the UK), Phillip (the USA) and Amita (India).

10 March 2022

Joint Issues Europe - Japan

I got this letter from Fabienne (France), stamped with the French stamps of the France-Japan joint issue, dedicated to post boxes.

With some Marianne stamp in perfectly matching colours:

Coincidentally, the same week I got a Hungarese stamp from a joint issue Hungary-Japan:

The stamp features the parliement. The other stamp (which I have not) features the Mount Fuji:

08 March 2022

Celebrating International Women's Day

Good Housekeeping, Norman Rockwell, 1942

The Jury Holdout, 1959
By Norman Rockwell

This Norman Rockwell work was the cover of The Saturday Evening Post in 14 February 1959. 
Rockwell might have gotten the idea for his February 14, 1959, cover from a movie released two years earlier. 
In 12 Angry Men, Henry Fonda played a dissenting juror who eventually persuaded the other 11 men on a jury to vote with him. As in the movie, this deliberation has taken hours, indicated by the crumpled ballots on the floor and the cloud of smoke overhead. 
What made this cover more than just a reprise of the movie is that Rockwell’s holdout is a strong-minded woman, holding fast to her principles, at a time when women jurors were still a rarity in some states, and not permitted in some others.
(Text taken form here.)
Inspiring Women from Austria

Self-Portrait as a Tehuana, 1943
Frida Kahlo

By Elga Fernández Lamas

Postcards sent by Bryon (the USA), Heleen (the Netherlands) and Josep (PC).

07 March 2022

Palindrome Day

Postcard written and sent by Phillip (the USA) on 22.02.2022: A palindrome date. The next one will be on 13 February 2031, I think.

06 March 2022

Sunday Stamps | Classic Cars

Today's theme on Sunday Stamps is Transportation

Cars are not my favourite means of transport, but found some nice stamps featuring classical cars...

Citröen Type A 10 HP
France, 2019

VW Golf Serie 1
Germany, 2017

Wartburg 311
Hungary, 2019

Morris Minor / Rolls-Royce 20/25 / Austin 12 / JAguar ss100
Sri Lanka, 2011

Rolls-Royce "Silver Ghost" & "Silver Spirit"
United Kingdom, 1982

1953 Chevrolet / 1965 Ford F-100
United States, 2016

1938 International Harvester D-2 / 1948 Ford F-1
United States, 2016