31 August 2023

How Old-fashioned It All Was

«Es va preguntar quan havia estat l'últim cop que havia escrit una carta, va ser conscient de com n'era, d'antiquat, tot plegat; bolígraf, paper, sobre, segell, bústia.»

Gerbrand Bakker, Deu oques blanques

29 August 2023

Lavender Letter

Letter sent by Laura (the UK).

28 August 2023

Peace Is the Highest Value of Humanity

I have published several posts about the Peace Stamp Project. I have got a bunch of wonderful envelopes from different countries. And I still hope to get some more.

But no doubt that the most meaningful is this one, received from Ukraine.

27 August 2023

Sunday Stamps | Doctors

Madeleine Alexandrine Brès (1842 – 1921) was the first French woman to obtain a medical degree in 1875 after her thesis presentation on the topic of breastfeeding, where she showed that the chemical composition of breast milk is modified during the course of breast-feeding to better aid the growth and development of the infant.

Alice Hamilton (1869 – 1970) was an American physician, research scientist, and author. Her scientific research focused on the study of occupational illnesses and the dangerous effects of industrial metals and chemical compounds. In addition to her scientific work, Hamilton was a social-welfare reformer, humanitarian, and peace activist.

Ševala Zildžić-Iblizović (1903 – 1978) was the first female doctor among Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The stamp was issued in 2002.

Go to Sunday Stamps to discover more stamps dedicated to Persons of Interest.

25 August 2023

Collage with Stamps

Envelope sent by Fabienne (France), with a beautiful collage of vintage stamps. I love all them. But, if I have to choose a favourite, it might be this stamp from 1968, dedicated to Joan of Arc.

24 August 2023

Alphabet 2023 | Q Is for Quincy

The Q postcard from Bryon's mail project Alphabet 2023 is here, sent from Quincy.

I thought it would not be easy to find stamps. But, of course, he did it again.

Gee's Bend Quilt

Queen Isabella

23 August 2023

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Last month, I got this postcard from Liz (the UK). Thanks to her tweet and pictures, I know it was posted in a very special post box, in Manchester. Apparently, there are only two blue postboxes in use in the UK, the other one being in Windsor Castle.

22 August 2023

Alphabet 2023 | P Is for Punxsutawney

Another postcard from Bryon's project! Actually, two, because P and Q arrived together. As the sender wrote, P is full of possibilities.

How many P flowers have their own stamp? At least: Passionflower, Plains Prickly Pear, Pasqueflower and California Poppy.

An interesting stamp featuring Georgios Papanikolaou, inventor of the Pap test:

The postcard was sent from the state of Pennsylvania.

Maybe you cannot appreciate it from the picture, but it was posted in Punxutawney... A place that I really wanted to get mail from!

21 August 2023

Reading Women

Victoria Fyodorova

Postcards sent by Eduard (Russia), Bryon (the USA) and Heleen (the Netherlands).

Letter from Rosemary (Canada).

20 August 2023

Sunday Stamps | Protection of Biodiversity

Today's theme in Sunday Stamps is WWF endangered or vulnerable species. I have recently got three stamps from the Endangered Species set, issued by USPS on 19 May 2023:

Laysan teal

Candy darter

Masked bobwhite quail

Roanoke logperch*

Nashville crayfish*

San Francisco garter snake**

Some days it seems that every species on Earth is endangered...

Expo'74 World's Fair Issue: Preserve the Environment
USA, 1974

Protection of Biodiversity
China, 2004

*Update: September 2023
**Update: October 2023

19 August 2023

Postbox Saturday | In Town

One of the (only!) three postboxes we have in town: two pillar boxes and one outside the post office. I use mostly the pillar boxes. This one, though, is harder to reach during the summer (picture below).

By the way, if you compare the first picture (taken last year) to the third, you will notice that it was given a lick of paint. It looks better now, but... they forgot the logo of Correos! 

18 August 2023

The Last Century

«Elle m'a encore écrit. Elle écrit toujours, comme si nous étions au siècle dernier.»

Marie Vingtras, Blizzard

16 August 2023


My Peace Stamp project keeps going (slowly!). I got the stamp from Georgia. This is also the first time I get mail from that country.

15 August 2023

14 August 2023

Where Do You Live?

Do you like to send postcards from the place you live in, or only from holidays?

13 August 2023

Sunday Stamps | Going to School

This week, Sunday Stamps is dedicated to Education. Right now, schools and universities in my country are enjoying their holidays. But they will be soon back to school...

Lessons can be hard...

... But definitely better if you find good teachers!
Mary McLeod Bethune