04 March 2015

Look up in the Urban Dictionary

Some definitions from the Urban Dictionary quite... different:

A bay area California term used to describe money.
"get your fetti, your scrilla, your scratch and your mail...holla at me boys cause I got game to sell"
by B Smizz June 01, 2005

To stay where you are put. To hang out somewhere.
Hey Rob, I'm jsut going to post here tonight.
by Jaret Johnson July 13, 2004

chillin' or relaxin' in one place
yo word is dat, he postin' at hiz momma'z crib

Term describing a room, bar, club etc:, that has all men in it. 

A room full of men.
1. I went to the bar down the street to try to hook up, but it was a post office so I left. 
2. This club is a post office, lets split.
by randy December 14, 2004

A conventional postcard. As with Twitter, there is limited space for conveying the message.
You should see the snail tweet I got from Mary, while she was over in New Zealand. The scenery is gorgeous. She says she doesn't want to come home.
by cwhaley April 24, 2009

a very pale person,who may be exposed to sunlight as much or more as the tipical human,and will not have any traces of ever being in the sunlight.
swimmers in the summer will get tan from swimming outside,when a suburban mail box will appear as white as mayo.
by mike(pib)morrow June 09, 2009


  1. This is not what I was expecting when I read your blog this morning - made me laugh.

  2. LOL! It's a whole other language. I'm just learning to master words like cool, way cool, snap, holla . . .

    A fun post.

    1. Thanks!
      Me too, I'm trying to master the words you wrote!


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