31 January 2021

Sunday Stamps | Dead Countries

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Country Names No Longer Exist, aka Dead Countries (although there is some discussion here).

I have chosen some stamps whose design I love, issued by African countries/postal authorities which no longer exist. I have not received these on envelopes, but inside envelopes.

Côte Française des Somalis / French Somaliland

Republique du Dahomey / Republic of Dahomey

Republique de Haute-Volta / Republic of Upper Volta

État du/Inchi Ya Katanga / State of Katanga

Afrique Equatoriale Française / French Equatorial Africa


30 January 2021

We Will See...

I have just received this postcard from Bryon (the USA). I hope it will end better than the last time...

29 January 2021

How Are You?

Typographic postcard sent by Harald (Germany). It is a sticker, so I can reuse it.

27 January 2021

Beloved Places

Salamanca. Plaza Mayor

It is always a pleasure to receive postcards featuring places I have been to, and loved.

Lluc, Mallorca island

Paris, France

Getting a Paris postcard from the Netherlands, a Greece postcard from Ukraine... That adds to the mail adventure!

Ρέθυμνο (Rethymno), Κρήτη (Crete)

Postcards sent by Lluïsa (PC), Heleen (Netherlands), Lie (Spain) and Larysa (Ukraine). 

26 January 2021

Cows & Cheese

Letter sent by Fabienne (France), full of cows and cow-related stuff.

25 January 2021

Stay at Home...

... and write letters!

Sent by Rosemary (Canada).

24 January 2021

Sunday Stamps | Shakespeare

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Poets (writers). Time to show this stamp from 1964 that I got on the back of a postcard... in 2020!

This one is from 1995. Not as old as the previous one, but also received last year. It belongs a British series called Greetings - Art, and its title is: Decoration from 'All the Love Poems of Shakespeare' (Eric Gill).

Shakespeare is a favourite theme on postcards and stamps.

23 January 2021

Some Rainbows Out


Letters sent to David, Phillip and Andy (the USA), Imma (PC) and Catherine (France).

22 January 2021

Hip Hop Long Trip

These vibrant stamps about hip hop were issued by USPS on 1 July 2020. Bryon sent me this letter in the summer, with one of the cool first day pictorial postmarks. It reached me... on 30 December

I hope that at least the artists have enjoyed their long trip across the globe...

21 January 2021

Same Stamp, Different Look

This stamp, issued on 12 July 2019, commemorates the 40 Anniversary of Social Security in Spain. I received it twice. One of them (above) arrived without any postmark, sent by a friend who works for that institution. How different it looked the second time!

By the way, it arrived on a nice envelope (not addressed to me, for once!):

And it has happened with more stamps...

20 January 2021

Still Winter

Illustrated envelope sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).

19 January 2021

Everybody Reads

Girls read

Girl Reading, 1853
William Morris Hunt

Men read

Peter Sellers photographed by Bill Brandt
Reproduced from a stamp designed by Keith Bassford
and issued by The Post Office on 8 October 1985

Queens read

Even cats read!

(Cat fairy tales, of course!)


And books are easy to find...
Daunt Books
Marylebone, London (UK)

The Book Loft
Columbus, Ohio (USA)

Especially if you keep them organised!

Postcards sent by Laura and John (the UK), and Bryon and Phillip (the USA).

18 January 2021

How It Started / How It Ended

I received the postcard above from Bryon (the USA) at the beginning of 2020. 

The postcard below arrived last week from the same sender:

17 January 2021

Sunday Stamps | Votes for Women

Women on Stamps is one of my favourite philatelic themes, and today's topic on Sunday Stamps

I have chosen some stamps about Women's Suffrage:

75th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in France
France, 2009

Voting Rights for Women
Netherlands, 1979

Suffragette behind Prison Window ('Equal Rights for Women')
The United Kingdom, 1999

Some more stamps that I had already uploaded to this blog:

The United Kingdom, 2018



USA, 1970

I have never got this stamp, but I have sent it:
75th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in Spain
Spain, 2006

Some famous suffragists on stamps:
Josephine Butler (1828 – 1906)
The United Kingdom, 2016

Thérèse Casgrain (1896-1981)
Canada, 1985

Sojourner Truth (1797-1983)
The United States