26 February 2021

Have I Already Said the World Needs More Scientists?

Mamie Phipps-Clark(1917-1983)
Psychologist and Civil Rights Activist
"I began to think that a crucial part of children's lives,
no matter what happens, has to be a degree of 
security and acceptance.

Maria Goeppert-Mayer (1906-1972)
Theoretical Physicist
"When you love science, all you really want is to keep working"

Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000)
Inventor and Film Actress
"[My father] made me understand that I must make my own
decisions, mold my own character, think my own thoughts

Dorothy Hodgkin (1910-1994)
Biochemist and X-ray Crystallographer
"I was captured for life by chemistry and by crystals."

The last one arrived with the Innovation stamps and First Day pictorial postmark (also on this post):

25 February 2021

Global Mail Monsters

These stamps have landed in my friend Bryon's mailbox during the last week: pen strikes on stamps from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Some questions arise here. Like... 
Who makes the scribbles? How long does it take to find a pen, hold up the delivery process and do the deed? At the source post office? The destination post office? What is going through the postal workers mind when they inscribe the scribbles? Are they some kind of person who think the worlds economy will be cheated by the possibility an uncancelled stamp could be used a second time?

 And, especially: Is there any country Mail Monsters free?

24 February 2021

It Is Still (and Always!) Knitting Time

Card sent by Phillip (the USA). The illustration is derived from the drawing that accompanied a knitting needles patent from 1937.

I think the stamps, featuring Ruth Asawa's wire sculptures match really well! (More information about these stamps). I have got the whole lot!

23 February 2021

Where There Is Tea

Wonderful envelope sent by Fabienne (France).

And, besides a letter, some surprises inside. Like:

21 February 2021

Sunday Stamps | Green Creatures

 Sunday Stamps is featuring today Green stamps. I found some green creatures in my collection...

Green birds

 The USA, 2016

Green reptiles

The USA, 2019
(More information about these stamps)

Green insects

Belarus, 2016

Green Flowers

The USA, 2007

Green Superheroes

The UK, 2019

19 February 2021

Blue Cats

This is one of the bluest Blue Cats by Irina Zeniuk. Sent by Heleen, from the Netherlands).

These cats seemed to be very popular among postcrossers. However, I had not got any of them until last year. I am not the biggest fan of (real) cats, but these illustrations are just wonderful. I even have made an album to gather all the blue cats I have got!

17 February 2021

Greetings from Germany

Die Wartburg bei Eisenach

Koblenz an Rhein und Mosel



Postcards sent by Sebastian, Irene, Micky and Andreas (Germany), through the Postcrossing site. And, below, two postcards with lighthouses, from a swap in the new Postcrossing forum, sent by Marcel.



15 February 2021

Tell Your Story

National Storytelling week
Tell Your Story
30th Jan - 6th Feb

I wasn't aware of National Storytelling Week... 

(On a letter from the UK.)

14 February 2021

Sunday Stamps | Love Letters

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Romantic. Could you find something more romantic that a love letter?

Germany, 2019

Germany, 2020

The Netherlands, 2001

The Netherlands, 2005

The USA, 1980

The United Kingdom, 1994

The United Kingdom, 2004

The United Kingdom, 2004

Spain, 2019

Portugal, 2010

Go so Sunday Stamps to see more romantic stamps. And Happy Valentine's to everyone celebrating the day!

13 February 2021

Do You Like Me?

I like you.
Do you like me?
( ) Yes ( ) No
14 February 2020

Illustration by Rita Zeniuk

Postcards sent by Heleen (the Netherlands) and Bryon (the USA).

12 February 2021

Happy New Year!

This 1997 stamp has just arrived on the back of a postcard sent by Bryon (the USA). In time to wish a Happy Year of the Ox!

Let me add some 2020 Lunar New Year stamps from Canada and the USA:

10 February 2021


Sometimes, the back of the Postcrossing postcards I get is as interesting as their front...

08 February 2021

Evie's Field Day


Letter sent to Claire (the USA), author of Evie's Field Day.

Message from Claire. Maybe you are interested in participating in this!:

I'm doing a little instagram giveaway for the month of February. I have a coloring page with ""Evie Sends Love From _____" 
I'm hoping people from all over the world will post so that Evie can travel when the rest of us can't. The link is on my instagram bio @clairesfieldtriplife 
Just say where Evie sends love from and tag #eviesfielday and @clairesfieldtriplife