14 February 2013

Two Outgoing Letters

Letter sent to Laura (the UK).
This amazing envelope shows the lighthouse of Westerheversand, in Germany. I had got yet two postcards and a stamp featuring this lighthouse. So it was not so difficult to part with the paper!

Letter sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).

There is nothing especially artistic in using these beautiful writing sets. The funny fact about these two letters I wrote the same day is that Heleen had sent to me the paper I used for writing to Laura. And Laura had sent to me the paper I used for writing to Heleen!

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  1. Thank you, Eva and Laura, I was happily suprised by the bright and colourful butterfly-bird-flower writing paper!
    How nice, Eva, the fact that you exchanged both Laura's and my stationary with the two of us :-)
    And thank you for your kind letter (I still owe you my snail mail reply..)! What, did you say 'not artistic'? Your letter writing is an Art in itself :-)


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