25 January 2015

Two Questions about a Stamp

One of the themes for today's Sunday Stamps-II is shaped stamps. 

Usually I show received stamps. However, I thought it was a chance to post about one of the commonest stamps in Morocco. I sent this one to Heleen in 2012.

Why don't they change the design?
The same stamp, dedicated to the National Week of Solidarity is issued every year with the same design. That is very curious; I am not sure if  it is usual in other countries...

The only change is that until last year it used to show the postage rate. But the latest stamps that I bought are forever: I 20 g (international letter up to 20 g). More details.

Why not in November 2014?
Can you read Semaine de la solidarité 2014? However, this stamp was issued on January 8, 2015 (?!). Usually, it is in November. They are so regular in the design, and then so irregular in the date!

Issued on November 8, 2013
Issued on November 7, 2012
Issued on November 28, 2011
Issued on November 19, 2010
Issued on November 15, 2009
Issued on November 12, 2008


  1. that is really interesting! I don't think I've seen some other stamp issued every year with the same design...I know I have received this one on some of my Moroccan cards, but cannot recall now from which year that particular one...really really strange...but I actually love the uniqueness behind the whole story :)

  2. No I don't know of another issue like that, it is a very striking stamp. Cyprus have a refugee fund stamp that has not changed since the 1970s but I think is an ongoing issue as it is a sort of tax and has to be used on all mail.

  3. Never heard of this practice before either from Morocco or elsewhere.

  4. The US frequently re-issues the same design, and does change the year (e.g. purple heart stamp, many of the wedding designs, even the definitives), but not every year like this one. And it certainly is an unusual and very attractive stamp.

    I wonder if they were waiting to use all the 2013 ones before issuing the International non-denominated ones? Or maybe there were just supply issues from the manufacturer...

    1. I bet it was the second. But, who knows? I'd like to ask to a Moroccan collector.

  5. That is really interesting! I've never noticed the US post office issuing the same design year after year, but I guess I don't pay much attention.

  6. I've never noticed this oddity in Canada, either. And how strange that the date changed to January, even is the stamp says November. I think a slight updating is in order - though it is a nice design (that I'm sure you're tired of!)

    1. It's very common, but I'm not really tired of. Usually they sell this stamp in November, and then it disappear from the post offices until next year. So never can't buy it when needed!
      In the post office here you don't have the choice. They usually have one kind of stamps :/


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