30 September 2014

We Like Pizza

No desitgem rebre correu comercial
(Només acceptem publicitat de pizzeries).

'We wish not to receive advertisements
(only ads from pizzerias will be accepted).
Thank you'.

Mail box in Barcelona. Picture published in Twitter by @VEISAGRADAFAMILIA.

29 September 2014

Blue Knitting

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands). I send it some months (!) ago, but I thought it was too hot to upload it here...

My first knitted postcard! In fact, my first knitting work in a lot of years... Isn't it nice when you can put together your hobbies in one work?

I added this reused note I found in a packet of tea...

Also published here and here.

28 September 2014

Stampfree Letter

I received the same day a postcard and an envelope from John (the UK).

The postcard arrived with beautiful stamps (as usual) but completely unmarked:

The machine had put the postmark on the picture:

And the letter... without stamps! It is clear that three stamps disappeared in way.

27 September 2014

Mix Collages

Collage sent by Keith (USA), among other surprises.

I love some tiny details on the envelope...

I have received two days ago another piece of mail art that I relate to this postcard (in my mind, beads and sequins are connected). It was made by PostMuse (USA) for the Oz Postcard Project. Even if some spangles were lost in way... Can you imagine a more clever way to represent the Deadly Poppies Field and the Emerald City?

26 September 2014

Leeds Maze (and One More Maze!)

Postcard sent by Laura (UK). It is the maze of Leeds Castle (Kent, UK). I visited this place with the sender more than (OMG!) ten years ago. So this postcard arrived two weeks ago brought me very nice memories...

Then I realised than she has sent another maze some weeks ago! This is the parterre in the South Garden of Restoration House (Rochester, UK).

25 September 2014

Still orange: Russia from the UK

Postcard in a stamp shape sent by Laura, twin of this one. But this time my friend did not eat in any Russian restaurant...

24 September 2014

More Orange Mail...

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands). Special mail for orange lovers. She also sent me a very nice packet with orange little treasures (I still have to take a picture of it). And then a real orange letter (sent to all members of IUOMA's group Orange lovers):

Postcard sent by FinnBadger (USA), with an orange matched stamp:

And also an orange collage from Katerina (Greece):

Sent by Micu (Hungary). Have you ever seen a more original mail? I thought it was a very original envelope. But in fact is a reused snack package. Oh, still more interesting!

23 September 2014

To Speak Critically

«For my part, I could easily do without the post-office. I think that there are very few important communications made through it. To speak critically, I never received more than one or two letter in my life —I wrote this some years ago—that were worth the postage.»

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

22 September 2014

Orange Yarn

Orange envelope received from Heleen (the Netherlands). I had never received so many orange mail before meeting her!

Inside more orange and a good coffee:

But wait... what is this orange yarn?

I cannot say this is exactly a knitted postcard but a to knit postcard. Still to be finished!

21 September 2014

Sur le dos d'un éléphant

Collage sent by Rapahel'L (France).

I hope you could appreciate how beautiful this collage is. I am sorry that the picture isn't really good. And... well, it was made exactly sur le dos d'un éléphant (='on the back of an elephant'), because this is the other side:

20 September 2014


Postcard sent by John (the UK). It says: Huge round bales of straw litter the fields like giant counters from some abandoned game near Coddington. 

19 September 2014

Mini Mail Art

Don't you think some pieces of mail are just perfect?

Look at his envelope sent by Gina (UK):

It contained a little postcard and a very little envelope:

The minipostcard (7,3 x 5,7 cm) shows a wintery view of the Amphitheatre El Jem in Tunisia... a bit altered. First time I was in Tunisia we reached 47 ºC, and the second time I didn't want to know. So this is a surprising image for me!

About the letter... How little is it?!?

And still she managed to write a real letter of that size:

18 September 2014

Adopted postcards

Two more postcards adopted arrived in USA and were published yesterday in Postmuse's blog. I adopted them because of the Oz Postcard Project.

By the way, I never know if adopted postcards are incoming or outgoing mail...

17 September 2014

Don't Forget to Fly

Collage sent to Juan López de Ael (EH).

Sent to Mary (the USA).

Sorry because in the second picture you cannot see the passenger...!

16 September 2014

Time for Museums and Two More Greek Pics

More postal vehicles.
But this time inside the Postal & Philatelic Museum of Athens.
I was a bit disappointed because it is really small, and the shop
didn't work. At least, the visit was free...

This bike is my favourite

Old mail box in the same museum

Epitaph (5th to 6th century) of "Petrus the Postman"
displayed in the 
Museum of Byzantine Culture, in Thessaloniki

But some treasures aren't found inside the museums.
You can take a picture of this mail box in the reception
of the historical Elafos Hotel, in Rhodes Island

Or even in the street!
This is the original mail box of a house in the old town of Thessaloniki.

And this is me trying to mail your postcards.
I hope they arrived safe and sound!

15 September 2014

The Greek Postal Service

As many of you know, I spent my summer holidays in Greece. And obviously I have some postal pictures ready to be shared. I hope you like them!

A normal post office in a middle-sized town.
Do you know the log of ELTA (Hellenic Post)?
It is the Olympian god Hermes, the messenger of gods.

At first I was surprised that there is so much postal blue,
as I am most used to yellow.
These are like post office boxes, but in the street.

Some postal vehicles

An standard mail box in a street of... Sorry, I don't remember!

They look more elegant together.
This is the main post office in Athens.

I must say that most of the mail boxes in the street, especially in
the big cities, have been vandalized. This one isn't the worst I saw.
Sometimes I didn't dare to mail my post there!