30 June 2022

28 June 2022

This Might Be My (Lost?) Paradise

(Postcards received in May and June from Mallorca Island).

26 June 2022

Sunday Stamps | Skies

Today's topic in Sunday Stamps is The Sky. Some impressive ones below...

Cloudscapes: Cumulonimbus
Australia, 2018

Northern Lights / Aurore boréales
150th Anniversaire of the Royal Astronomical Society

Canada, 2018

Community Foundation Benefit Stamp
Canada, 2021

Atmospheric Phenomena: Thunderstorm
Germany, 2018

December Stamps: Snowfall
Netherlands, 2007

Atmospheric Phenomena: Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds
Germany, 2020

O Beautiful: Sea to Shining Sea
 Canaveral Seashore, Florida / Bailey Island, Maine

USA, 2018

25 June 2022

Greetings & Kisses from...

Baden-Baden (Germany)

Seattle (USA)

Sent by Christopher (Germany) and Bryon (the USA).

24 June 2022

Bangka Belitung

Trough the Postcrossing Forum, I agreed with Michael to exchange lighthouse postcards for our collections. We both sent the postcards on August 2021. His postcard reached me on 7 June 2022, 10 months later.

On the forum messages, I had written: "I guess we need to be patient..."

22 June 2022

Summer Is Here!

Shel Silverstein
USA, 2022

Eugenie Clark, Marine Biologist
USA, 2022

2020 Summer Olympic Games, Tokyo 2021 : Sport For Peace
United Nations, 2021

Seasons in Roman Mosaics: Summer
Algeria, 1977

Enjoy the Great Outdoors
USA, 2021

21 June 2022


Phillip (the USA) sent this postcard to celebrate the winter solstice. The light is also very special during the longest day of the year...

It features Los toldos (='The Awnings'), by Cuban artist Emilio Sánchez, as well as the matching stamp:

20 June 2022

Old & New

Cala Rajada, on Majorca island.

19 June 2022

Sunday Stamps | The Week of Bearded Men

In my region's tradition, la setmana dels barbuts (='the week of bearded men') is the one that includes the days 15 and 17 of January, corresponding to the celebrations of St. Paul of Thebes (Sant Pau l'Ermità) and St. Maurus (Sant Maur l'Abat) the 15th, and St. Anthony the Great (Sant Antoni Abat) the 17th. Some other saints, less known, are also included in the week

This name comes from the fact these three saints are usually depicted wearing long, thick white beards, associated with snow and cold. 

There are a lot of celebrations around those days. The stamp below, issued in 2018, shows the celebrations on the town of Artà. As you can see, Sant Anthony festivals often include demons dancing...

And, as we are already there, let me show some recently received stamps. These do not depict bearded men, but they are related to the Balearic islands, where I used to live:

Flag and map of the Balearic islands
3 January 2011

13 March 2018

Prairies of oceanic Posidonia (seagrass) - WHS by UNESCO
15 October 2001

Dijous Bo (annual fair)
4 November 2002

Rural Architecture: Possessió Raixa (16th century)
5 July 2018

This is post is for Sunday Stamps. The theme today is Beards/Moustaches... but it can be freely interpreted!

17 June 2022

Mail & Music

Mail sent by Eduard (Russia), Catherine (France) and Laura (the UK).

15 June 2022

Gardens Are for the Summer

A mass planting of Allium
University of Cambridge Botanic Garden

Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

British Gardens: Sissinghurst

British Gardens: Blenheim

Pieces of mail sent by Laura (the UK), Bryon (the USA) and R (PC).