31 March 2012


I sent this letter to Oman before Christmas, and it was returned ten weeks later... from  the United Arab Emirates (?). So I put it in an bigger envelope and sent it again. And I hope this time it will reach the receptor's mail box safe and sound!

30 March 2012

St. John the Evangelist in Waterloo Road

Two postcards sent by Laura (the UK). 
They show the Paris Church of St. John the Evangelist in Waterloo Road (London), built in 1824. I like the fact that they are two views (inside and outside) of the same building.

28 March 2012

Fairy with Her Unicorn

Received from Laura (the UK).
Nice envelope with matched stamp. Not real postage, but matched anyway...

26 March 2012

Ten Languages

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).
Food packaging sent as a postcard. Written in ten languages!

23 March 2012

Austen & Dahl

Received from Laura (the UK).
Very literary envelope, with Jane Austen (as the letter inside) and Roald Dahl stamp.

21 March 2012

Drawn Stamps

The first and the second received from Heleen (the Netherlands), and the last one from Jou-I (Taiwan). 

19 March 2012


Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Shaped card.
Also published here.
I know it seems not being the right postcard since the spring is coming. But I assure you it was the right postcard two weeks ago. Especially because it was the answer for this one:

17 March 2012

Handmade Labels

I participated last month in the first giveaway organised by Bree in her blog Say It Like You Eat It. And, as you know, I'm a very lucky person, and I won it!

The prize was a set of beautiful handmade bookmarks made by Bree. You can also use it as gift tags. I received them, and I must say that they look more brilliant "live...!

15 March 2012

De laatste liefdesbrief

De laatste liefdesbrief (The Last Letter From Your Lover), by Jojo Moyes, is not only a book about letters... but it can also be sent by mail. At least, its first pages. I have got it from my friend Heleen (the Netherlands).

Inside you can read some letters. I mean: you can if you can read in Dutch (a little problem, you see...).

13 March 2012

Pannen koekenmix

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).
Postcard made of food packaging.

09 March 2012

Mail Art from Argentina

Received from Samuel Montalvetti (Argentina).
The envelope contained some mail art items. among them, I like specially the altered map card.

07 March 2012

Chipping Post Office

Sent to Chi (Taiwan).
Postcard and envelope made of press cuttings.
The letters in the postcard were addressed to the Catalan writer Rosa Leveroni. The post office is in the UK.

05 March 2012

Mail Boxes on Stamps

Stamps from Belgium, Finland, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands.

Mail is not only to put letters into the mail box... You can also put mail boxes on letters!

02 March 2012

Muesli Quotations

Sent to Grace (the USA).

Sent to Karin (the Netherlands).

Two postcards made of a fair trade cereal box. 

01 March 2012

Why Are You Sending Me Postcards?


Why are you sending me postcards?
Lyrics and music: Claes Eriksson

Why are you sending me postcards,
when you don't love me no more?
I have no interest in postcards.
What are you sending them for?

I have no interest in places,
places that you like to see.
Beaches and cities and faces,
why do you mail them to me?

Why are you sending me postcards?
What do you want me to see?
Or do you think all these postcards
proves that you're happy and free?

Or do you think I collect them,
thousands of postcards from you?
Yes, you must think I collect them,
but that is not what I do...

I give them to Morgan, my dog, every night.
He eats them and thinks that they taste quite alright.
He looks at me afterwards, thinking so sweet:
Why is she sending me postcards to eat?

I don't know, little Morgan, I don't know, I reply.
I don't know why she sends them, no I don't know why.
Then I tell him that maybe already next day,
he's going to have a little piece of Bombay.