31 October 2011

Delicate Flowers

Sent by orzech (Belarus).
Collage made by a Polish friend of the sender. Made from newspaper cutting and plastic flowers. And it arrived (naked) safe and sound!

28 October 2011

100% Mail Art

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).
Have you noticed the beautiful rubber stamp?

27 October 2011

Happy Mail Day

Sent by Emilie (the USA).
Also published here.

26 October 2011

PG Monkey

Big handmade postcard (15 x 21 cm) sent by Laura (the UK).

25 October 2011

La Vache qui rit

Sent to Claudia (Germany). To the mail art call Schickt mir Euer Geweih ('Send me your horns').
Cheese box (bought in Morocco) turned into a postcard.

24 October 2011

Stamps, Stamps!

Envelope sent to Paulina (Chile) with a letter book inside.

21 October 2011

Adopt Penguin Books Postcards

Emilie started her project "Adopt Penguin Books Postcards" inspired by Postmuse's Orphaned Project. She bought a box of 100 Penguin Books Postcards, and now she is offering them in adoption.

The goal is find people who had read every single book. But it is not always easy. As she says:
There are a lot of weird out of print books, and I doubt I'll ever find someone who's read #82. Plats du Jour or Foreign Food (A Penguin Handbook) or #86 Scootering (A Penguin Handbook). 

However, I bet there are people who would have something fun to say about those topics... so if there is a non-novel that you would like to adopt, feel free, even if you haven't read it. For the present time though, if it is a novel, please, only request it if you've read it.
If you request a postcard, she will sent it to you in an envelope, and then on the back you will write something about the book (what you thought of it, a memory linked to it...), and then send it back to her. It is easy! You can read see the list here, and read about the adopted postcards here. I encourage you to participate in this project. The only problem is that the postcards are really beautiful, so it is difficult to part with the  postcard... Here is my Penguin adopted postcard:

20 October 2011

Le Pont Jacques-Cartier

Sent to Josep (PC).
Envelope made from an old wall calendar. It's the bridge Jacques-Cartier in Montréal (Québec, Canada).

19 October 2011

Cool Cow with Cold Feet

Sent to Claudia (Germany). To the mail art call Schickt mir Euer Geweih ('Send me your horns').
Alterd postcard (the original on left) who represents an AD for a bullfight in València (some years ago...), with the famous toreador "El Cordobés". The cow was first created by the drawing factory Kukuxumusu. The back of the postcard:

Also published here (almost at the bottom!).

18 October 2011

17 October 2011


Sent to Maria (Belarus).
Envelope made of a magazine. The postcard inside was also recycled, made by gluing two old AD postcards (below).

16 October 2011

Your Letter Says You Do Not Love Me Any More

«Tu carta me dice que ya no me amas. Y yo me muero en cada renglón.»

Manolo Escobar
(«Tu carta», Miel de amores)

15 October 2011

Some Accidents in Way

It's really sad when you received a postcard damaged in way. There some exemples, from less to more injuries...

It usually happens after a long and hazardous trip. The third postcard you can see here arrived after 35 days travelling. I'm afraid it's the most ruined postcard I've ever got. Even with a hole! Poor postcard...

 Sent by Laura (the United Kingdom).

Sent by Martina (Czech Republic).

Sent by Shion (Japan).

14 October 2011


Sent by Heleen (Denmark).
This postcard was a part of a "value coupon" to buy 5 photos for 200 DKK instead 1 photo for 100 DKK. And then turned into a nice postcard with handmade rubber stamp!

12 October 2011

I'm So Tired

Sent to Patrício (Brazil).
Collage made from an ad for a play in the EACC and some stickers.

11 October 2011

Incoming Smurfs

Smurfcover drawn by Linda (the Netherlands). She sent also the figurine.

 Smurf drawn by Dominika (Czech Republic) on the back of a photography.

Two smurfpostcards by Heleen (the Netherlands).

10 October 2011


Received from Nina (Belarus).
An exemple of witsinanka (paper cutting) Belorussian folk art.

08 October 2011

Stamp Here

What does it mean, exactly, stamp here?

07 October 2011

Round Stamps

Round stamps from Russia, South Africa, Finland and New Zealand.

06 October 2011


Received from Heleen (the Netherlands).
Box of biscuits turned into a mail art postcard.

05 October 2011


Received from Carlos Botana (Spain).
Thank you mail art for my contribution to the mail art project "Send me a mermaid".

04 October 2011

Transparent Wings

Sent to Tina (Germany).
Postcard made from a plastic notebook cover.

Transparent Wings II
Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Postcard made from a plastic notebook cover.
Also published here.

03 October 2011

Zombie Life

Sent to the mail art call Mail of the Living Dead (the USA).

The author of the comics is Mel, and they were published in the magazine El Jueves. I reused the envelope; it is made from a cover for cutlery picked up in a restaurant.
Also published here.

 NB As Heleen did, I must say I don't like zombies at all! Don't send me a zombie!