15 October 2011

Some Accidents in Way

It's really sad when you received a postcard damaged in way. There some exemples, from less to more injuries...

It usually happens after a long and hazardous trip. The third postcard you can see here arrived after 35 days travelling. I'm afraid it's the most ruined postcard I've ever got. Even with a hole! Poor postcard...

 Sent by Laura (the United Kingdom).

Sent by Martina (Czech Republic).

Sent by Shion (Japan).


  1. I used to consider damaged cards as a very sad thing, too. Most cards from Europe, however, arrive totally complete, and it surprised - and saddened - me that so many postcards from the US had a typical kind of 'tear' at the back side... Probably caused by postsorting machines or so.

    But nowadays I think postcards which are damaged by the post/mail process, are part of a big international Mail Art project!
    Besides tears and spots also postcards which have postal stickers on it, stamps on the front sides, stamps with too much ink, etcetera. Those postal 'marks' proof the cards really have been travelling!
    Since I considered it that way, it made it easier for me to receive cards-with-a-scar (and isn't the word 'scar' inside the word 'cards'?!).

  2. I agree with you; I also prefer postcards who "has lived" than perfect objects but dead. I love to think of the story behind every single object who arrive in my hands after a long (and sometimes hazardous) trip...

    And thank you for reading me! :)


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