02 May 2015

Clocks & Mail

John (the UK) started early this year a mail project about clocks. I had the honour to have sent the first contribution:

My second one, also posted on the blog of the project:

And the third. It shows the main cloister of the University of Valencia during a fire in 1932. It the middle you can see the statue of Lluís Vives. It stands there.


  1. I love your drawing of the walking envelope and clock, great!

    And I love the phantom tollbooth postcard. There was a New York band named Phantom Tollbooth in the late eighties, who made guitar noise music (which I liked a lot at that time), who came to NL for concerts and whom I then interviewed (being a volunteer for our local city radio in those days). They were very kind. Seeing this name brings back good memories (I didn't know it originally was a book, and I've never seen the movie, should do one day, I think :-).
    So it all started with clocks :-)

    1. Love your comment, Heleen1 :)

      I haven't read the book. I read the description written by John, and now I think it must be very interesting. I'm reading a lot of science fiction these days, and some stories are related to time...

  2. Eva - thanks for those contributions and Heleen has also sent quite a few. I'm doing well.
    I'm fascinated by the idea of 'guitar noise music', Heleen.


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