02 October 2018

The Mail Monsters Project | 1

The Mail Monsters live on Letters*

The Mail Monsters Project started with a letter that I sent to some of my friends. The letter included an envelope drawn by me, to be sent back. And two questions:
  • Do you believe in Mail Monsters? Why?
  • Describe, create, draw... a Mail Moster.

More or less, the letters read as the following:
Dear _______,

After more than 30 years sending and receiving mail, I have learnt a great deal about how the postal systems work (and, sometimes, don’t work). They never cease surprising me. Recently, I came to discover that the Mail Monsters exist. And I have started a postal (Of course!) project about.

This is an invitation to collaborate in my research (let's say so) about the mail monsters world. I'm trying to get all my penfriends involved, so I hope you feel like playing with me. What do you have to do?
· Stick the due postage to Morocco on the mail monster envelope. (And a mail label?)
· Add your name and address on the back.
· If you have the time/feel inspired: do the task(s) I suggest on the white cards. No problem if you can't.
· Feel free to add/comment/ask whatever.
· Send it back to me before _______.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do. And, who knows? Maybe another mail monster will appear in your mailbox…

All the best,

Mail Adventures
Even if, eventually, less letters than intended were sent (life happens!), all the contributions I received were really wonderful. Thanks to those who sent them, and sorry for the delay: I am going to upload them here, little by little.

* I sent some envelopes to myself, as a test.


  1. I love the mail monster octopus. I'm looking forward to seeing all the mail monsters.

    1. They make an interesting stack of envelopes, finally (almost as interesting as TFP!). You'll see all of them in the following weeks :)

  2. J'ai adoré participer à ce monstrueux projet !

    1. Et oui, j'ai adoré ta contribution :)

  3. I am anxious to see what monstrous creations you received!


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