Letter Book

Letter Book sent to Paulina (Chile).
Made from ADs, press cuttings, postcards, etc. Here you can see some pages of the letter.

Pop Tarts

Received from Chris (the USA).
Pastries box turned into a postcard.


Received from Heleen (the Netherlands).
Coffee filters box sent as a postcard

The Happy Giraffes

Sent to the mail art call Weird Existing Animals (the Netherlands).
Also published here.

Postmark on the Back

Why the postmark is on the reverse? It happens often with German mail...

Indian Goa

Sent to Chi (Taiwan).
Folder card made from a tea box.

Curry with Apple and Honey

Received from Masaki (Japan).
Box of curry with apple and honey (I trust it is!).

Del cartero me fío

Sent to حامد (the Netherlands).
Cheese box turned into a postcard.

Tricycle & Flowers

Received from Matthew (Canada).
Painting on a piece of cardboard.

Received from I. J. (Finland).
Painting on a piece of cardboard made by his wife.

My Ideal Desk

Received from Laura (the United Kingdom).
Starting September with an ideal desk...

I Miss You So Much

«T'enyoro tant que si pogués m'enviaria per correu»

Quimi Portet
(«Montserrat», Hoquei sobre pedres)

I Recommend

Sent to Eva (Germany) as birthday greeting.
Collage made by using a diary cover. Drawings by Ekilikua.

I Live Here

Received from Bruno (Italy). It was slightly altered: the sender marked his house with a little cross. Can you see it?

A Tree on a House

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
AD postcard for an exhibition by Isabel Serra. Altered before sending it (the original top left and published here).

I Love Cats & Shoes

Sent to Lilja (Iceland).
But I'm afraid this collage never reached its destination...

Dead Notice

Received from Arjen (Belgium).
Dead notice turned into a postcard.

Blank Postcard?

This postcard was sent by Hildegard (Belgium). 

At first sight I thought: "What's that?" A completely white card?". But then I realised that in fact it's written in Braille language. It says: "Only with your heart you can see clearly". I think it's an appropriate message...

Help the Birds

Sent to Heleen (the Netherlands).
Box of writing paper set turned into a postcard.