21 August 2022

Sunday Stamps | Scientific Names

I do not know very much about birds, so I am happy when they include the scientific names on the stamps...
Aegolius funereus
Lithuania, 2020

Ardea herodias
Canada, 2010

Branta canadensis
Canada, 2018

Carduelis cannabina
Greece, 2014

Clangula hyenalis
Finland, 2017

Limosa limosa
The Netherlands, 2011

Luscinia calliope
Taiwan, 2007

Numenius arquata
Netherlands, 2020

Podiceps cristatus
Netherlands, 2015

This is a post for Sunday Stamps, this week's theme being Birds.


  1. Gorgeous selection, the Canadian heron is stunning, at first I thought it was a painting.

  2. I've not seen that great blue heron stamp before - it is an amazingly beautiful photo. Grebes are so cute. You don't often see a bird in song on a stamp, which has prompted me to look up the songs of all these chosen birds of yours.

  3. I love your choice, your interpretation of the theme! Beautiful choice of stamps, too!
    And how nice to see all scientific names in alphabetic order :-)


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