16 March 2022

The Typewiter Revolution

Do you ever send fan mail? I have sent two letters this year to authors whose work I admire.

This one was sent to Richard Polt (the USA), the author of The Typewriter Revolution book and blog. I translated The Typewriter Manifesto into Catalan, and it appeared in the blog (You can read here the original manifesto and its translations).

PS I did not blur the address on the envelope because he made it public on his blog. 


  1. I have written 2 fan letters, one was when I was a silly teenager and wrote to Terry Wogan.

    The other letter I sent to Terry Pratchett. Though after I posted this letter, I did feel somewhat empty. I don't have that feeling when I send letters to penpals, or even to possible new penpals.

    Neither letter was replied to.

    1. The feeling of emptiness is curious. And it is a pity that they never replied.

    2. Perhaps it is a "being ignored" feeling.

  2. I've never sent fam mail that I recall but when I was very young I sent a letter to the President of the USA and asked for his autograph. He actually did it and I still have it many many years later!


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