31 July 2023

Pace · Paix · Mir · Taika

This year there is not EUROPA stamp contest, because all the participant countries are issuing a stamp with the same design, dedicated to Peace - the highest value of humanity.

I thought it would be nice to get the stamp from as many countries as possible. So I arranged some swaps that are ongoing. The latest batch of peace has landed: from Croatia, France, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia. Some countries, as you can see, have issued more than one stamp.

But there are still a lot of missing countries in my collection-to-be! If you wish to swap the Peace stamp (or swap it for a postcard, envelope, etc.), just let me know!

30 July 2023

Sunday Stamps | Some Islands

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is At Sea. I bring some stamps dedicated to islands around the world.

Quirks in the Island City
Singapore, 2020

World Stamp Show NY2016
(Manhattan island)
UK, 2016

Chief Mourner of Tahiti
Endeavour Voyage
UK, 2018

A la mémoire des Résistants de l'Île de Sein
France, 1962

Découverte de Clipperton
France, 2011

Sosthène Mortenol 1859-1930
France, 2018

28 July 2023

The Classic World

Bronze statuette or a horseman 
from Dodona (about550 BC)

National Museum, Athens, Greece

The UK

Postcards sent by Pawel (Poland) and Laura (UK).

26 July 2023

Hot Volcanoes

Mt. St. Helens, Mt .Adams & Mt. Rainier
Washington State, the USA

We are having very high temperatures this summer, day and night. So... getting volcanoes by mail seems most appropriate!

This postcard was sent by Bryon (the USA), with very original stamps on the back.

24 July 2023

Alphabet 2023 | L Is for Logansport

L is for Logansport, in Louisiana. This is the 13th postcard I get from Bryon's project Alphabet 2023. That means halfway, and a lot of postcards, stamps and fun.

This time, I could easily read the postmark. But not the date on the corner. Also, one of the stamps was attacked by the mail monsters.

And, again, it arrived with matching stamps on the back:

Louisiana World Exposition / 
Louisiana Purchase Sesqui-centennial


Laysan teal

23 July 2023

Sunday Stamps | Peace

I have got the EUROPA 2023 Peace Stamp from several countries. It is a pleasure that it keeps arriving. This time, from Finland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

But there are still a lot of missing countries in my collection-to-be.

If you wish to swap this stamp (or swap it for a postcard, envelope, etc.), just let me know!

The envelope sent from Franc (the Netherlands) contained a lot more of stamps on the same topic: Peace. A beautiful gift!

And this is also a post for Sunday Stamps, dedicated today to EUROPA Stamps.

22 July 2023

Postbox Saturday | Barcelona (II)

Carrer Calàbria
(Notice the "Flor de Barcelona" panots or flagstones!)

Plaça dels Ocellets ('Little Birds Square')

Carretera de la Bordeta

21 July 2023

Alexander Calder

From a trip to Barcelona, I sent a postcard to Bryon featuring Alexander Calder's Mercury fountain. And, as usual, he found the perfect stamps to reply!

20 July 2023

Is Not It Too Hot to Play Soccer?

Envelope sent by Phillip (the USA), with a beautiful pictorial first day postmark.

18 July 2023

Italian Culture


S. Nazaro Sesia
Abbazia dei Santi Nazzario e Celso

Cupola di San Gaudenzio
Luna Rossa 4 Aprile 2015


Postcards sent by Bruno (PC), Bryon (Canada) and Davide (Italy).

17 July 2023

16 July 2023

Sunday Stamps | Paddles & Rows

Today, Sunday Stamps' topic is At play/sports. I thought it would be more refreshing, in this hot, to practice water sports!

14 July 2023

Alphabet 2023 | J Is for Jupiter

The Alphabet 2023 postcards, Bryon's project, keep surprising me. I did not expect to get a postcard from another planet! Well...at least from Jupiter (Florida). Sent in June, of course.

And these are probably the best matching stamps ever: non other than four stamps Jupiter-related! (Can you find those?). And some bonuses: dancing jitterbug in front of a jukebox and an illustration by John James Audubon.

13 July 2023

Pink Tea

Collage on a big envelope sent by Laura (the UK).