31 March 2020


Letter sent on 20 March, and delivered in the UK ten days later. Postal services rock!

I think the word homesick is acquiring a new meaning these days. I am at home but, luckily, not sick.

30 March 2020

Every Letter Is a Party

Letter sent from Alan (the UK).

It turns out that this stamp, which I had never seen, was voted the worst of 1999 (?!). What do you think? Do you have a least favourite stamp ever?

29 March 2020

Sunday Stamps | Gates

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Architecture. I have chosen some monumental gates on stamps from different countries:


Historic District of Old Quebec
UNESCO WHS in Canada

16 January 2017


Qiliping (Hong'an, Hubei)
Chinese Towns

19 May 2016


Arco de Villalar, Baeza
Monumental Arches and Gates

2 January 2014
Puerta de la Luna (='Moon Gate'), Córdoba
Monumental Arches and Gates
2 January 2015

The United Kingdom

The Norman Gate
Windsor Castle

15 February 2017

I have received two more stamps from this stunning series:
The Queen's Ballroom
The Waterloo Chamber

28 March 2020

A Day on Postcards


Working from Home

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, 1st Bt. 
By Sir Phillip Burne-Jones, 2nd Bt

Looking at the Empty Streets

Archcathedral of Saint Virgin Mary in Minsk

Pannonhalma (Hungary)


De maaltijd der vrienden ('The meal of the friends')
Charley Toorop (1891-1955) 
By Martin Wiscombe


Achterzijde van Paleis Het Loo met Koningsfontein (Apeldoorn)

Afternoon Tea



Margaret Burne-Jones, 1885-6
By Edward Burne-Jones


(Restaurant in Vienna)

Postcards sent by Heleen (the Netherlands), Laura (the UK), Arina (Belarus), Micu (Hungary), Freddy (the Netherlands), Phillip (the USA) and Julia (Austria).

All them arrived BC (='before coronavirus'), but they hadn't been uploaded to the blog yet.