31 August 2011


Received from Ennio (Italy).

I've got this nice postcard some months ago. I've just realised that Ennio isn't here anymore.

29 August 2011

Made of Cork

Received from Lauraine (Portugal).
Postcard made of cork.

It shows the Cape Roca (Cabo da Roca), the westernmost point of mainland Portugal, mainland Europe and the Eurasian land mass.

25 August 2011

What to Draw (Alpino III Metallic)

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Box of colour pencils sent as a postcard (full of colour pencils!).
Also published here.

23 August 2011

Big Tea

Received from Laura (the UK).

19 August 2011

Extra Long Kiev


Received from Irina and Anastasia (Ukraine).
Two views of Kiev.
Extra long postcards.

15 August 2011

Moomin Stamps

Some Moomin stamps received from Finland.

11 August 2011


Received from Eija (Finland).
Biscuits box turned into a postcard.

09 August 2011

Yorkshire Gold

Received from Laura (the UK).
Tea box turned into a postcard.

07 August 2011

Letters Saying Nice Words

«Cartas que me dijeran cosas bonitas, como que vendrás a maullarme de contraseña en la madrugada, bajo mi ventana»

El Último de la fila
(«En los árboles», Como la cabeza al sombrero)

05 August 2011

03 August 2011

Sunset from Your Window

Received from Marcel and Ghislaine (Canada).
Picture taken from their window sent as a postcard.

01 August 2011

Sometimes I Feel Alone

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Card (with altered message) and envelope made from some pages of an activities book for children.