30 October 2020

Things Which Are Not So Common on Postcards

Gravestones. Although famous people's gravestones are not so uncommon... The statue of Eleanor Rigby is in the centre of Liverpool, near the Cavern Club.

Bones. It reads "The Giant Lizard Fossil. Photoed by Yan Xian" on the back of this postcard, but I don't know which museum it belongs to. It was sent from China through the Postcrossing site, and it took 110 days (?!) to arrive.

Hell. No words.

Postcards sent by John and Laura (the UK) and Zhoufan (China).

28 October 2020


Could you guess...?

Letter sent to Rebecca (the USA).

25 October 2020

Sunday Stamps | Blue Birds

Some beautiful blue birds for this week's Sunday Stamps topic: Birds.

Blue Jay (Cyanaocitta cristata)
United States of America, 1978
United States of America, 2014

Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus)
United Kingdom, 1966

Red-backed Kingfisher (Todiramphus pyrrhopygius)
Australia, 2010

Blue Rock Thrush (Monticola solitarius)
Manama, 1972

24 October 2020



Believe it or not, I found this postcard (sent by Heleen from the Netherlands) in the mailbox, and the stamp below, among others, on the back of a postcard sent by Bryon (the USA)... when I arrived home after a visit to the hairdresser, one month ago.

22 October 2020

Hidden & Old Post Boxes

Postcards sent by John (the UK) and Bryon (the USA).

20 October 2020



This decorated parcel arrived with a letter and a plant inside. It is still alive.

18 October 2020

Sunday Stamps | Autumn Landscapes

 Some Autumn colours on landscapes for today's Sunday Stamps! The theme is Autumn colours.

Napali Coast State Wilderness Park & Lone Ranch Beach
(O Beautiful series)
United States of America
4 July 2018

 Ludwigstein castle (Hessia) &  Hanstein (Thuringia)
3 February 2011

Germany's Most Beautiful Panoramas: Badischen Weinstraße
12 October 2017

Covehead Harbor
15 June 2018

17 October 2020

Welcome to the Green Planet!

Illustrated envelope sent to Phillip (the USA).

15 October 2020

Lettres d'Alice

Lettres d'Alice is a project that combines mail, literature and voyages. 

It is a subscription service: once a month, the subscribers get an illustrated letter which narrates an adventure of a curious young traveller, named Alice. Plus, a little souvenir: a postcard, a recipe, etc. The letters are written in French, and you can also offer them as a gift. 

The beginning of the project was a bit troubled, because it started at the same time as the pandemic. The first letter was due to arrive in March, but finally I get it in June. 

Then, I got the same letter again (?!). Plus, it was about Morocco. I confess I would have preferred a more exotic place to me!

But, overall, it works well and the letters are interesting. A nice surprise in the mailbox each month!

Have you tried other subscriptions like this? Would you?

13 October 2020


The Maud Foster Mill, Boston, Lincolnshire 
Photographed by James Waterfield

Skåne County (Sweden)

Postcards sent by Alan (the UK) and Eivor (Sweden).

11 October 2020

Sunday Stamps | Pottery

For today's topic on Sunday Stamps, Arts & Crafts, I have chosen some pottery stamps from different countries/continents:

Koji PotteryTaiwan

Pueblo Art, USA

Potter's Wheel, India

The Duke of Edimburgh's Award Skills, UK

Delft Blue, the Netherlands


10 October 2020


What are you reading?

A friend asked me on a postcard what was I reading at the moment. I sent this postcard to her as a reply:

What do you mean? I'm reading BOOKS, of course!

And we both were delighted to realise that the postal machines wanted to contribute to the conversation. They added postmarks on the back and on the front! 

08 October 2020

Multiples Are Highly Entertaining

Buses (AEC Regent Mk 111 RT, Bristol KSW5G, AEC Routemaster, Bristol Lodekka FSF6G). Reproduced from a stamp designed by Michael English and issued by Royal Mail on 15 May 2001. Postcard sent by John (the USA).

Folded card sent by Phillip (the USA).

Books Made into Great Movies. Postcard sent by Alison (the USA).

Sent by Heleen (the Netherlands).

06 October 2020

Voices of the Harlem Renaissance

Important cultural and literary voices that sounded 100 years ago from the Harlem neighbourhood in New York City quickly grew into a much broader movement of identity known today as the Harlem Renaissance.

Issued on May 21, these stamps honour novelist Nella Larsen; bibliophile and historian Arturo Alfonso Schomburg; poet Anne Spencer; and writer, philosopher, educator and arts advocate Alain Locke.