30 May 2021

Sunday Stamps | Microorganisms

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is Small Animals. I did not find anything smaller!

This stamp belongs to a set issued on 15 March 2021. It corresponds to the annual Science issue, and it is dedicated to the microorganisms.  You can see the 5-stamps sheet below (detailed images here).

29 May 2021

Wine or Beer?

Save Water, Drink Wine

The oldest beer festival in the world.

... Or just eating?

I have got these postcards trough the Postcrossing site recently. I wonder what image I am givint to postcrossers and postal workers...

27 May 2021


Now that people are travelling less often, staycation postcards have become a thing...

Guadalest (Alacant, Spain)
Received from the Netherlands

Torre de la Horadada (Alacant, Spain)
Received from the Netherlands

Retro postcard of Balatonfenyves (Hungary)

'Eeh, these bank holidays... they're a real problem to decide.'
From A Grand Day Out

Sun Street, Canterbury (UK)

25 May 2021

Written on Wood


A bamboo postcard is really cool, isn't it? This was sent by Phillip (the USA). It travelled quite well, and was not cancelled.

23 May 2021

Sunday Stamps | Moroccan Kings

Hassan II (1962)

Hassan II (1999)

Moroccan kings on stamps for today's theme on Sunday Stamps: Royalty

Two stamps featuring the former King Hassan II, almost 30 years apart. And, below, a more recent stamp I got: the current king (since 1999) Mohammed VI. 

Mohammed VI (2011)

22 May 2021

Famous Houses on Postcards

Senate - The Residence of the Russian Federation President
Moscow, Russia

Mendelssohn House
Leipzig, Germany

Postcards received through Postcrossing. Would you like to live there?

20 May 2021

A Rainbow of Full Colour Envelopes

Envelopes sent by Laura and John (the UK), Matt (the USA) and Pina (Belgium).

18 May 2021

Sending Out Some Typewriters to the World

And getting some, too:
Typewriter, 1972
By Fumio Yoshimura
Wood Sculpture

17 May 2021

An Orange Lighthouse to Dream Of

This postcard sent by John (the UK) features Svörtuloft Lighthouse, situated on the westernmost part of the volcanic Snæfelsnes Peninsula, Iceland. It stands around 6 metres tall and boasts a fluorescent orange color. A place I would like to visit one day.

16 May 2021

Sunday Stamps | P

Usually, I choose stamps I have got on letters or postcards in order to take part in Sunday Stamps. But today the theme is the letter P, and I thought I could show this envelope I sent to Phillip (the USA).

The first P belongs to a series of 2014 called Spanish Brand. It included several stamps spelling the word España ('Spain'), and dedicated to different topics. The P is for Patrimonio ('Heritage') and features the Court of the Lions in the Alhambra, a UNESCO WHS.

The second P on the envelope belongs to a series featuring the Spanish provinces. I had already shown some of them (herehere, here...)

I used a third stamp, also from 2020, featuring the province of Lleida:

15 May 2021

Birthday Wishes

Created by Heleen (the Netherlands)

Today is Mail Adventures' 10th anniversary! I hardly can believe it.

I wanted to do something special in order to celebrate the date with you... But it happens that I am especially busy these days. So I just posting some birthday cards and saying you a really, really big THANK YOU.

13 May 2021



It is extra nice when you order something and it arrives inside a hand-drawn envelope! 

(From Sarah McIntyre, the UK).

I tried to draw one of McIntyre's characters...

11 May 2021

A Letter on a Postcard

I got this postcard from Lilli (Canada). But, if a map postcard is not great enough... On the back there was a letter. 

Yes: it seems some people is able to write a whole letter on a postcard!

And look at the stamps: a lighthouse, Postcrossing... Just perfect!

09 May 2021

Sunday Stamps | Russian Fortresses

Московский Кремль / Moscow Kremlin
(Or just the Kremlin)

For today's theme in Sunday Stamps, Buildings, I have chosen stamps featuring impressive Russian fortresses.

The series started in 2009. I have got different stamps through the years, and I do not get tired of these. Here you have some of them. It would be quite difficult to complete the collection!

Ростовский кремль / Rostov Kremlin
Новгородский кремль / Novgorod Kremlin

Ряза́нский кре́мль / Ryazan Kremlin

Нижегородский кремль / Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin
Вологда кремль / Vologda Kremlin

Московский Кремль / Moscow Kremlin
Нижегородский кремль / Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin
Астраханский кремль / Astrakhan Kremilin